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All abstracts by Ko Hashizume in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Microbial Nitrogen Cycle Recorded in the 3.2 Ga Banded Iron Formation of the Fig Tree Group, Barberton, S. Africa
Saito H, Ishida A, Hashizume K & Kakegawa T

(2020) Two Distinct Nitrogen Sources for Microbial Activities in the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation
Ishida A, Sasaki K, Hashizume K, Kakegawa T & Lepland A

(2016) Undergraduate Education in Geochemistry and Cosmochemistry at Osaka University, Japan
Yabuta H, Kondo T, Nakashima S, Sasaki S, Shibai H, Terada K, Toyoda M, Hirono T, Hisatomi O, Saiki K, Terasaki H, Uyeda C, Yamanaka C, Aoki J, Hashizume K, Kawai Y, Sakaiya T & Tani A

(2016) Siderophile Behavior of C and N during Core Formation
Hashizume K & Ohtaka O

(2013) Nitrogen Isotopes in Lunar Soils: A Record of Contributions to Planetary Surfaces in the Inner Solar System
Marty B, Chaussidon M, Füri E, Hashizume K, Podosek F, Wieler R & Zimmermann L

(2013) Origin of Laminations in BIF Deciphered from N and Fe Isotopes
Hashizume K, Pinti D, Orberger B, Cloquet C, Jayananda M & Soyama H

(2011) Meteoritic Organics as a Carrier of the Oxygen Isotope Anomaly in the Solar System
Hashizume K, Takahata N, Naraoka H & Sano Y

(2010) Enhanced Biological Nitrogen and Sulfur Cycles in the Stratified 1.9 Ga Gunflint Ocean
Ishida A, Hashizume K, Oba M & Kakegawa T

(2008) Mössbauer Spectroscopy Used for Iron-Oxide Determination in Banded Iron Formations: Implications for Analyses on the Martian Surface
Garonne C, Orberger B, Linares J, Wagner C, Wirth R & Hashizume K

(2008) Covariation of Nitrogen and Iron Isotopic Ratios in a Banded Iron Formation
Hashizume K, Soyama H, Cloquet C, Pinti DL, Rouchon V, Orberger B & Jayananda M

(2008) δ15N-δ13C Covariations in Organic Matter Through Eons: Tracing the Evolution of Metabolic Pathways
Pinti DL & Hashizume K

(2006) Search for primordial biogenic isotopic signatures of nitrogen in Archean sedimentary rocks.
Hashizume K, Sugihara A, Pinti DL, Orberger B & Westall F

(2006) Biomarkers in Archaean banded iron formations from Pilbara and Dhawar Craton
Orberger B, Pinti DL, Cloquet C, Hashizume K, Soyama H, Jayananda M, Massault M, Gallien JP, Wirth R & Rouchon V

(2004) Early Earth Evolution Recorded in Lunar Soils?
Ozima M, Miura Y, Podosek F, Seki H & Hashizume K

(2003) Nitrogen Quest in Archean Metasediments of Pilbara, Australia
Pinti D, Hashizume K, Philippot P, Foriel J & Rey P

(2003) In situ Ion Microprobe U-Pb Dating of Volcanic/Impact Spherules from Apollo17 Luna Sample
Terada K, Saiki T, Hashizume K & Sano Y

(2003) On the Origin of Meteoritic Organics – Clues from the Proto-Solar C and N Isotopic Compositions
Hashizume K, Marty B & Chaussidon M

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