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All abstracts by Jesse R Reimink in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) A Non-Traditional Stable Isotope Perspective on Early Earth Continental Magmatism
Greber ND, Aarons S, Dauphas N, Savage PS, Reimink JR & Storck J-C

(2022) How Was Thick Archean Lithosphere Constructed?
Reimink JR

(2022) Reliability of Phosphorites as a Deep-Time Environmental Indicator: Apatite Petrochronology of the 2.4 Ga Turee Creek Group in Western Australia
Soares GG, Garber JM, House CH & Reimink JR

(2021) Hf Isotopic Evidence for the Gradual Onset of Earth’s Mobile-Lid Tectonic Regime
Bauer A, Reimink JR, Chacko T, Foley B, Shirey SB & Pearson DG

(2021) A New Analysis of the Global Detrital Zircon Record with Inferences Regarding the Growth and Rise of the Continental Crust
Reimink JR, Davies JHFL & Ielpi A

(2021) Thallium Isotope Ratios Record a Transition to Melting of Hydrated Oceanic Crust at the Hadean-Archean Boundary
Schannor M, Freymuth H, Reimink JR, Rehkämper M & Williams HM

(2021) Attempts to Constrain the Fluid Flow Associated with Uranium Mineralization in the Athabasca Basin Using Detrital Zircons
Perrot MG, Davies JHFL, Reimink JR, Ledru P & Chemillac R

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