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All abstracts by Alex N. Halliday in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Nickel Stable Isotopes in Oceanic Basalts – A Proxy for Mantle Recycling?
Saunders NJ, Barling J, Fitton JG & Halliday AN

(2014) Veritas in Vanadium? Stable Isotope Signatures from the Marianas, MORB and Magnetite
Prytulak J, Sossi P, O'Neill H, Plank T, Elliott T, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2014) Dominance of Deeply Sourced Iron in the Pacific Ocean
Horner T, Williams H, Hein J, Burton K, Halliday A & Nielsen S

(2014) Impact of the Soil Weathering Degree on the Fate of Soil Organic Carbon, Fe and Si: Insights from Si and Fe Isotopes in Icelandic Soils
Opfergelt S, Williams H, Cornelis J-T, Van Hoye F, Guicharnaud R, Sigfusson B, Georg B, Siebert C, Gislason S, Halliday A & Burton K

(2013) Molybdenum Isotopes during Magmatic Differentiation
Yang J, Siebert C, Barling J, Savage P, Liang Y-H & Halliday A

(2013) Volatile Budgets and the Late Veneer
Halliday A

(2013) Investigating Instrumental Mass Bias in MC-ICP-MS Using Isotope Ratio Plasma Profiles
Barling J, Belshaw N & Halliday A

(2013) Changing Riverine Silicon Isotope Delivery to the Ocean over Glacial-Interglacial Intervals? Evidence from Glaciated Basaltic Terrains
Opfergelt S, Burton K, Pogge von Strandmann P, Gislason S & Halliday A

(2013) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation in the Mantle
Liang Y-H, Siebert C, Fitton JG, Burton KW & Halliday AN

(2013) Coupled Radiogenic and Stable Sr Isotope Variations in Oceanic Basalts
Sutcliffe C, Burton K, Parkinson I, Porcelli D & Halliday A

(2012) A Silicon Isotopic Record of Long Term Changes in Continental Weathering
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H & Halliday A

(2012) From Tectonic Gateways to Diatoms: The Build-Up to Antarctic Glaciation
Egan K, Rickaby R, Hendry K & Halliday A

(2012) Strontium Stable Isotope Variations in Lunar Basalts
Sutcliffe CN, Burton K, Parkinson I, Cook D, Charlier B, Porcelli D, Mokadem F & Halliday A

(2012) Stable Vanadium Isotope Fractionation during Differentiation
Prytulak J, Savage P & Halliday A

(2012) The Origins of Earth's Volatiles
Halliday A

(2012) Tracing Processes in the Deep Mantle by Nickel Stable Isotopes
Gall L, Williams H & Halliday AN

(2011) Seasonal Magnesium Isotope Variations in Soil Solutions Reflecting Physico-Chemical Processes Controlling Soil Weathering Fluxes
Opfergelt S, Georg B, Burton K, Guicharnaud R, Siebert C, Gislason S & Halliday A

(2011) Geochemistry of Nickel Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts
Gall L, Williams H, Siebert C & Halliday A

(2011) Large Vanadium Isotope Difference between Silicate Earth and Meteorites
Nielsen S, Prytulak J, Wood B & Halliday A

(2011) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation during Soil Formation: A New Proxy?
Siebert C, Pett-Ridge J, Opfergelt S, Burton K & Halliday A

(2011) Silicon Isotopes in Granitoid Rocks
Savage PS, Georg RB, Williams HM, Burton KW, Halliday AN & Chappell BW

(2011) Contrasting Silicon and Magnesium Isotope Fractionation with Clay Mineralogy in Volcanic Soil Weathering Sequences, Guadeloupe
Delvaux B, Opfergelt S, Georg B, Cabidoche Y-M, Burton K & Halliday A

(2011) The Stable Vanadium Isotope Composition of the Bulk Silicate Earth
Prytulak J, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2011) Molybdenum Isotopic Studies of Mantle Reservoirs
Liang Y-H, Siebert C, Yang J & Halliday A

(2011) Strontium Stable Isotope Variations in Lunar Basalts
Sutcliffe N, Burton K, Parkinson I, Cook D, Charlier B, Mokadem F & Halliday A

(2010) Silicon Isotopes and Magmatic Evolution
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H, Burton K & Halliday A

(2009) Sponge Spicules as Recorders of Deep-Water Silicic Acid
Hendry KR, Georg RB, Rickaby REM, Robinson LF & Halliday AN

(2009) Temporal Variations in the Iron Isotopic Compositions of Pacific Hydrogenetic Fe-Mn Crusts
Williams H, Nielsen S, Burton K, Hein J, Siebert C & Halliday A

(2009) Large Iron Isotope Fractionation at the Oxic-Anoxic Boundary in Lake Nyos
Teutsch N, Schmid M, Müller B, Halliday A & Wehrli B

(2009) Oxidative Scavenging of Tl by Mn Oxide Birnessite: Sorption and Stable Isotope Fractionation
Peacock C, Moon E, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2009) Hafnium in the Arctic Ocean
Porcelli D, Zimmermann B, Frank M, Andersson P, Baskaran M, Lee DC & Halliday A

(2009) The Cadmium Isotope Composition of the Earth
Schönbächler M, Rehkämper M, Williams H & Halliday A

(2009) Titanium Isotopes in the Solar System
Leya I, Schönbächler M, Krähenbühl U & Halliday AN

(2009) Lead was Strongly Partitioned into Earth’s Core and not Lost to Space
Wood B & Halliday A

(2009) The Miocene Ocean 187Os/188Os Curve: Driven by Continental Weathering
Georg B, West J, Gannoun M, Burton K & Halliday A

(2009) Silicon Isotopes in Achondrites and the Light Element in Earth’s Core
Armytage R, Georg B & Halliday A

(2009) Silicon Isotope Fractionation at High Pressures and Temperatures
Schauble EA, Young ED, Ziegler K, Shahar A, Halliday AN & Georg RB

(2009) Vanadium Stable Isotopic Fractionation in Geologic Materials Measured by MC-ICPMS
Prytulak J, Nielsen S, Schauble E & Halliday A

(2009) Molybdenum Isotope Fractionation during Continental Weathering
Siebert C, Burton K & Halliday A

(2009) Uniform Silicon Isotopes in the Depleted Mantle and No Melt-Induced Fractionation
Savage P, Georg B, Williams H & Halliday A

(2009) Carbonates, Riverine Chemistry and Incongruent Weathering of Hafnium
Rickli J, Frank M, Georg RB & Halliday AN

(2009) Miocene Os and Tl Isotopes in the Indian Ocean: Implications for Antarctic Water Export and the Residence Time of Os
Nielsen S, Gannoun A, Burton K, Halliday A & Hein J

(2008) Molybdenum Isotopes as Proxy for Redox Conditions during Weathering
Pett-Ridge J, Siebert C & Halliday A

(2008) Chemical Weathering Trends and North American Freshwater Discharge Recorded in the Western North Atlantic during Termination 1
Gutjahr M, Frank M, Halliday AN & Keigwin LD

(2008) Isotope Fractionation of Dissolved Silicon in Groundwater – Weathering of Secondary Minerals?
Georg B, Zhu C, Basu A & Halliday A

(2008) Ferromanganese Crusts as Archives of Deep-Water Cd Isotope Compositions
Horner TJ, Schönbächler M, Rehkämper M, Williams H, Nielsen SG, Halliday AN & Hein JR

(2008) Emergence of a Habitable Planet
Zahnle K, Arndt N, Cockell C, Halliday A, Nisbet E, Selsis F & Sleep N

(2008) Experimental Determination of Fe Isotope Fractionation between Liquid Metal, Silicate and Sulfide at High Pressures and Temperatures
Williams H, Wood B & Halliday A

(2008) Non-Chondritic Sm/Nd Ratios in the Terrestrial Planets
Caro G, Bourdon B, Halliday A & Quitté G

(2008) Investigation of Thallium Isotope Fractionation during Sorption to Mn Oxides
Nielsen S, Peacock C & Halliday A

(2008) Earth Viewed from a Late Moon
Halliday A

(2007) Extreme Hf Isotope Signals from Basement Weathering and its Influence on the Seawater Hf-Nd Isotope Array
Godfrey L, King R, Zimmermann B, Vervoort J & Halliday A

(2007) Isotopic Fractionation of Uranium in Low-Temperature Environments
Stirling C, Andersen M, Warthmann R & Halliday A

(2007) Global Neodymium – Hafnium Isotope Systematics – Revisited
van de Flierdt T, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR, Frank M & Halliday AN

(2007) Hafnium and Neodymium Isotopes in Atlantic Ocean Waters
Rickli J, Frank M & Halliday AN

(2007) Isotopic Evidence for Silicon within the Earth's Core
Georg RB, Halliday AN, Schauble EA & Reynolds BC

(2007) Thallium Isotope Constraints on Earth's Accretion
Baker R, Nielsen S, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Wood B & Halliday A

(2007) Systematic Thallium Isotope Variation in Fe-Mn Crusts: A Proxy for Changes in Ocean Chemistry?
Nielsen S, Klemm V, LaRowe D, Halliday A & Hein J

(2007) Hf-W Chronometry and the Thermal Evolution of Asteroids
Kleine T, Touboul M, Burkhardt C, Bourdon B & Halliday A

(2007) Growth of the Earth's Core
Halliday A, Georg B, Grove T, Lee D-C, Markowski A, Quitte G, Schauble E, Singletary S & Williams H

(2007) Estimating Magnesium and Silicon Isotope Fractionation with First-Principles Lattice Dynamics
Schauble E, Tonui E, Georg RB, Young E & Halliday A

(2006) Tungsten isotopes and oxidation in early planetary mantles
Halliday A, Wood B & Markowski A

(2006) Non-chondritic Magnesium and the origins of the inner terrestrial planets
Wiechert U & Halliday A

(2006) Co-variations of δ30Si and δ18O during contact metamorphism.
Georg B, Reynolds B, Valley J & Halliday A

(2006) Cadmium Isotope Fractionation in Seawater
Ripperger S, Rehkämper M & Halliday AN

(2006) Abrupt cessation of North Pacific upwelling with Northern Hemisphere Glaciation recorded by silicon isotopes
Reynolds BC, Jaccard SL & Halliday AN

(2006) Tracing riverine 234U/238U inputs into the Arctic Ocean
Andersen MB, Stirling CH, Porcelli D, Halliday AN, Andersson PS & Baskaran M

(2006) Silicon Isotope Variations in River Waters: A Weathering Proxy?
Reynolds B, Georg RB, Burton KW, James RH & Halliday AN

(2005) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Goethite Dissolution by Oxalate
Wiederhold JG, Kraemer SM, Teutsch N, Halliday AN & Kretzschmar R

(2005) Timing, Mechanisms and Conditions of Terrestrial Planet Accretion and Early Differentiation
Halliday A

(2005) Magnesium Isotope Composition of Chondrites, Achondrites and the Earth-Moon System
Wiechert U & Halliday AN

(2005) The Formation of the Solar System: New Constraints from the <+>247<$>Cm- <+>235<$>U Chronometer
Stirling C, Halliday A, Potter E & Andersen M

(2004) Tracing Short-Term Changes in Ocean Circulation and Continental Weathering Using Seawater-Derived Nd, Hf and Pb Isotopes in Marine Sediments
Gutjahr M, Frank M, Van de Flierdt T & Halliday A

(2004) U-Th Disequilibrium Dating of Geological Samples Approaching Secular Equilibrium
Andersen M, Stirling C, Potter E & Halliday A

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Adsorption of Fe(II) on Fe(III) Oxides
Teutsch N, Von Gunten U, Hofstetter T & Halliday A

(2004) Arctic Ocean Water Mass Distribution and Mixing from Dissolved 10Be and 9Be
Frank M, Porcelli D, Andersson P, Halliday A, Kubik P, Hattendorf B & Guenther D

(2004) Coupled Li-He Isotope Systematics in Icelandic Basalt Glasses
Magna T, Harrison D, Wiechert U & Halliday A

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation and the Oxygen Fugacity of the Mantle
Williams H, McCammon C, Peslier A, Halliday A, Teutsch N, Levasseur S & Burg J

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation during Soil Formation – Comparison of Ligand and Redox Controlled Processes
Wiederhold J, Teutsch N, Kraemer S, Kretzschmar R & Halliday A

(2004) Mg Isotopic Compositions of Pacific and Arctic Seawater
Yuan H, Wiechert U & Halliday A

(2004) First Evidence of Live 205Pb in the Early Solar System
Nielsen S, Rehkamper M & Halliday A

(2004) Tracing the History of Submarine Hydrothermal Inputs Using Pb Isotopes from Ferromanganese Crusts
Van de Flierdt T, Frank M, Halliday A, Hattendorf B, Günther D, Kubik P & Hein J

(2004) Xenon, Mantle Degassing, and Atmospheric Closure
Porcelli D, Pepin R, Halliday A & Ballentine C

(2004) Fe Isotopes Fractionation in Experimental Chondrules
Levasseur S, Cohen B, Zanda B, Hewins R & Halliday A

(2004) Magnesium Isotope Composition of Chondrules and CAIs in Allende
Wiechert U, Halliday A & Yuan H

(2004) A New MC-ICPMS Method for the Determination of Cd/Ca Ratios in Foraminiferal Tests
Wichtlhuber S, Rehkämper M, Schiebel R & Halliday A

(2004) Tellurium Isotopes in Archean Sulfides
Fehr M, Rehkämper M, Wiechert U, Halliday A, Ono S & Rumble iii D

(2004) Observations of Si Isotope Mass Fractionation during Freshwater Diatom Blooms
Reynolds B, Jaccard S, Lehman M, Bernasconi S, Frank M & Halliday A

(2003) Simultaneous Magnesium Isotope and Aluminium Abundance Measurements Using Laser Ablation Multiple-Collector ICPMS
Wiechert U, Oberli F & Halliday A

(2003) Osmium in the Arctic Ocean: Evidence for Hydrothermal Activity
Bolz V, Levasseur S, Porcelli D, Frank M & Halliday A

(2003) Time-Scales of Planetary Accretion
Halliday A, Quitte G & Lee D

(2003) High Precision W and Mo Isotopic Compositions for Iron Meteorites
Lee D & Halliday A

(2003) 60Ni Excesses in Allende CAIs and Chondrules
Quitté G, Halliday A, Zanda B & Oberli F

(2003) Fe Isotopes: A Clue to Chondrule Formation?
Levasseur S, Cohen B, Zanda B, Halliday A & Hewins R

(2003) Isotopic Studies of the Present and Past Mass Balance of Dissolved Thallium in the Oceans
Rehkämper M, Nielsen S & Halliday A

(2003) Lithium Isotope Composition of Arc Volcanics from the Mt. Shasta Region, N California
Magna T, Wiechert U, Grove T & Halliday A

(2003) A Search for Nucleosynthetic Tellurium Isotope Anomalies in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Fehr M, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M & Halliday A

(2003) Zirconium Isotopes in Carbonaceous Chondrites
Schönbächler M, Rehkämper M, Fehr M & Halliday A

(2002) Fractionation of Fe Isotopes by Anaerobic Phototrophic Bacteria
Levasseur S, Warthmann RJ & Halliday AN

(2002) Isotopic Compositions and Concentrations of Estuarine Thallium
Nielsen S, Rehkämper M, Porcelli D, Swarzenski P & Halliday A

(2002) Iron Isotope Fractionation in Groundwater
Teutsch N, von Gunten U, Porcelli D & Halliday A

(2002) Xe Isotope Evolution of the Mantle
Porcelli D, Ballentine C & Halliday A

(2002) Secular Variation of Tl Isotopes in Ferromanganese Crusts?
Rehkamper M, Frank M, Hein JR, Nielsen S & Halliday AN

(2002) Accretion and Accredited Anomalies
Halliday A, Lee D-C, Fehr M, Quitté G, Porcelli D & Rehkämper M

(2002) Oxygen Isotopic Heterogeneity Among Eucrites
Wiechert U, Halliday AN, Palme H & Rumbel Iii D

(2002) 92Nb-92Zr Chronometry and Early Lunar Evolution
Schönbächler M, Lee D-C, Halliday AN, Rehkämper M, Hattendorf B & Günther D

(2002) Lithium Isotopes and Crust-Mantle Interaction
Magna T, Wiechert U & Halliday AN

(2002) Combined Sr, Pb and O Isotopic Tracing of Origin and Migration of the Neolithic Alpine Iceman
Mueller W, Fricke H, Halliday AN & McCulloch MT

(2002) Nickel Isotopes in Meteorites: Constraints on the Early Solar System
Quitté G & Halliday AN

(2002) 182Hf-182W Chronometry for Renazzo and Bencubbinites
Lee D-C, Halliday AN & Zanda B

(2002) Nucleosynthesis by Spallation Reactions in the Early Solar System
Leya I, Wieler R & Halliday AN

(2002) Iron Isotope Signature of the Inner Solar System
Poitrasson F, Teutsch N, Levasseur S, Lee DC & Halliday AN

(2002) In Search of Live 247Cm in the Early Solar System
Stirling C, Porcelli D & Halliday A

(2002) Tellurium Isotopes and the Origin of the Solar System
Fehr M, Rehkämper M, Halliday AN & Porcelli D

(2002) High Precision MC-ICPMS Measurement of Ag Isotopic Ratios
Woodland S, Rehkämper M, Lee DC & Halliday A

(2002) The Behaviour of 10Be and 9Be in the Arctic Ocean: Relationship to Water Mass Distribution and Particle Flux
Frank M, Porcelli D, Andersson P, Halliday AN, Kubik PW & Hattendorf B

(2002) Nu 1700: A New Large-Geometry High-Resolution Multiple Collector ICP-MS
Halliday AN, Freedman P, Oberli F, Baur H, Hollins S & Levasseur S

(2002) Hf-Nd Isotopic Variations of Authigenic and Silicate Components in North Pacific Sediments
Asahara Y, Lee D-C, Frank M, van de Flierdt T, Halliday A & Nishimura A

(2002) Present and Past Export of Southern Ocean Deep Water to the Pacific
van de Flierdt T, Frank M, Lee D-C, Halliday AN, Günther D & Hein JR

(2001) Detection of Cosmogenic Tungsten on the Moon
Lee D-C, Halliday AN, Leya I & Wieler R

(2001) Strontium Isotopes and the Paleocosmochemistry of the Inner Solar System
Halliday AN & Porcelli D

(2000) A Cenozoic Record of the Osmium Isotope Composition of Sea Water Deduced from an Individual Hydrogenetic Fe-Mn Crust from the Central Pacific Ocean
Gannoun A, Burton KW, Birck J, Allègre CJ, Lee D, Halliday AN & Hein JR

(2000) MC-ICPMS – The Good, the Small and the Massive
Halliday A, Rehkämper M, Schönbächler M, Oberli F, Freedman P, Frank M, Müller W, Teutsch N, Baur H & Wiechert U

(2000) The Role of Deep Melting Under the Cameroon Line in the Fractionation of Helium and Incompatible Lithophile Elements
Barfod DN, Lee D, Ballentine CJ & Halliday AN

(2000) Northern Hemisphere Insolation Forcing of the 330, 000 Year Sea-Level Highstand?
Stirling C, Esat T, Lambeck K, McCulloch M, Blake S, Lee D & Halliday A

(2000) Lu-Hf Systematics and the Early Evolution of the Moon
Lee D, Halliday A, Snyder G & Taylor L

(2000) Isotopic Composition of the Earth's Lower Mantle from Ca-Silicate Inclusions in Diamonds
Mueller W, Stachel T, Harris JW & Halliday AN

(2000) The Influence of Cosmic Ray Production on Extinct Nuclide Systems
Leya I, Wieler R & Halliday AN

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