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All abstracts by Robert A Eagle in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Dual Carbonate Clumped (Δ47, Δ48) and Bulk (δ13C, δ18O) Isotopes in Cultured Marine Calcifiers Provide Insights into the Origins of Vital Effects
Ulrich RN, Lucarelli JK, Arnold A, Ries JB, Tripati AE & Eagle RA

(2022) Dual Clumped Isotope Data for Amorphous Carbonates and Transformation Products Reveal Novel Mechanisms for Nonequilibrium Effects
Lucarelli JK, Purgstaller B, Ulrich R, Parvez ZA, Leis A, Goetschl K, Eagle RA, Dietzel M & Tripati AE

(2022) Cenozoic Evolution and Extinction of Megatooth Sharks from Stable Isotope Ratios in Bioapatite
Griffiths ML, Flores R, Kast ER, Kim SL, McCormack J, Akhtar AA, Shimada K, Becker M, Maisch Iv H, Rao ZC, Higgins JA, Neumann A, Clarke C, Tripati AE, Chan R, Karnes M, Sigman DM & Eagle RA

(2021) Paired Δ47 and Δ48 Carbonate Clumped Isotope Data: Standard Values, Multi-Instrument Comparisons, Mixing Effects, and Disequilibrium Effects
Lucarelli JK, Carroll HM, Purgstaller B, Dietzel M, Eagle RA & Tripati A

(2021) Interspecific Element Incorporation in Biogenic Carbonates Recapitulates Phylogeny for Diverse Marine Species
Ulrich RN, Guillermic M, Campbell J, Hakim A, Han R, Singh S, Stewart JD, Román-Palacios C, Carroll HM, DeCorte I, Gilmore RE, Doss W, Tripati A, Ries JB & Eagle RA

(2021) Coupled Δ47–Δ48 Clumped Isotope Analysis Indicates Origins of Kinetic Isotope Effects in Cultured Biogenic Marine Carbonates
Ulrich RN, Lucarelli JK, Campbell J, Hakim A, Han R, Singh S, Ries JB, Tripati A & Eagle RA

(2021) Boron Geochemistry in Cultured Corals and Mollusks with Independent Determinations of Internal Calcification Fluid Pool pH
Eagle RA, Guillermic M, Cameron LP, Alvarez Caraveo B, Reymond C, Misra S, Bijma J, de Beer D, Westphal H & Ries JB

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