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All abstracts by John Bargar in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Genome-Based Approach for Assessing Microbial Community Dynamics and Genetic Potential Reveals Diverse Methylotrophs in Slate River Floodplain Sediments
Rasmussen AN, Tolar B, Bargar J, Boye K & Francis CA

(2023) Organic Matter and Si – The Guardians of Fe-Rich Colloid Persistence in a Redox-Active Floodplain
Engel M, Noël V, Pierce S, Kovarik L, Kukkadapu R, Lezama-Pacheco JS, Qafoku O, Chorover J, Boye K & Bargar J

(2023) Floodplain Biogeochemistry at the Molecular to Pore Scale and Why it Matters at Ecosystem Scales
Boye K, Pierce S, DeVore C, Babey T, Aeppli M, Engel M, Tolar B, Maher K, Fendorf S, Francis CA, Bargar J & Noël V

(2022) The Spatial Distribution of Reactivity as Acidic Fluid Imbibes into Shales
Noël V, Froute L, Druhan JL, Chen Y, Bargar J, Brown G & Kovseck A

(2022) Influence of Solution pH on the Formation and Migration of Fines in Deep Subsurface Energy Systems
Spielman-Sun E, Bargar J, Kovseck A, Bland G & Noël V

(2022) Nitrate Impacts on Heavy Metal Retention in Heterogenous Aquifers
Engel M, Noël V, Kukkadapu R, Boye K, Bargar J & Fendorf S

(2022) Large Organic Colloids Drive Biogeochemical Reactions Downstream of Sediment Interfaces in Simulated Aquifers
Boye K, Babey T, Aeppli M, Engel M, Tolar B, Lacroix EM, Fendorf S & Bargar J

(2022) Oxidation Paradox: Influx of Oxidant Stimulates Microbial Metal/Radionuclide Reduction
Weber KA, Westrop JP, Yadav P, Rosso T, Noël V, Van Veelen A, Bargar J, Wu X, Chakraborty R & Herr J

(2021) How Spatial and Compositional Heterogeneities Influence Zinc Retention in a Simulated Aquifer
Engel M, Boye K, Noel V, Babey T, Bargar J & Fendorf S

(2021) Evolution of Noncrystalline Uranium in Lake Sediments over 3, 300 Years
Lefebvre P, Gourgiotis A, Mangeret A, Sabatier P, Le Pape P, Diez O, Louvat P, Menguy N, Merrot P, Baya C, Zebracki M, Blanchart P, Malet E, Jézéquel D, Reyss J-L, Bargar J, Gaillardet J, Cazala C & Morin G

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