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All abstracts by Nigel Harris in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Stable Sr Isotopic Study of Himalayan Leucogranites
Hopkinson T, Charlier B, Hammond S, Harris N & Warren C

(2015) Petrogenesis of Post-Collisional Volcanism in the Greater Caucasus
Bewick S, Harris N, Hammond S, Parkinson I, Adamia S & Sadradze N

(2008) Deciphering the Sources and Melt Generation Mechanisms of Cenozoic Intraplate Volcanism in Central Mongolia
Hunt A, Parkinson I, Rogers N, Harris N, Barry T & Uondon M

(2006) The Origins and Histories of Metasedimentary Units in the Core of the Himalaya
Argles TW, Richards AP, Chambers JA, Parrish RP, Ahmad T & Harris NBW

(2006) Association of granitic magmatism in the Songpan-Garze fold belt, eastern Tibet Plateau: Implication for lithospheric delamination
Zhang H, Harris N, Parrish R & Zhang L

(2005) Record of the Weathering Timescale in Himalayan Rivers
Pomies C, Bickle M, Tipper ET, Chapman H, Fairchild I & Harris N

(2004) Utility of Lithium Isotopes as Tracers of Continental Weathering Processes
Kisakurek B, James R & Harris N

(2002) Modelling of Carbonate and Silicate Inputs to the Riverine Dissolved Load
Bickle MJ, Bunbury J, Chapman H, Harris N, Fairchild I & Ahmad T

(2000) Low-Degree Mantle Melting beneath Tibet: Signals of Heterogeneous Lithosphere Erosion
Williams HM, Turner SP, Kelley SP & Harris NBW

(2000) Fluid Control on Crustal Melting during Orogenesis
Harris N, Prince C & Vance D

(2000) The Significance of Monazite U-Th-Pb Age Data in Metamorphic Assemblages: A Combined Chemical and Isotopic Study
Foster G, Vance D, Kinny P, Prince C & Harris N

(2000) Experiments to Investigate the Contribution of Silicate Weathering to the Dissolution of Himalayan Rocks
Bunbury J, Bickle M, Ahmad T, Fairchild I, Harris N & Chapman H

(2000) The Effect of Lesser Himalayan Calc-Silicates on the 87Sr/86Sr of the Bhote Kosi River of Nepal – Implications for Himalayan Weathering, the Marine 87Sr/86Sr Record and Global Climate
Oliver LS, Harris N, Dise N & Bickle M

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