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All abstracts by Paul B. Wignall in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Organic Records for Progressive Ecosystem Collapse Leading to the Largest Biotic Crisis in the Phanerozoic – Alfred Treibs Medal Lecture
Xie S, Algeo TJ, Wignall PB, Love GD, Wu J & Luo G

(2023) Redox and Biotic Response to the Early Silurian Ireviken Event, Welsh Basin, UK
Wang Y, Wignall PB, David LK, Mills BJW & Poulton SW

(2022) Early Triassic Hothouse Climate Sustained by Vegetation Collapse
Xu Z, Yu J, Merdith A, Yin H, Hilton J, Dunhill A, Wignall PB, Wang Y, Shen J, Zhang Y, Poulton SW & Mills BJW

(2022) A Novel Marine Phosphorus Record from Jurassic Belemnites
Roper AC, Ullmann C, Little CTS, Poulton SW, Wignall PB, He T & Newton RJ

(2021) A 27-Myr History of Marine Redox Oscillation during the Early Jurassic
He T, Newton RJ, Little CTS, Wignall PB & Poulton SW

(2021) A Novel Marine Phosphorus Record from Lower Jurassic Belemnites
Roper AC, Ullmann C, Little CTS, Poulton SW, Wignall PB, He T, Mills BJW & Newton RJ

(2020) Positive Sulfate Sulfur Isotope Excursion Indicates Large-Scale Pyrite Burial and Marine Anoxia during the End–Triassic Mass Extinction
He T, Dal Corso J, Newton RJ, Wignall PB, Mills BJW, Todaro S, Di Stefano P, Turner EC, Jamieson RA, Randazzo V, Jones RE & Dunhill AM

(2020) Multiple S Isotopes and Hg Geochemistry at the Terrestrial Permo-Triassic Mass Extinction
Dal Corso J, Newton RJ, Chu D, Wignall PB, Zerkle AL, Claire M, Di Rocco T, He T, Mather TA, Mills BJW, Jamieson RA & Tong J

(2019) Deep Carbon in CAMP and the T-J Mass Extinction: New Perspectives on LIPs Through Melt Inclusions
Capriolo M, Marzoli A, Aradi LE, Callegaro S, Dal Corso J, Bartoli O, Newton RJ, Wignall PB, Mills BJW, Baker DR, Youbi N, Spiess R & Szabó C

(2019) Evaluating the Source of the Mercury Spike at the p-T Boundary
Dal Corso J, Chu D, Mills BJW, Newton RJ, Tong J, Mather TA, Shu W, Wu Y & Wignall PB

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