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All abstracts by Maxim V. Portnyagin in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Magmatic and Geodynamic Evolution of the King’s Trough Complex – The Grand Canyon of the North Atlantic
Dürkefälden A, Geldmacher J, Hauff F, Garbe-Schönberg D, Portnyagin MV, Schenk J, Stipp M & Hoernle K

(2023) The Utility of Chlorine Isotope Measurements in Melt Inclusions: Application to Six Different Volcanic Arcs
Bouvier A-S, Rose-Koga E, Portnyagin MV, Nichols ARL, Flemetakis S & John T

(2022) Combining Machine Learning and Petrology: Application to the Magma Plumbing Structure beneath Klyuchevskoy Volcano, Kamchatka, Russia
deGraffenried R, Leichter A, Almeev R, Wittich D, Portnyagin MV & Chakraborty S

(2022) Evidence for Highly Unradiogenic 187Os/188Os in the Source of Intraplate Volcanism
Hoernle K, Schaefer B, Portnyagin MV, Turner S, Nelson WR & Müller RD

(2022) Zircon and Garnet Compositional Constraints on the Nature of Extension-Related Peraluminous Silicic Magmas in the Northern Pannonian Basin
Harangi S, Lukács R, Guillong M, Bachmann O, Portnyagin MV, Müller S & Kovács Z

(2022) Magmatic Evolution Patterns of the Miocene Silicic Explosive Volcanism in the Pannonian Basin, Eastern-Central Europe
Lukács R, Szepesi J, Guillong M, Józsa S, Bachmann O, Portnyagin MV, Schiller D, Kovács Z, Müller S & Harangi S

(2021) First in situ Analyses of Nitrogen in Primitive Subduction-Related Melts
Füri E, Portnyagin MV, Mironov N, Deligny C, Gurenko A, Botcharnikov R & Holtz F

(2021) Komatiite Melts Detect Deep Hydrous Reservoirs in the Mantle Transition Zone Implying Active Subduction Since Eoarchean Time
Sobolev AV, Asafov EV, Gurenko AA, Kazzy C, Kerr AC, Chugunov AV, Batanova VG, Portnyagin MV, Sobolev SV & Valley JW

(2021) Major and Trace Element and Sr-Nd-Pb-Hf Isotope Geochemistry of the Fonualei Ridge Spreading Centre, Northeast Lau Basin: Mixing between Indian Upper Mantle and a Samoan Plume Component
Sandhu AS, Hoernle K, Portnyagin MV, Werner R, Brandl P & Hauff F

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