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All abstracts by Elisabeth L Sikes in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Circulation in the Modern and Glacial Pacific: Oxygen Isotope and Model Constraints
Millet B, Gray WR, De Lavergne C, Wagner AJ, Waelbroeck C, Michel E, Rae JWB, Sikes EL & Roche D

(2023) Evolution of δ13C of Surface Water Masses in the Southeastern Indian Ocean over the Last 50, 000 Years
Sikes EL, Umling N, Starr A, Glaubke R & Martin E

(2023) Glacial-Interglacial Variability in Indian Ocean Antarctic Intermediate Water Circulation
Umling N, Stirpe C, Sikes EL, Yang S-C, John SG & Goodkin N

(2023) Southeastern Indian Ocean Seawater Isotopes (δ18O) Across the Subtropical Front
Wagner AJ, Glaubke R, Sikes EL & Croteau A

(2022) High-precision Measurements of Southern Indian Ocean Seawater Isotopes (δ18O) Using Laser Absorption Spectroscopy
Wagner AJ, Sikes EL, Glaubke R & Peltier JM

(2021) Deglacial CO2 Release and Ventilation in the Indian Ocean Sector Attributed to a Southern Ocean Deep Gateway Effect
Sikes EL, Glaubke R, Umling NE, Wiliams TJ, Starr A & Martin E

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