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All abstracts by Matthias Haeckel in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Baseline Variability of Benthic Activity in the Clarion Clipperton Fracture Zone as the Basis to Assess Environmental Impacts of Deep-Sea Mining
Janssen F, Boetius A, Haeckel M, Molari M, Wenzhöfer F & Yapan BC

(2021) Biomass and Activity of Microbial Assemblages Associated with Polymetallic Nodules and Implications for the Carbon Cycle
Molari M, Yapan BC, Otte JM, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2021) Benthic Microbial Diversity and Connectivity in Potential Polymetallic Nodule Mining Areas
Yapan BC, Molari M, Otte JM, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2021) Deep-Sea Mining – A Threat to the Abyssal Realm
Haeckel M

(2019) Calcium Phosphates in Pacific Deep-Sea Sediments as Proxies for the REY Distribution in Pore Waters
Paul S, Bau M, Volz J, Köster M, Kasten S, Haeckel M & Koschinsky A

(2017) Simulation of the Inactive Methane Seepage and Multilayers of Carbonate in Haiyang 4 Area in the Northern South Chinas Sea
Liu L, Haeckel M & Wu N

(2017) Effects of Experimental Polymetallic Nodule Mining on Deep-Sea Microbial Communities and Functions (DISCOL Experimental Area, Tropical SE Pacific)
Janssen F, Vonnahme T, Molari M, Wenzhöfer F, Haeckel M & Boetius A

(2017) Mining-Induced Loss of Seafloor Integrity Compromises Ecosystem Functioning
Haeckel M, Vonnahme T, De Stigter H, Janssen F, Wenzhöfer F, Marcon Y, Purser A, Haffert L, Köser K, Greinert J & Boetius A

(2015) Storing CO2 in Marine Gas Hydrate Reservoirs: Resolving the Sediment Microstructure
Bigalke N, Kossel E, Deusner C & Haeckel M

(2015) Reverse Stable Sr and Ca Isotope Fractionation in Marine Sulfates: Biogenic SrSO4 (Acantharia) vs. Inorganic CaSO4.2H2O (Gypsum)
Liebetrau V, Vollstaedt H, Haeckel M, Eisenhauer A, Leipe T & DeDeckker P

(2013) Interpretation of Extreme Diagenetic Settings with a New Thermodynamic Activity Model
Haffert L, Haeckel M, Liebetrau V & de Beer D

(2013) Paired Sr Isotope (87Sr/86Sr, δ88/86Sr) Systematic of Sulfates and Pore Waters: New Perspectives in Marine Weathering, Seepage Signatures and Fractionation Processes
Liebetrau V, Haeckel M, Eisenhauer A, Vollstaedt H, Haffert L & Hensen C

(2013) CO2 Injection into Submarine, CH4-Hydrate Bearing Sediments: Geochemical Implications of a Hydrate Conversion Technology
Deusner C, Kossel E, Bigalke N, Gharasoo MG & Haeckel M

(2012) Weathering of Marine Sediments in a Natural high-CO2 Environment: A Geochemical Investigation of the Hydrothermal Seeps of Yonaguni Knoll, Okinawa Trough
Haeckel M, Liebetrau V, De Beer D & Kutterolf S

(2012) Submarine Weathering of Detrital Silicates Simulated in the Laboratory
Aloisi G, Albrecht C, Haeckel M, Kutterolf S, Deusner C & Wallmann K

(2011) Paired Sr Isotope (87Sr/86Sr, δ88/86Sr) Systematic of Pore Water Profiles: A New Perspective in Marine Weathering and Seepage Studies
Liebetrau V, Haeckel M, Eisenhauer A, Scholz F, Hensen C & Reitz A

(2009) Silicate Weathering in Anoxic Marine Sediments: Detailed Mineralogical Investigation
Albrecht C, Aloisi G, Haeckel M, Kutterolf S & Wallmann K

(2009) He Characterisation Near the Active Methane Seepage Offshore the Eastern Edge of New Zealand
Tomonaga Y, Haeckel M & Kipfer R

(2009) Impact of High CO2 Concentrations on the Structure of Microbial Communities in Marine Sediments
Ufkes J, Ramette A, Haeckel M, de Beer D, Inagaki F & Boetius A

(2009) In situ Measurements of Porewater Chemistry in Extremely CO2 Rich Sediments from a Hydrothermal Vent
de Beer D, Boetius A & Haeckel M

(2009) Sequestering CO2 in Marine Sediments – Geochemical Insights from a Natural Case Study
Haeckel M, Bigalke N, Boetius A, De Beer D, Rehder G & Savy JP

(2009) CO2 Leakage in the Deep Ocean and its Effect on Benthic Fauna
Boetius A, De Beer D, Haeckel M, Mertens C, Inagaki F, Nakamura K & Rehder G

(2009) Flux of Carbon Dioxide Across Fluid and Frozen Interfaces: Constraining Kinetic Controls from High-Pressure Experiments
Bigalke N, Savy J-P, Aloisi G & Haeckel M

(2009) Lithium Isotopes as a Tracer for Diagenetic Processes in Deep Subsurface Sediments
Scholz F, Hensen C, Meixner A, Reitz A, Haeckel M, Romer RL, De Lange GJ & Wallmann K

(2009) Multi-Isotope Investigation to Identify General Characteristics of Different Cold Vent Systems
Reitz A, Liebetrau V, Scholz F, Hensen C, Wallmann K, Haeckel M & Weise SM

(2009) Application of Raman Spectroscopy to Study the CO2 Dissolution Kinetics in Water and the Growth of CO2 Hydrate
Savy JP, Bigalke N, Aloisi G & Haeckel M

(2009) Benthic Respiration and Energy Transfer in Cold Seep Habitats
Sommer S, Linke P, Pfannkuche O, Niemann H, Treude T & Haeckel M

(2008) Indications for Convective Flow Induced by Focussed Fluid Venting at Bacterial Mats
Haeckel M & Wallmann K

(2007) High Sea Bed Methane Emission Rates at Hikurangi Margin (New Zealand) Associated with Extremely Dense Populations of Ampharetid Polychaetes
Sommer S, Linke P, Pfannkuche O, Bowden DA, Greinert J & Haeckel M

(2007) Origin of Brines in the Northern Gulf of Mexico
Reitz A, Haeckel M, Wallmann K, Hensen C & Heeschen K

(2007) Silicate Weathering in Anoxic Marine Sediments
Wallmann K, Aloisi G, Haeckel M, Éisenhauer A, Tishchenko P & Pavlova G

(2007) Genesis and Rates of Fluid Flow at the Mercator Mud Volcano, Gulf of Cadiz
Haeckel M, Berndt C, Liebetrau V, Linke P, Reitz A, Schönfeld J & Vanneste H

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