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All abstracts by T. Mark Harrison in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) TitaniQ Inclusions: Thermobarometry of Tibetan Lhasa Block Granitoid Zircons
Alexander E, Yamamoto-Hillman C & Harrison TM

(2019) Single-Grain 238U/235U Measurements in Early Earth Zircons
Tissot FLH, Ibanez-Mejia M, Boehnke P, Dauphas N, McGee D, Grove TL & Harrison TM

(2019) In situ d94/90Zr Variations in Zircon
Kirkpatrick H, Harrison TM, Liu M-C, Tissot F & Ibanez-Mejia M

(2018) A Late Heavy Bombardment?
Harrison M, Hodges K & Boehnke P

(2018) Questioning the Evidence for the Hadean Dynamo
Borlina CS, Weiss BP, Lima EA, Tang F, Taylor RJM, Einsle JF, Harrison RJ, Fu RR, Bell EA, Alexander EW, Kirkpatrick HM, Wielicki MM, Harrison TM, Ramezani J & Maloof AC

(2018) Intensive Degassing of Halogens on Early Earth Recorded in Jack Hills Zircons
Tang H, Trail D, Bell E & Harrison TM

(2016) Glimpsing Hadean Earth
Harrison M

(2016) Galactic Chemical Evolution Models and the Geophysical Nature of Cosmochemically Earth-Like Planets
Mojzsis S, Meyer B, Harrison TM, Frost D, Rubie D, Golabek G, Tackley P & Hernlund J

(2012) Jack Hills Zircons Record a Thermal Event Coincident with the Hypothesized Late Heavy Bombardment
Bell E & Harrison TM

(2011) Growth Rate Effect on Oxygen Isotope Fractionation between Calcite and Fluid: In situ Data
Gabitov R, Schmitt A, Watson B, Mckeegan K & Harrison TM

(2011) Jack Hills Zircon Lu-Hf Revisited
Harrison TM & Bell E

(2011) Direct Measurement of Ce3+/Ce4+ and Eu2+/Eu3+ in Hadean Zircons by XANES
Tailby N, Trail D, Cates N, Mojzsis S, Bell E, Harrison TM & Watson EB

(2010) Early Archean Crustal Evolution from Jack Hills Detrital Zircons
Bell E & Harrison M

(2009) Early Archean Crustal Evolution in the Yilgarn: Constraints from Lu-Hf in Jack Hills Zircons
Bell EA, Harrison M, Lovera OM, Young ED & McCulloch MT

(2009) Continuous Thermal Histories from Muscovite 40Ar/39Ar Age Spectra
Harrison M, Heizler MT, Haviv I & Avouac J-P

(2009) Early Differentiation of the Lunar Magma Ocean – New Lu-Hf Isotope Results from Apollo 17
Taylor D, McKeegan K, Harrison M & Young E

(2009) Probing the Dark Age: Crust-Water Interactions on Hadean Earth
Harrison M

(2008) 40Ar Diffusion in Muscovite
Célérier J, Harrison TM, Aikman AB, Hermann J & Heizler MT

(2008) Regional Isotopic Patterns in Granitic Rocks of Southern Tibet and Evolution of Crustal Structure during the Indo-Asian Collision
DePaolo D, Weaver K, Mo X, Zhao Z & Harrison TM

(2008) In situ SIMS Micro-Baddeleyite U-Pb Dating Method for Mafic Rocks
Chamberlain K, Harrison M, Schmitt A, Heaman L, Swapp S & Khudoley A

(2008) Low Heat Flow Inferred from >4 Ga Zircons Suggests Hadean Plate Boundary Interactions
Hopkins M & Harrison TM

(2008) Evidence of Crust during the First 100 M.y. of Earth History: Lu-Hf, δ18O, and Ti Thermometry Results for Hadean Zircons
Harrison TM, Schmitt AK, McCulloch MT & Lovera OM

(2007) Formation of 4.5 Ga Continental Crust
Zou H & Harrison M

(2007) The Age of the Earliest Continental Crust and Onset of Plate Tectonics
Blichert-Toft J, Harrison TM & Albarede F

(2007) Evidence for Water on Hadean Earth
Harrison TM

(2007) Graphite + Apatite in >3.83 Ga Ferruginous Quartz-Pyroxene (Supracrustal) Rocks from Akilia, Southern West Greenland
Mojzsis S, Papineau D, Adam J & Harrison M

(2007) Rutile 207Pb-206Pb Ages in the Jack Hills Quartzite, Western Australia
Harrison T, Trail D, Schmitt AK & Watson EB

(2007) Thermal Events Documented in Hadean Zircons by Ion Microprobe Depth Profiles
Trail D, Mojzsis S & Harrison M

(2006) Himalayan evolutionary models: constraints from Eocene-Miocene granitoid bodies
Aikman A, Harrison TM & Ling D

(2006) Ar diffusion in muscovite
Celerier J, Harrison TM & Hermann J

(2006) High resolution SIMS δ18O analyses of Hulu Cave speleothem at the time of Heinrich event 1
Treble PC, Schmidt AK, Edwards RL, McKeegan KD, Harrison TM, Grove M, Chen H & Wang YJ

(2005) Unravelling Polytectonism Using in situ Th-Pb Dating of Monazite
Harrison TM

(2005) Heterogeneous Hadean Hafnium: Evidence of Continental Crust by 4.5<!s><$>Ga?
Harrison TM, Blichert-Toft J, Müller W, McCulloch M, Albarède F, Mojzsis S & Holden P

(2004) When did Conditions Appropriate for Life Emerge? Further Results of the Mission to Really Early Earth
Harrison T, Mojzsis S & Mtree P

(2004) Xenon Isotopes in Ancient Zircons and the Pu/U Ratio of the Early Earth
Turner G, Harrison T, Mohapatra R, Mojzsis S & Gilmour J

(2002) High Resolution Trace Element and Oxygen Isotope Analyses of a Modern Speleothem
Treble P, Harrison TM, Shelley JMG, McKeegan KD, Grove M & McCulloch MT

(2001) Non-Mass-Dependent Sulfur Isotopes Documented from in situ Measurements of Precambrian Sedimentary Sulfides by Multi-Collector Ion Microprobe
Mojzsis SJ, Coath CD, Greenwood JP, McKeegan KD, Harrison TM & Runnegar B

(2001) Coaxing Earth History Information from Accessory Minerals Using the Ion Microprobe
Harrison TM

(2000) Origin and Significance of ca. 3.85 Ga Zircons from West Greenland
Harrison TM & Mojzsis SJ

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