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All abstracts by Rachael H James in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Geochemical and Temporal Variability of Hydrothermal Activity at the Semenov Hydrothermal Field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Figueroa AJT, Lichtschlag A, Murton B, James RH & Lesage M

(2023) Effectiveness of Enhanced Rock Weathering for CO2 Removal Through Re-vegetation of Mine Tailings in Ghana
Dobson M, Larkin CS & James RH

(2023) Lithium Isotope Composition of Western Anatolian Volcanic Rocks: Insight into the Lithiniferous Potential of Turkey
Lefebvre-Desanois MG, Palmer MR, Helvac─▒ C, Ersoy YE & James RH

(2023) Investigating Triple O-Isotope Exchange in Submarine Vent Fluids and Experimental H2O-Peridotite Reaction
Zakharov D, Baumgartner LP, Vennemann T & James RH

(2023) Carbon Dioxide Removal in Field Trials of Enhanced Weathering on Arable Croplands
Larkin CS, Andrews MG, Pearce C, Shepherd E, Goring-Harford H, Epihov DZ, Beerling DJ & James RH

(2022) Measurement and Verification of Carbon Dioxide Removal on Land and in the Ocean
James RH

(2022) CO2 Removal Associated with Enhanced Rock Weathering in Arable Croplands in Norfolk, UK
Larkin CS, Andrews MG, James RH, Pearce C, Goring-Harford H, Epihov DZ & Beerling DJ

(2021) Global Carbon Dioxide Removal Potential of Waste Materials from Metal and Diamond Mining
Bullock L, James RH, Matter J, Renforth P, Yang A, Darton R & Teagle D

(2021) Quantifying CO2 Removal via Enhanced Rock Weathering in Constrasting Croplands
Larkin CS, Andrews MG, James RH, Pearce C, Collins A, Goring-Harford H, Jardine GE, Kantola IB, DeLucia EH, Masters M, Benedick S, Yeong KL & Beerling D

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