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All abstracts by Marta E Torres in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Sedimentary Accumulation of Critical Metals Nearby Hydrothermal Vent Fields and Volcanic Islands
Riedinger N, Haygood L, Shook E, Jones CK, Lichtschlag A, Köster M, Torres ME & Bohrmann G

(2023) Iron Oxides as Trace Metal Carriers Near Hydrothermal Vents: A Potential Indicator for Local Oceanographic Changes
Haygood L, Jones CK, Troxel A, Huck L, Provenza CM, Veresh A, Quan T, Lichtschlag A, Köster M, Torres ME, Bohrmann G & Riedinger N

(2023) Unveiling Early Si Diagenesis in Ulleung Basin Using Si Isotope
Huang T-H, Sun X, Kim J-H, Torres ME & Hong W-L

(2023) Organic Matter and Methane Dynamics in the Japan Trench Sediments
Luo M, Kölling M, Riedinger N, März C, Torres ME, Bao R, Rasbury T, Bellanova P, Johnson J, Maeda L, Everest J, Ikehara K & Strasser M

(2022) Biogeochemical Feedbacks of Marine Methane Seeps in Aotearoa / New Zealand
Seabrook S, Watson S, Ladroit Y, Law C, Turco F, Rowden A, Campbell KA, Hillman J & Torres ME

(2022) Sedimentary Noble Metal Signals as Tracers for Hydrothermal Vent Input
Provenza CM, Jones CK, Haygood L, Torres ME, Bohrmann G & Riedinger N

(2021) Marine Silicate Weathering (MSiW) Products in the Input Sequence to the Sumatra Subduction Zone: Carbon Cycling Implications
Torres ME, Milliken K, Huepers A & Kim J-H

(2021) The Role of Marine Silicate Weathering in Regulating Marine Carbon Cycle over Geological Time Scales
Hong W-L, Torres ME & Huang K-F

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