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All abstracts by Natascia Luciani in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Can We Quantify Sediment Recycling in Italy's Post-Collisional Subduction System?
Koornneef JM, Schriever V, Goede A, Boonstra J, Bracco Gartner AJJ, Luciani N, Ogata K, Segadelli S, Iannace A, Vroon P, Nikogosian I & Davies GR

(2022) Investigating Combined Arc and OIB Signatures at a Post-Collisional Subduction Setting by Geochemical and Boron Isotope Analyses of Melt Inclusions from Vulture, Italy
Luciani N, De Winter B, Nikogosian I, De Hoog C-J, Bracco Gartner AJJ, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

(2022) Mt. Etna Primary Melts from 600 ka to the Present day Characterized by Geochemistry of Melt Inclusions
Nikogosian IK, Fontijn S, Bracco Gartner AJJ, Luciani N & Koornneef JM

(2022) The Mantle Source of Lamproites from Torre Alfina, Italy: Evidence from Melt Inclusions in Olivine
Bracco Gartner AJJ, Nikogosian IK, Aartsen JM, Gonggrijp C, Luciani N, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

(2021) Boron Isotopes in Italian Melt Inclusions
Luciani N, Nikogosian IK, De Hoog J, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

(2020) Radiogenic Isotopes in Minerals and Melt Inclusions Reveal that Mantle Hetereogeneity is Masked by Mixing
Koornneef JM, Nikogosian I, Bracco Gartner A, Luciani N, Brouillet F, France L & Davies G

(2020) Coupled Trace Element and Sr-Nd-(Pb) Isotopes in Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions from the Mariana Arc
Koornneef J, Nikogosian I, Luciani N, Bracco Gartner A, Elliott T & Davies G

(2020) A New Crushing Technique for Coupled ẟ13C and ẟ18O Analysis in Fluid Inclusions
Luciani N, Nikogosian I, van der Lubbe HJL, Verdegaal-Warmerdam SJA, Postma O, Davies GR & Koornneef JM

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