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All abstracts by Gavin L Foster in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) A High-Resolution CO2 Record for the Late Pliocene Intensification of Northern Hemisphere Glaciation
Brown R, Foster GL, Wilson P, Rohling E & Chalk TB

(2023) High-Resolution (<5 Micron/Pixel) 2D Geochemical Imaging of Biogenic Carbonates Using a Nu Vitesse TOF-ICPMS
Foster GL, Milton JA, Standish CD, Shaw P, Schlatt L & Paul B

(2023) The Production of CaCO3 Boron Standard Reference Materials for Laser Ablation MC‐ICP‐MS Studies of Biogenic Carbonates
Hayes ES, Standish CD, Pearce C & Foster GL

(2023) Tracing Volatile Cycling during Progressive Subduction in the Mariana Forearc
Menzies CD, Ryan J, Sissmann O, Price R, Foster GL, Boyce A & Wheat CG

(2023) Contrasting Biomineralisation Strategies in the Cold-Water Coral Desmophyllum dianthus Revealed by Correlative Geochemical Imaging
Standish CD, Foster GL, Kleboe JP, Chalk TB, Mahajan S, Milton A, Page T & Stewart JA

(2022) The Use of Time of Flight ICP-MS and Very Fast Washout, High Repetition Rate Laser Ablation to Image Marine Bio-Carbonates. Insights into the Growth Processes and Environmental Contamination
Shaw P, Colucci M, Foster GL & Milton JA

(2021) Hot and Sour: The Challenges of Reconstructing Ocean Acidification Associated with Hyperthermals Using Boron Isotopes
Foster GL

(2021) A Continuous 1, 500 kyr Record of Atmospheric CO2 from Boron Isotopes
Chalk TB, De La Vega E, Hain M, Brown R, Rohling EJ, Nuber S, Wilson P, Cherry S, Milton JA & Foster GL

(2021) Historic Trends in Ocean Acidification on Coral Reefs Revealed by Laser Ablation MC-ICPMS Analysis of Coral δ11B
Standish CD, Chalk TB & Foster GL

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