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All abstracts by Melanie Kielman-Schmitt in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Exploring the Versatility of Rutile Thermochronology
Kooijman E, Smit M & Kielman-Schmitt M

(2023) Taking the Pulse on Garnet Through Lu-Hf Domain Chronology in Alpine Metapelites
Tual L, Smit M, Cutts J, Kooijman E, Kielman-Schmitt M, Musiyachenko K, Majka J & Foulds I

(2021) The Significance of Phosphorus ‘Hot Spots’ and Micron-Sized Grains in Quaternary Forest Soils
Adediran GA, Kielman-Schmitt M, Kooijman E & Gustafsson JP

(2021) Insight into REE Systematics and Age Records of Metamorphosed Garnet from High-Resolution Trace-Element Mapping
Smit M, Guilmette C, Kielman-Schmitt M, Kooijman E, Tual L, Ratschbacher L, Scherer EE & Mezger K

(2021) Evolution of Paleoarchean Singhbhum Craton: Constrains from Sr Isotope Analysis of Apatite Inclusions in Zircon
Chatterjee S, Pandey OP, Mezger K, Kielman-Schmitt M & Kooijman E

(2021) Rapid, Paced Garnet Growth in Blueschists from Lu-Hf Dating of Laser-Cut Domains Combined with Trace-Element Mapping
Tual L, Smit M, Cutts J, Kooijman E, Kielman-Schmitt M & Foulds I

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