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All abstracts by Chris Michael Hall in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Noble Gas Signatures in Greenland – Tracing Glacial Meltwater Sources
Niu Y, Castro MC, Aciego SM, Hall CM, Stevenson EI, Arendt CA & Das SB

(2015) Noble Gas Signatures on the Island of Maui, Hawaii – Developing a New Noble Gas Application in Fractured Groundwater Systems
Castro MC, Niu Y, Warrier RB, Hall CM, Gingerich SB & Scholl M

(2013) Advances in Our Understanding of the Noble Gas Thermometer in Groundwater – New Applications
Castro MC, Hall CM, Warrier RB & Lohmann K

(2013) Why do Some Andesite Stratovolcanoes Evolve to Erupt Rhyolite and/Or Rhyodacite and Others do Not?
Lange R, Frey H & Hall C

(2012) Dating Groundwater in Quebec Using Noble Gases, U and Stable Isotopes and Major Elements
Vautour G, Meyzonnat G, Mejean P, Pinti DL, Larocque M, Castro MC, Hall CM & Helie J-F

(2012) Dating Drinking Water in Eskers from Amos, Abitibi, Canada
Boucher C, Berthot L, Pinti DL, Larocque M, Roy M, Blanchette D, Cloutier V, Castro MC & Hall CM

(2010) Galapagos Islands – Tracing a Volcanic Groundwater System Using Noble Gases
Warrier RB, Castro MC, Hall CM & d'Ozouville N

(2010) A Year-Long Field Record of Groundwater Noble Gases
Hall C, Sun T, Castro MC & Lohmann K

(2008) The Early Years of Thermochronology: The Remarkable Contributions of Derek York
Hall C

(2008) Atmospheric Noble Gas Signatures in Deep Michigan Basin Brines as Indicators of a Past Thermal Event
Ma L, Castro C & Hall C

(2008) Testing Noble Gas Temperature Systematics in the Field with an Instrumented Monitoring Well
Sun T, Hall C, Castro MC, Lohmann K & Goblet P

(2008) Nucleogenic Neon Isotopes as an Extension to Ar-Ar Dating
Hall C

(2008) Deep Circulation and Upward Migration of Brines in the St. Lawrence Lowlands (Qc, Canada) Traced by Noble Gases
Béland Otis C, Pinti DL, Tremblay A, Castro MC & Hall CM

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