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All abstracts by Jeff Havig in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Anoxygenic Photosynthesis Across Temperature and pH Space
Hamilton T, Murugapiran S & Havig J

(2018) Do Manganese Oxides Dominate Transport of Mo Across the Chemocline of Redox-Stratified Lakes?
Chen X, Romaniello S, McCormick M, Sherry A, Havig J & Anbar A

(2018) Cryptic Oxygen Oases: Hypolithic Oxygenic Photosynthesis in Hydrothermal Areas as a Model for Continental Oxidation Before the GOE
Havig J & Hamilton T

(2014) High Resolution Sampling Reveals a Complex Geochemical Environment at Fayetteville Green Lake, N.Y
Havig J, McCormick M, Bachan A & Kump L

(2014) Interpreting the Ancient Sulfur-Isotopic Signal from a Metabolic Pathway Perspective
Havig J, Hamilton T & Bachan A

(2013) Seasonal Variation in Biological Methane Production in a Subglacial Ecosystem
Boyd E, Hamilton T, Spots T, Dore J, Canovas P, Havig J, Peters J, Shock E & Skidmore M

(2009) Merging Geochemical and Metagenomic Data to Predict C and N-Fixation Pathways in Hydrothermal Microbial Communities
Havig J, Raymond J, Meyer-Dombard D, Zolotova N & Shock E

(2008) Merging Isotopic and Metagenomic Data to Predict Carbon and Nitrogen-Fixation in Hydrothermal Biofilms
Havig J, Meyer-Dombard D, Raymond J, Zolotova N & Shock E

(2006) Biogeochemistry of Silicious Biofilms in Hydrothermal Ecosystems
Meyer-Dombard D, Bradley A, Havig J, Raymond J, Amend J, Shock E & Summons R

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