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All abstracts by Georg F. Zellmer in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Melt Inclusions Track Dehydration Reactions in Slab Across Volcanic Arcs
Brahm R, Zellmer GF, Coulthard D, Kuritani T, Sakamoto N, Yurimoto H, Taniuchi H, Nakagawa M & Sato E

(2023) Origin of Crystals in Mafic to Intermediate Magmas from circum-Pacific Continental Arcs: Transcrustal Magmatic Systems Versus Transcrustal Plutonic Systems
Zellmer GF, Iizuka Y & Straub SM

(2022) Ultra-High Resolution Element Mapping Reveals Sub-Micron Scale Sr Disequilibria within Plagioclase Microlites: Implications for Magma Ascent Chronometry
Coulthard D, Lormand C, Brahm R, Zellmer GF, Sakamoto N, Blundy JD, Iizuka Y & Yurimoto H

(2022) Nascent along Arc Magmatism is Consistently Hydrous as Revealed by H Concentrations in Orthopyroxene Phenocrysts: A Study of Boninites from the Izu-Bonin-Mariana Intraoceanic Arc
Coulthard D, Zellmer GF, Brahm R, Kuritani T, Reagan MK, Sakamoto N, Sano T, Tani K & Yurimoto H

(2022) Origin of Compositional Variations of Taupo Volcanic Zone (TVZ) Eruption Products: Crustal Differentiation or Subduction Mélange Diapirism?
Corella Santa Cruz CR, Zellmer GF, Stirling CH, Straub SM, Brenna M, Reid MR, Nemeth K & Barr D

(2022) IUGS Classification of Igneous Rocks Revisited: Update from the New Task Group
Lustrino M, Tappe S, Day JMD, Zellmer GF & Mitchell R

(2019) Genesis of Recent Mafic Magmatism in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand: Insights into the Birth and Death of Caldera-Forming Systems?
Zellmer G, Kimura J-I, Stirling C, Lube G & Shane P

(2019) Geochemical Fingerprinting of Magmatic Behaviour throughout Growth Phases of Taranaki Volcano, New Zealand
Zemeny A, Zellmer G, Procter J, Nemeth K, Cronin S & Smith I

(2019) Crystallization of Spinel-Structured Oxides from Hydrous Mafic Melts: Implications for Liquidus Stability of Chromite and Magnetite Under Oxidizing Conditions
Coulthard Jr DA, Zellmer GF & Jego S

(2019) Spatial and Temporal Variations of Volatile Budgets in Northern Japan
Brahm R, Kuritani T, Sakamoto N, Yurimoto H & Zellmer GF

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