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All abstracts by Gerald H. Haug in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) North Atlantic N2 Fixation during the Pliocene-Pleistocene Transition
Yehudai M, Farmer JR, Straub M, Schiebel R, Auderset A, Lawrence K, Sigman DM, Studer AS, Ogretmen N, Haug GH & Martinez-Garcia A

(2023) Improved Calibration of the GDGT Paleothermometer in Lake Sediments and Reconstruction of Warm Season Temperatures in Europe during the Past 60, 000 Years
Zander PD, Böhl D, Sirocko F, Haug GH & Martinez-Garcia A

(2023) Polymorph Selection during Crystallisation of Amorphous Precursors in Seawater: Experimentally Modelling Aspects of Foraminiferal Biomineralisation
Arns AI, Evans D, Schiebel R & Haug GH

(2022) Rise in the 15N-To-14N Ratio of Otolith-Bound Organic Matter Associated with Late Cretaceous Cooling
Rao ZC, Lueders-Dumont JA, Stringer GL, Martinez-Garcia A, Haug GH & Sigman DM

(2022) Photosymbiosis on a Mid-Devonian Reef: Evidence from Coral-Bound Nitrogen Isotopes
Jung J, Zoppe SF, Söte T, Duprey N, Foreman A, Sigman DM, Haug GH, Vonhof H & Martinez-Garcia A

(2022) Contracted Oxygen-Deficient Zones during Cenozoic Climate Optima
Auderset A, Moretti S, Taphorn B, Ebner P-R, Kast ER, Wang XT, Schiebel R, Sigman DM, Haug GH & Martinez-Garcia A

(2021) Oceanic Nutrient Rise and the Late Miocene Inception of Pacific Oxygen-Deficient Zones
Wang XT, Wang Y, Auderset A, Sigman DM, Ren HA, Martinez-Garcia A, Haug GH, Su Z, Zhang Y, Rasmussen B, Sessions A & Fischer W

(2021) Time Series of Trace Element Distributions in Planktonic Foraminifer Shells from the Oligotrophic Gulf of Aqaba, Northern Red Sea
Levy N, Torfstein A, Schiebel R, Chernihovsky N, Jochum KP, Weis U, Stoll B & Haug GH

(2021) Intra-Test Heterogeneity in Trace Element Composition of Amphistegina Lessonii as Proxy of Ambient Seawater Temperature and Tidal Height
Khanolkar S, Schiebel R, Singh A, Saraswati PK, Jochum KP, Weis U, Stoll B & Haug GH

(2021) Deep Thermohaline Circulation Across the Closure of the Central American Seaway
Öğretmen N, Schiebel R, Jochum KP, Stoll B, Weis U, Repschläger J, Jentzen A, Galer S & Haug GH

(2021) Status of the Antarctic Ocean “Surface Isolation” Hypothesis for Glacial/Interglacial Carbon Dioxide Change
Sigman DM, Fripiat F, Studer AS, Kemeny PC, Martinez-Garcia A, Hain M, Ai X(, Wang XT & Haug GH

(2021) Stable Isotope Analyses of Fluid Inclusions in Speleothems: Opportunities and Challenges for their Application as Paleo-Temperature Archives
Markowska M, Levy E, de Graaf S, Scholz D, Martin AN, Petraglia M, Groucutt HS, Martinez-Garcia A, Treble PC, Baker A, Haug GH & Vonhof H

(2021) Reconstructing Eastern Mediterranean Climate during MIS6 and MIS5e from Peqi’in Cave Speleothem Fluid Inclusion Stable Isotope and TEX86 Measurements
Levy E, Bar-Matthews M, Vonhof H, Matthews AA, Ayalon A, Martinez-Garcia A & Haug GH

(2021) The Stable Oxygen Isotopic Composition of Amorphous and Crystalline Carbonates Precipitated from Artificial Seawater – Implications for Nucleation and Crystallisation Mechanisms
Arns AI, Hansen M, Schiebel R, Scholz D, Jantschke A, Wolf SE, Vonhof H, Haug GH & Evans D

(2019) High-Resolution Mg/Ca Measurements of Foraminifers Using Microanalytical Techniques
Jochum KP, Jentzen A, Schiebel R, Garbe-Schoenberg D, Stoll B, Weis U, Leitner J, Belza J, Vanhaecke F & Haug GH

(2019) Late Pliocene (~2.7 Myr) Onset of Glacial Carbon Storage in the Atlantic Ocean
Naafs D, Haug G, Stein R & Pancost R

(2019) Precise Timing of Environmental Changes Across the Younger Dryas Interval in the Cariaco Basin Revealed by Molecular Stratigraphy at Sub-Annual Resolution
Wörmer L, Boehman B, Wendt J, Haug G & Hinrichs K-U

(2019) African Dust Sources Contributing to Fertilization in the Amazon Basin
Guinoiseau D, Galer SJG, Kral AG, Saturno J, Ditas F, Artaxo P, Pöhlker C, Andreae MO & Haug GH

(2018) Glacial Northward Shifts of the South Westerlies Altered Dust Sources to the Atlantic Southern Ocean
Pichat S, Lodyga O, Galer SJG, Alfredo M-G & Haug GH

(2018) Nitrogen Isotopic Evidence for Pliocene Closure of the Central American Seaway
Farmer J, Martinez-Garcia A, Schiebel R, Sigman D & Haug G

(2018) Deep Ocean Ventilation in the North Atlantic during the Younger Dryas
Zhao N, Keigwin L, Marchal O & Haug G

(2018) Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Tooth Enamel Bound Organic Matter as an Environmental Proxy
Kast E, Rinaldi N, Hoppe K, Wang X, Haug G & Sigman D

(2017) Highly Resolved Determination of Mg/Ca in Single Foraminifera Shells Using fs-LA-ICP-MS
Jochum KP, Schiebel R, Stoll B, Weis U, Macholdt D & Haug G

(2017) An Additional Wrinkle in the Elderfield Proxy Development Curve
Ausin B, Magill C, Wenk P, Haug G, McItyre C, Haghipour N, Hodell D & Eglinton T

(2017) Intensification of Antarctic Ocean Stratification at the End of the Mid-Pleistocene Transition
Hasenfratz AP, Jaccard SL, Martinez-Garcia A, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Kleiven H(F, Sigman DM & Haug GH

(2017) Indian Ocean Circulation Changes over the Middle Pleistocene Transition
Petrick B, Auer G, De Vleeschouwer D, Christensen B, Reuning L, Martinez-Garcia A, Gallagher S, Fulthorpe C, Bogas K & Haug G

(2017) The Polar Oceans and Atmospheric CO2
Haug G, Martinez-Garcia A, Studer A, Ren A, Hain M, Jaccard S, Tiedemann R & Sigman D

(2017) Subantarctic Pacific Iron Fertilization during the Last Ice Age
Martinez-Garcia A, Sigman D, Lamy F, Studer A, Tiedemann R & Haug G

(2015) Evolution of Export Production, SST and Seawater δ18O in the Antarctic Southern Ocean Across the MPT
Hasenfratz AP, Martinez-Garcia A, Jaccard SL, Hodell DA, Vance D, Bernasconi S, Greaves M, Kleiven HF & Haug GH

(2015) Secular Decline of Seawater Calcium Increases Seawater Buffering and pH
Hain MP, Sigman DM, Higgins JA & Haug GH

(2014) Effects of Natural and Anthropogenic Aerosols on ITCZ Position
Ridley H, Asmerom Y, Baldini J, Breitenbach S, Aquino V, Prufer K, Culleton B, Polyak V, Lechleitner F, Kennett D, Zhang M, Marwan N, Macpherson C, Baldini L, Xiao T, Awe J & Haug G

(2014) Glacial-To-Interglacial Changes in Nitrate Supply and Consumption in the Subarctic North Pacific from Microfossil-Bound N Isotopes at Two Trophic Levels
Ren H, Studer A, Sigman D, Serno S, Anderson R, Winckler G, Oleynik S, Gersonde R & Haug G

(2013) Complete Simulation of Deglacial Changes in Atmospheric 14C/C: Implications for Ocean Circulation Changes and CO2 Release
Hain M, Sigman D & Haug G

(2013) Two Modes of Change in Southern Ocean Export Production over the Past Million Years
Jaccard S, Hain M, Hayes C, Martinez-Garcia A, Anderson R, Sigman D & Haug G

(2013) Carbon Isotope Gradients in the Eocene as a Constraint on the Biological Pump, Atmospheric CO2 and the Ocean’s Major Ion Composition
Hain M, Sigman D, Higgins J & Haug G

(2012) What Controls Silicon Isotope Fractionation during Dissolution of Biogenic Silica?
Wetzel F, Reynolds B & Haug G

(2012) Atmospheric Dust Input to the Subarctic North Pacific
Winckler G, Serno S, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Ren H, Gersonde R & Haug GH

(2012) Enhanced Nutrient Consumption in the Glacial Antarctic
Studer AS, Martinez-Garcia A, Straub M, Sigman DM, Gersonde R & Haug GH

(2012) Deep Ocean Mixing, the Bipolar Seesaw, and Polar Ocean Biogeochemical Change
Sigman D, Studer A, Tremblay M, Straub M, Hain M & Haug G

(2012) Pliocene Warmth: Ocean Gateways and Polar Oceans
Haug GH, Sigman DM & Tiedemann R

(2012) North American Ice Sheet Dynamics Controlled by Obliquity (41 ka) during the Early Pleistocene
Naafs D, Hefter J, Acton G, Haug GH, Martinez-Garcia A, Pancost R & Stein R

(2012) North Atlantic's Hold on the Earth's Asymmetric Climate
Haug GH, Deplazes G, Hamann Y, Luckge A, Peterson LC & Sigman DM

(2012) Biological Productivity in the Subarctic North Pacific and Bering Sea: A Proxy Evaluation
Serno S, Winckler G, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Ren H, Gersonde R & Haug GH

(2012) Studies of Surface Ocean Nitrate Utilization in the Subarctic North Pacific Using Multiple Nitrogen Isotope Recorders in the Surface Sediment
Ren H, Anderson RF, Studer AS, Serno S, Sigman DM, Winckler G, Gersonde R & Haug GH

(2011) Hydrogen Isotopic Signatures of Algal Biomarkers as a Proxy of Hydroclimatic Variability in Lake Isabel, Mexico
Romero Viana L, Haug GH, Kienel U & Sachse D

(2011) A Deglacial 14C Budget
Hain MP, Sigman DM & Haug GH

(2009) ENSO Record in Mid-Late Holocene Fossil Corals from Line Islands – Forced Response or Internal Variability?
Westphal N, Charles CD, Cobb KM, Cheng H, Edwards RL & Haug GH

(2009) Half-Precessional Dynamics of Monsoon Rainfall Near the East African Equator: Implications for Indian Ocean ITCZ Migration over the Past 25, 000 Years
Verschuren D, Sinninghe Damsté J, Moernaut J, Kristen I, Blaauw M, Fagot M & Haug G

(2009) ITCZ-Monsoonal Climate Variability during the Last 80'000 Years (Cariaco Basin, Northern Arabian Sea)
Deplazes G, Haug GH & Lückge A

(2009) Polar Twins: The Antarctic and North Pacific during Ice Ages
Sigman DM, Brunelle BG, Jaccard SL & Haug GH

(2008) Evolution of Deglacial North Pacific Abyssal Circulation Based on Δ14C, δ13C<sub>benthic</sub> And 231Pa/230Th
Jaccard S, Galbraith E, Francois R, Brunelle B, Sigman D & Haug G

(2002) D44Ca, δ18O and Mg/Ca Ratios Reveal Sea Surface Temperature (SST) and Sea Surface Salinity (SSS) Variations during the Emergence of the Central American Isthmus
Gussone N, Eisenhauer A, Haug G, Tiedemann R, Müller A & Heuser A

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