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All abstracts by Jonathan Richard Lloyd in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Strategies for Optimizing the Scalable Microbial Synthesis of Vivianite
Eshun LE, Lloyd JR, Coker V & Shaw S

(2022) Microbial Reduction and Biomineralization of Cu by Model Metal-Reducing Bacteria and Enrichment Cultures
Kimber R, Bagshaw H, Boothman C, Haigh S & Lloyd JR

(2022) Understanding Microbial Arsenic-Release at Two, Hydro-Geologically Contrasting Aquifers in Kandal Province, Cambodia
Moore O, Bassil N, Richards L, van Dongen B, Polya D & Lloyd JR

(2021) The Relationship between Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) and Arsenic-Release at Two, Hydrogeologically-Contrasting, Aquifers in Kandal Province, Cambodia
Moore O, Bassil N, Richards L, van Dongen B, Polya D & Lloyd JR

(2021) Investigating Nanoscale Electron Transfer Processes at the Cell Mineral Interface in Co Doped Ferrihydrite Using Geobacter sulfurreducens and a Multi-Technique Approach
Buchanan DM, Lloyd JR, Kaulich B, Newsome L, van der Laan G & Coker V

(2021) Anaerobic Biodegradation and Biotransformation of Ni-Citrate Complexes at Alkaline pH
Byrd N, Lloyd JR, Small J, Taylor F, Bagshaw H, Hughes L & Morris K

(2021) Natural Attenuation of Lead by Microbial Manganese Oxides in a Karst Aquifer
Newsome L, Bacon C, Song H, Luo Y, Sherman DM & Lloyd JR

(2020) The Role of Redox Buffering by Electron Donors in Mediating the Behaviour of Metals in Sediments Under Aerobic Conditions
Newsome L, Solano Arguedas A & Lloyd JR

(2020) The Biogeochemical Fate of Organic Decontamination Agents in Low Level Radioactive Waste Disposal
Byrd N, Lloyd J, Small J, Taylor F, Bagshaw H, Boothman C & Morris K

(2020) Monitoring the Impact of Microbial Processes on the Fate of Hydrocarbons and Metals in a Niger Delta Soil Contaminated with Crude Oil
Muhammad R, Boothman C, Lloyd J & van Dongen B

(2020) SXM Analysis of Nanoscale Electron Transfer Processes at the Cell-Mineral Interface in Co-bearing Fe/Mn Minerals
Buchanan D, Lloyd JR, Kaulich B, Newsome L, Mulroy D, Van der Lann G, N'Diaye A & Coker V

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