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All abstracts by Heather Handley in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) The Individuality of Ascent Paths in Small Volcanic Systems: Small Eruptive Centres Near Villarrica Volcano, Chile
McGee L, Morgado E, Handley H, Turner M, Lara LE, Brahm R & Parada MA

(2015) Magmatic Processes at Persistently Active Arc Volcanoes
Firth C, Turner S, Turner M, Cronin S & Handley H

(2015) Widespread Inorganic Drinking Water Contamination in Australia – Its Prevalence and Impact on Public Health Management
Harvey P, Handley H & Taylor M

(2015) Timescales of Magma Transfer, Degassing and Crustal Assimilation at Merapi Volcano, Indonesia
Gertisser R, Handley H, Reagan M, Preece K, Berlo K, Barclay J & Herd R

(2015) Estimating Atmospheric Lead Concentrations and Isotopic Composition Using Two Lichen Genera over the Past 120 Years in Australia
Wu L, Taylor M, Handley H & Wu M

(2013) Along-Arc Geochemical and Isotopic Variations in Javanese Volcanic Rocks: ‘Crustal’ Versus ‘Source’ Contamination at the Sunda Arc, Indonesia
Handley H, Blichert-Toft J, Turner S, Macpherson C & Gertisser R

(2012) Magmatic Degassing in Contrasting Volcanic Systems of the Vanuatu Arc: Constraints from Uranium-Series Isotopes
Handley H, Turner S, Reagan M, Girard G & Cronin S

(2011) Monogenetic, but not Monotonous: Basaltic Eruptions in the Auckland Volcanic Field, New Zealand
McGee L, Smith IEM, Millet M-A, Beier C, Lindsay J & Handley H

(2011) Insights into the Galápagos Plume from Uranium-Series Isotopes of Recently Erupted Basalts
Handley H, Berlo K, Beier C, Turner S & Saal A

(2008) Timescales of Crustal Assimilation at Intra-Oceanic Arcs: U-Series and Geochemical Constraints from Lopevi Volcano, Vanuatu, SW Pacific
Handley H, Turner S, Smith I & Stewart R

(2007) Magma Genesis and Differentiation at Merapi Volcano, Sunda Arc, Indonesia
Troll VR, Gertisser R, Chadwick JP, Keller J & Handley HK

(2007) Processes and Timescales of Magma Genesis and Differentiation at Lopevi Volcano, Vanuatu, SW Pacific
Handley H, Turner S, Cronin S & Smith I

(2006) Along-arc heterogeneity in crustal architecture and subduction input at the Sunda arc in Java, Indonesia
Handley H, Macpherson C, Davidson J & Gertisser R

(2006) Magma generation processes and timescales leading to the great 1815 eruption of Tambora volcano, Sumbawa, Indonesia
Thomas L, Gertisser R, Self S & Handley H

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