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All abstracts by Monica Handler in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Depositional Influences on Re-Os Systematics of Late Cretaceous–Eocene Coals and Carbonaceous Mudstones, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
Rotich E, Handler M, Sykes R, Selby D & Naeher S

(2019) Petrogenesis of Picrites from the Emeishan Large Igneous Province
Ren Z-Y, Wu Y-D, Handler M, Zhang L & Xu Y-G

(2019) Re-Os Depositional Age and Geochemistry of the Late Paleocene Waipawa Formation, New Zealand
Rotich E, Handler M, Naeher S, Selby D, Hollis C & Sykes R

(2015) Influence of Hikurangi Plateau Subduction on the Kermadec Arc Volcanoes Rumble II East and West
Timm C, Leybourne M, Wysoczanski R, Hoernle K, Hauff F, Handler M, Caratori-Tontini F & de Ronde C

(2015) Fingerprinting the Source of Earth’s Siderophile Elements Using Platinum Stable Isotopes
Creech J, Baker J, Handler M & Bizzarro M

(2013) Platinum Stable Isotope Tracing of Earth’s Accretion and Differentiation
Creech J, Baker J, Handler M, Schiller M & Bizzarro M

(2013) The Potential of Platinum Stable Isotopes of Fe-Mn Nodules and Crusts as a Paleoceanographic Tracer
Corcoran L, Handler M, Baker J, Seward T, Creech J & Bennett V

(2012) Stable Isotopes of Platinum: A New Geochemical and Cosmochemical Tracer?
Creech J, Handler M, Baker J, Corcoran L & Bennett V

(2011) Evolution of a Mantle Wedge: Basalts from the Colville and Kermadec Ridges
Handler M, Wysoczanski R & Burger E

(2011) Redox- and Diffusion-Controlled Fractionation of Fe Stable Isotopes in Silicate Minerals of Igneous Rocks
Millet M-A, Baker J, Handler M, Payne C & Dallas J

(2009) Hf Isotopic Evidence for Small-Scale Heterogeneity in the Mode of Mantle Wedge Enrichment: Southern Havre Trough Back-Arc
Todd E, Gill J, Wysoczanski R, Handler M, Wright I & Gamble J

(2008) Stable Mg Isotope Composition of Earth’s Mantle
Handler M, Baker J, Schiller M, Bennett V & Yaxley G

(2006) Os and Hf isotopes in rare K-rich basalts from the southern Kermadec Arc volcanic front.
Handler M, Suzuki K, Gamble J, Wright I, Wysoczanski R, Hanyu T & Nakai S

(2004) Os Isotopic Systematics in Peridotite Xenoliths from the SW Japan Arc
Handler M, Arai S & Suzuki K

(2003) Evolution of the Paleo-Pacific Gondwana Margin: Isotopic Constraints from West Antarctic and East Australian Mantle Xenoliths
Handler M, Wysoczanski R, Bennett V, Gamble J & Berg J

(2002) Microanalytical Characterisation of Hydrothermal Fluid Interaction with Feldspar Phenocrysts, Alta Andesite, Comstock Lode Region, Nevada
Handler M, Sorensen S & Vicenzi E

(2000) Lithospheric Mantle Evolution and Plume-Lithosphere Interaction in Marie Byrd Land, West Antarctica: Sr, Nd, Os and Pb Isotopes in Spinel Peridotite Xenoliths
Handler M, Wysoczanski R & Gamble J

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