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All abstracts by Judith L. Hannah in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Re-Os Shale Ages Constrain Onset and Duration of Late Jurassic Anoxia, Barents Shelf
Georgiev S, Stein HJ, Hannah JL, Bingen B & Weiss HM

(2012) What is Source Rock?
Stein HJ & Hannah JL

(2012) A Global Os Isotope Signal in a Narrow Seaway-The Late Jurassic from the Barents Sea to S. England
Hannah JL, Georgiev S, Xu G & Stein H

(2012) Pairing Re-Os Systematics with Geochemical Proxies -Environmental Conditions and Seawater Chemistry
Xu G, Hannah JL, Bingen B & Stein HJ

(2011) Weathering of Black Shales and Re-Os Isotope Systematics
Georgiev S, Stein HJ, Hannah J, Bingen B, Hatlø V, Rein E, Piasecki S, Weiss H & Xu G

(2011) Re-Os Geochronology of Black Shale from the Barents Sea: Refining the Triassic Time Scale
Xu G, Hannah J, Stein HJ, Mørk A, Bingen B & Lundschien BA

(2010) Sampling Challenges in Re-Os Geochronology of Black Shale
Xu G, Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Zimmerman A, Yang G, Georgiev S & Bingen B

(2010) Targeted Drilling for Re-Os Geochronology to Decipher Complex History of Overmature Source Rocks and Migrated Hydrocarbons
Yang G, Stein H, Hannah J & Zimmerman A

(2010) The Permo-Triassic Crisis – A New Cause for a Well-Documented Effect
Stein H, Bingen B, Georgiev S, Hannah J & Zimmerman A

(2010) Precise Re-Os Age with Exceptionally High 187Re/188Os for Black Shales Heralds Permo-Triassic Extinction, Norwegian Shelf and East Greenland
Georgiev S, Stein H, Hannah J, Bingen B, Xu G & Piasecki S

(2010) Birth of a Giant Paleoproterozoic Oil Field: Re-Os Ages for Source Rocks and Maturation
Hannah J, Yang G, Stein H & Zimmerman A

(2010) Sample Digestion Methods for Trace Element Measurement: Paleoredox Proxies Under Scrutiny
Bingen B, Xu G, Hannah JL, Stein HJ & Georgiev S

(2009) Out of This World Crude Oil – Separating Meteoritic and Hydrocarbon Re-Os Components
Zimmerman A, Yang G, Stein H, Hannah J & Egenhoff S

(2009) Re-Os Fractionation on Instantaneous Maturation at the Siljan Meteorite Impact Site, Central Sweden
Stein HJ, Yang G, Hannah JL, Zimmerman A & Egenhoff S

(2009) Re-Os Geochemistry of Barents Sea Shales: Anisian-Ladinian Stage Boundary, Faunal Distributions, and Hydrocarbon Exploration
Xu G, Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Bingen B, Yang G, Zimmerman A, Weitschat W & Weiss HM

(2009) Re-Os Systematics of Sulfides in Overmature and Altered Shale, Bidjovagge Cu-Au Deposit, Northern Norway (Finnmark)
Yang G, Stein HJ, Hannah JL, Zimmerman A & Bjørlykke A

(2009) Re-Os Isotopic Disturbances at Unconformities: Challenges and Opportunities
Hannah JL, Yang G, Xu G, Zimmerman A, Stein HJ, Bingen B & Egenhoff S

(2008) Crustal Versus Hydrothermal Sources to 2.7-2.3 Ga Seawater: Constraints from Os Isotopes and Re, Mo Abundances in Black Shales
Kendall B, Hannah J, Yang G, Stein H, Creaser R, Anbar A & Arnold G

(2008) Re-Os Geochronology of Shungite: A 2.05 Ga Fossil Oil Field in Karelia
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Zimmerman A, Yang G, Melezhik VA, Filippov MM, Turgeon SC & Creaser RA

(2007) Instrumental Mass Fractionation Overcome by Total Evaporation
Zimmerman A, Stein HJ, Hannah JL, Tuttas D, Yang G & Beitscher B

(2007) 2.7 Ga Re-Os Age for C-Rich Slate of the Joy Lake Sequence, Western Wawa Subprovince, Minnesota
Yang G, Hannah J, Zimmerman A, Stein H & Bekker A

(2007) ~560 Ma and ~300 Ma Re-Os Ages Constrain Neoproterozoic Glaciation and Record Variscan Hydrocarbon Migration on Extension of Oslo Rift
Hannah JL, Yang G, Bingen B, Stein HJ & Zimmerman A

(2006) Re-Os and Tectonics - Chronology, Concentrations, and Commodities in the South Carpathians and Balkans
Zimmerman A, Stein H, Hannah J, Kozelj D & Berza T

(2006) Mo isotopic variations in molybdenite: Vapor transport and Rayleigh fractionation of Mo
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Wieser ME, De Laeter JR & Varner MD

(2006) Precise 2004 ± 9 Ma Re-Os age for Pechenga black shale: Comparison of sulfides and organic material
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Zimmerman A, Yang G, Markey RJ & Melezhik VA

(2005) Atmospheric Evolution and Metallogenesis: Cycling of Redox-Sensitive Metals
Hannah JL, Stein HJ & Bekker A

(2005) Molybdenite Deposits: Time Markers for Orogenic Processes, Example from SW Scandinavia
Bingen B, Stein HJ, Corfu F, Hamilton MA, Hannah JL & Henderson IHC

(2004) Gold: A Re-Os Geochronometer?
Hannah J, Stein H, Markey R & Scherstén A

(2004) Dating the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen
Bekker A, Holland H, Wang P, Rumble Iii D, Stein H, Hannah J, Coitzee L & Beukes N

(2004) Characterization of a Molybdenite Reference Material for Re-Os
Markey R, Stein H, Hannah J, Selby D & Creaser R

(2003) Chondritic Initial 187Os/188Os in Paleoproterozoic Shale (Seawater) and Onset of Oxidative Weathering
Hannah J, Stein H, Bekker A, Markey R & Holland H

(2003) Power in Partnership: Re-Os Molybdenite and U-Pb Zircon Dating
Stein H, Markey R & Hannah J

(2003) Dating Young Molybdenites and LLHR Samples Using Re-Os: The Pitfalls and Overcoming Them
Stein H, Markey R & Hannah J

(2002) Late Archean-Early Proterozoic Formation and Reworking of a Porphyry Cu(Mo)Deposit Recorded in Molybdenite: Re-Os Dating at Malanjkhand, Central India
Hannah JL, Stein HJ, Zimmerman A, Markey RJ, Sarkar SC & Pal AB

(2000) Re-Os Systematics in Diagenetic Pyrite from Continental Sedimentary Rocks: Potential for Geochronology and Isotopic Tracer Studies
Hannah JL, Morgan JW & Scherstén A

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