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All abstracts by Darwinaji Subarkah in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) New Ways to Date Old Rocks: Novel Applications of in situ Geochronology to Constrain the Sedimentary Archive
Subarkah D, Nixon A, Collins AS, Gilbert S, Blades ML, Virgo GM, Simpson A, Shao Z & Farkas J

(2023) New Constraints on the Origin and Post-Depositional History of Neoproterozoic Breamar Ironstones from South Australia: Insights from Micro-Scale Mineral Mapping and in situ Rb-Sr Dating of Illite and U-Pb Dating of Hematite
Zheng R, Farkas J, Collins AS, Subarkah D, Payne J, Gilbert S, Blades ML, Courtney-davies L, Ramanaidou E & Giles D

(2023) In situ Triple Dating (Rb-Sr, Lu-Hf, U-Pb) of Carbonate-Hosted Glauconite and Bioapatite from the Middle Cambrian Georgina Basin, Australia
Shao Z, Farkas J, Collins AS, Glorie S, Subarkah D, Gilbert S, Löhr S, Verdel C, Zivak D & Spandler C

(2022) Reconstructing Ancient Palaeoenvironments from the Mid-Proterozoic Packages of the Greater McArthur Basin, Northern Australia
Subarkah D, Collins AS, Farkas J, Blades ML, Virgo GM & Shao Y

(2022) Descending into the “Snowball”: Improving Interpretations of Tonian–Cryogenian Palaeoenvironments with Sedimentology and Multiproxy Geochemistry
Virgo GM, Collins AS, Amos KJ, Farkas J, Blades ML & Subarkah D

(2020) Fractionated Cr Isotopes in the Late Paleoprotorozoic Marine Carbonates from the McArthur Basin, Australia: A Record of Oxic Paleo-Seawater or a Later Diagenetic Fluid-Flow Event?
Farkas J, Klaebe R, Collins A, Toledo G, Frei R, Lohr S, Murray S, Cox G, Blades M & Subarkah D

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