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All abstracts by Chris Harris in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Effects of melt-SCLM Interactions on the δ18O Value of Primary Mantle-Derived Magmas Constrained Using Kimberlitic Megacrysts
van Blerk JP, Howarth GH, Harris C & Janney PE

(2023) A high-δ18O Mantle Origin for the Phalaborwa Complex, South Africa
Munro J & Harris C

(2023) Felsic Magma Storage in Ocean Islands; Insights from Miocene Microsyenite Samples from Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Geiger H, Deegan FM, Troll VR, Perez-Torrado FJ, Carracedo JC, Harris C & Jensen M

(2023) Subduction Zone Influence in the Izu Rear-Arc
Edgar JO, Barker AK, Hamelin C, Harris C & Jutzeler M

(2021) Unravelling the Effects of Crustal Assimilation Versus Mantle Source Heterogeneity in Tuli Basin Picrites, Karoo LIP
Howarth GH, Marsh JS, Duncan AR, Harris C, le Roux P, Heinonen JS & González-Maurel O

(2021) Calcium Isotopes in Cratonic Mantle Eclogites
Smart K, Tappe S, Woodland AB, Harris C, Gussone N & Simonetti A

(2021) Biotites as Recorders of the Magmatic-Hydrothermal Transition
Ellis BS, Neukampf J, Magna T, Harris C, Laurent O, Ulmer P & Bachmann O

(2020) Exotic, Frothy Xenoliths in Recent and Historical Ocean Island Eruptions
Jägerup SB, Troll VR, Deegan FM, Geiger H, Carracedo JC, Harris C, van der Zwan FM & Zaczek K

(2018) Multi-Level Magma Plumbing at Agung and Batur Volcanoes Increases Risk of Hazardous Eruptions
Geiger H, Troll VR, Deegan FM, Jolis EM, Harris C, Hilton DR & Freda C

(2018) Geochemistry of the Tuli Syncline high-Ti Picrites and Basalts, Karoo CFB, South Africa: Origin from a High δ18O Mantle Source
Howarth G, Duncan A, Marsh J, Day J, Harris C, Richardson S, le Roex A, Carlson R & Zartman R

(2017) Origin of the Kakanui Mineral Breccia Nephelinite and its Megacryst and Xenolith Suites
van der Meer Q, Harris C, Le Roux P, Hansen Serre S, Scott J & Waight T

(2017) Subduction Relics in the Cratonic Root – Evidence from δ18O Variations in Eclogite Xenoliths
Radu I-B, Harris C, Moine B, Costin G & Cottin J-Y

(2017) The Redox State of Mantle Eclogites
Smart K, Tappe S, Simonetti A, Simonetti S, Woodland A & Harris C

(2017) The Geochemistry and Genesis of the Marinkas Quellen Carbonatite Complex, Southwestern Namibia
Ogungbuyi PI, Janney PE & Harris C

(2016) Tracing Hydrothermal Alteration Through Yellowstone Drillcores: Implications for Magmatic Models
Troch J, Ellis BS, Harris C & Bachmann O

(2016) Magmatic Evolution of 4.3 Ma Explosive Volcanism in the Izu Rear Arc
Barker A, Muir D, Harris C & Troll V

(2015) A Low-δ18O Hydrothermal Breccia from the Koegel Fontein Complex, South Africa
Olianti C & Harris C

(2015) Extreme Variation in Quartz Phenocryst δ18O Value along Quartz Porphyry Dykes, Koegel Fontein Complex, South Africa
Mulder K & Harris C

(2015) Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Origin of the Manganore Iron Formation, Transvaal Supergroup, R.S.A
Papadopoulos V, Tsikos H, Smith B & Harris C

(2015) Metasomatic Growth of Eclogitic Diamonds from Decoupled Volatile Sources
Smart K, O'Brien H, Cartigny P, Tappe S, Klemme S & Harris C

(2015) The O-isotope Composition of Karoo and Etendeka Picrites: High δ18O Mantle or Crustal Contamination?
Harris C, le Roux P, Cochrane R, Martin L, Duncan A, Marsh J, le Roex A & Class C

(2014) The Neogene Los Frailes Ignimbrites and Evolution of the Andean Crust and Mantle beneath the Altiplano
Kato J, Kay S, Coira B, Caffe P, Harris C & Jimenez N

(2014) Constraints on Petrogenesis of Silicic Magmas in the Afro-Arabian Flood Basalt Province Using Oxygen Isotopes
Ukstins Peate I, Harris C & Peate D

(2013) Shallow-Level Magma-Sediment Interaction and Explosive Behaviour at Anak Krakatau
Troll VR, Jolis EM, Dahrén B, Deegan FM, Blythe LS, Harris C, Berg SE, Hilton DR, Freda C & Schwarzkopf LM

(2013) Crustal Versus Source Processes on the Northeast Volcanic Rift Zone of Tenerife, Canary Islands
Deegan FM, Troll VR, Barker AK, Harris C, Chadwick JP, Carracedo JC & Delcamp A

(2013) Voluminous Outburst of Silicic Low δ18O Magma in NE-Iceland Inferred from Zircon δ18O and U-Pb Geochronology
Berg SE, Troll VR, Riishuus MS, Burchardt S, Deegan FM & Harris C

(2012) Reconstructing the Toba Magmatic System: Insights from Stable Isotope Geochemistry
Budd D, Troll V, Jolis E, Deegan F, Smith V, Whitehouse M, Harris C, Freda C, Hilton D & Halldorsson S

(2012) Tracing Crustal Contamination along the Java Segment of Sunda Arc, Indonesia
M. Jolis E, Troll V, Deegan F, Blythe L, Harris C, Freda C, Hilton D, Chadwick J & van Helden M

(2012) Crustal Versus Source Processes on the Northeast Volcanic Rift Zone of Tenerife, Canary Islands
Deegan FM, Troll VR, Barker AK, Harris C, Chadwick JP, Carracedo JC & Delcamp A

(2011) Constraining Magma-Carbonate Interaction at Vesuvius, Italy: Insights from Stable Isotopes and Experimental Petrology
Jolis EM, Troll V, Harris C, Freda C, Orsi G, Siebe C, Blythe L, Deegan F, Misiti V & Civetta L

(2011) O-Isotope Evidence for a Hydrothermally Altered Volcanic Roof to the Bushveld Complex
Harris C & Fourie D

(2011) Oxygen Isotope Analysis of Experimental Glasses by SIMS: A Calibration Attempt
Pedroza K, Jolis E, Troll V, Freda C, Harris C, Deegan FM, Whitehouse M, Bindeman I, Annersten H & Ellis B

(2011) Probing the Toba Super-Eruption: Oxygen Isotope Geochemistry of Zoned Quartz Phenocrysts
Budd D, Troll V, Muñoz-Jolis E, Deegan F, Smith V, Whitehouse M, Freda C, Harris C & Hilton D

(2009) The Origin of Palaeoarchaean Silicification Inferred from Coupled Si-O Isotopes
Abraham K, Cardinal D, Hofmann A, Foley S, Harris C & André L

(2007) Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Amphiboles from Alkaline Igneous Complexes
Waczek Z, Vennemann T, Harris C, Markl G & Marks M

(2006) Low-Temperature Hydrothermal Alteration of Intra-Caldera Tuffs, Miocene Tejeda Caldera, Gran Canaria, Canary Islands
Donoghue E, Troll VR, Harris C, O' Halloran A, Walter TR & Pérez Torrado FJ

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