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All abstracts by Patricia M Fox in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Thorium in River Water Reveals Bedrock Fracture Processes Triggered by Distant Seismic Events
Gilbert B, Carrero S, Dong W, Joe-Wong C, Arora B, Fox PM, Nico PS & Williams KH

(2022) River Corridor Processes Across Scales in the East River of Colorado
Nico PS, Dwivedi D, Fox PM, Newcomer ME, Christensen JN, Arora B, Anderson C, Newman AW, Beutler C, Carroll RWH, Carrero S, Gilbert B, Williams KH, Faybishenko B & Dewey C

(2022) Developing Insights into River Corridor and Watershed Hydro-Biogeochemistry Across Scales
Dwivedi D, Ozgen I, Steefel C, Arora B, Newcomer ME, Faybishenko BA, Dafflon B, Wainwright H, Fox PM, Williams KH & Hubbard S

(2021) Insights into the Role of Lateral Hyporheic Exchange on Biogeochemical Cycling as a Function of Varying Annual Discharge in the East River, CO, USA
Fox PM, Arora B, Anderson C, Beutler C, Carroll RWH, Christensen JN, Dewey C, Dong W, Dwivedi D, Faybishenko B, Fendorf S, Keiluweit M, Malenda H, Newcomer M, Newman AW, Williams KH & Nico PS

(2021) A Scale-Adaptive Framework to Predict Water and Nutrient Fluxes Across Land-Water Interfaces
Dwivedi D, Steefel C, Arora B, Newcomer M, Ozgen I, Faybishenko B, Nico PS, Dafflon B, Wainwright H, Fox PM, Williams KH & Hubbard S

(2021) Effects of Heat and Dissolved Calcium on the Sorption of Uranium(VI) in Bentonite Barrier Systems
La DQQ, Gutierrez Diaz A, Voltolini M, Carrero S, Sauer K, Fox PM, Bhattacharyya A, Caporuscio F & Tinnacher R

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