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All abstracts by Isra S Ezad in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Recommended Trace Element Partitioning Data for Melting of Hydrous Pyroxenites and Glimmerites
Foley SF, Ezad IS, Shu C, Ramokgaba L, Wang C, Phillips M & Manselle P

(2023) Incipient Carbonate Melting Drives Precious Metal and Sulfur Mobilisation in the Mantle
Ezad IS, Saunders M, Shcheka SS, Fiorentini M, Gorojovsky LR, Förster MW & Foley SF

(2023) Oxidised yet Sulfur Poor Magmas in the Manus Back-Arc Basin
Gorojovsky LR, Alard O, Berry A, Ezad IS & Turner S

(2022) Trace Element Partitioning between Phlogopite, Apatite, Amphibole and Silicate Melts in High-Pressure Experiments
Ezad IS & Foley SF

(2022) Major and Trace Element Compositions of Partial Melts of Hydrous Pyroxenites and their Relationship to Volcanism and Mantle Evolution
Foley SF, Ezad IS, van der Laan S & Shu C

(2022) Experimental Melting of a Hydrous Websterite Source: Constraints on the Genesis of Cenozoic Leucitites in Eastern Australia
Shu C, Foley SF, Shea JJ, Lanati AW, Ezad IS, Daczko NR & Shcheka SS

(2022) The Eastern Australian Volcanic Province, its Primitive Melts, Constraints on Melt Sources and the Influence of Mantle Metasomatism
Shea JJ, Ezad IS, Lanati AW & Foley SF

(2022) Photo-Induced Force Microscopy: A Novel AFM-Based nano-Ir Method for Phase Identification on the Nano-Scale
Förster MW, Chen C, Ezad IS, O’Reilly P, Nowak D, Park S & Jacob DE

(2021) The Mantle Source of the Eastern Australian Leucitites: Evidence from Whole Rock and Olivine Compositions (and Why the Olivine Compositions do Matter)
Shea JJ, Lanati AW, Ezad IS, Özaydin S & Foley SF

(2021) Compositions of Partial Melts of Hydrous Pyroxenites in the Cratonic Mantle Lithosphere and their Implications for Alkaline Magma Sources
Foley SF & Ezad IS

(2021) Distribution of Fluorine between Phlogopite, K-Richterite, Apatite and Lamproitic Melt in High-Pressure Experiments
Ezad IS & Foley SF

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