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All abstracts by Chris J. Hawkesworth in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Constraints on Crustal Evolution from Rb/Sr and Contemporary Erosion
Hawkesworth C, Dhuime B, Robinson R & Allan C

(2014) The Origin of the Continental Crust and its Impact on the Earth System
Cawood P, Hawkesworth C & Dhuime B

(2014) On the First 1.5 Billions Years of Crustal Evolution
Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C & Cawood P

(2013) The Isotopic Artifacts of Enhanced Crustal Preservation in Collisional Orogenesis
Spencer CJ, Cawood PA, Hawkesworth C & Roberts NMW

(2013) The Composition of the New Continental Crust Through Time
Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C & Cawood P

(2012) Evidence for Distinct Stages of Magma Evolution Recorded in the Composition of Accessory Phases and Whole-Rocks in Silicic Magmas
Miles A, Graham C, Gillespie M, Hawkesworth C & Hinton R

(2012) Continental Growth Through the Sedimentary Reservoir: Hf in Zircon & Nd in Shales Records
Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C & Cawood P

(2011) Oxygen Isotopes in Perovskites from Kimberlites
Sarkar C, Storey C, Hawkesworth C & Sparks S

(2011) Eoarchaean Crustal Evolution of the North Atlantic Craton
Lancaster P, Storey C & Hawkesworth C

(2011) The Generation and Evolution of the Continental Crust
Hawkesworth C, Cawood P & Dhuime B

(2011) Growth and Reworking of Gondwana Through Time
Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C, Cawood P, Storey C & Sircombe K

(2011) Early Archean Crust of the Ukrainian Shield – Evidence from Detrital Zircons
Bibikova E, Shumlyanskyy L, Hawkesworth CJ, Claesson S, Storey C, Dhuime B & Fedotova A

(2011) Hf Isotopes Require no Subduction in the Hadean?
Hawkesworth C, Kemp T, Wilde S & Vervoort J

(2011) Characterization of Magma from Inclusions in Zircon: Apatite and Biotite Work Well, Feldspar Less so
Jennings E, Marschall H, Hawkesworth C & Storey C

(2011) Neoproterozoic Ice Ages, Boron Isotopes, and Ocean Acidification
Kasemann S, Prave A, Fallick A, Hawkesworth C & Hoffmann KH

(2010) An Early REE Fractionated Mantle?
Storey C, Hawkesworth C & Condon D

(2010) Fingerprinting of Kimberlite Sources by Isotope Studies of Accessory Minerals: A Mantle Tracer
Sarkar C, Storey C, Hawkesworth C, Sparks S & Field M

(2009) Linking the Continental Growth Record of Igneous and Sedimentary Rocks
Dhuime B, Hawkesworth C, Storey C & Cawood P

(2009) Carbonate Inclusions in Mantle Olivines: Mantle Carbonatite
Humphreys E, Bailey K, Hawkesworth C & Wall F

(2009) Crustal Evolution in NW Scotland Through Detrital Zircon
Lancaster PJ, Storey CD & Hawkesworth CJ

(2009) New Approaches to the Development and Growth of Hadean and Archaean Crust
Storey C, Hawkesworth C & Condon D

(2009) Impact Melt Sheet Zircons and their Implications for the Hadean Crust
Darling J, Storey C & Hawkesworth C

(2009) The Generation, Evolution and Preservation of the Continental Crust
Hawkesworth C, Storey C, Dhuime B, Marschall H, Pietranik A & Kemp T

(2009) Depleted Mantle Evolution and How it is Recorded in Zircon
Pietranik A, Hawkesworth C, Storey C & Kemp T

(2009) Trace Element and Pb and Sr Isotope Systematics in Petroleum Systems
Avanzinelli R, Hawkesworth C, van der Boorn S, van Bergen P & Hammond S

(2009) Archean-Proterozoic Evolution in East Antarctica
Marschall H, Storey C, Dhuime B, Leat P & Hawkesworth C

(2008) Episodic, Mafic Crust Formation in the Slave Craton, Canada
Pietranik A, Hawkesworth C, Storey C, Kemp T, Sircombe K, Whitehouse M & Bleeker W

(2008) 143Nd/144Nd and 87Sr/86Sr Ratios in Speleothems from Israel as Tracers for Dust Provenance in the Eastern Mediterranean, and NE Sahara
Bar-Matthews M, Gutjahr M, Vance D, Vaks A & Hawkesworth C

(2008) Neoproterozoic Carbonates: An Isotopic Archive of Ocean Acidification?
Kasemann S, Abell R, Prave A, Fallick A & Hawkesworth C

(2007) Tracing the Lost Arcs: Granitic Zircon as a Geodynamic Indicator?
Kemp A, Hawkesworth C, Collins W & Shimura T

(2007) Metal Silicate Partitioning of Ge, Mo, Ga and P: Constraints on Core Formation
Rai N, Walter M & Hawkesworth C

(2007) LA-MC-ICPMS 87Sr/86Sr Analysis on Tooth Enamel – Pitfalls and Problems
de Jong H, Foster G, Hawkesworth C & Pike A

(2007) Stable Isotopic Trends in Neoproterozoic Oceans: A Record of Global Snowballs, Global Slushballs, Global Methane, Global Diagenesis, and/Or Palaeogeography?
Prave T, Kasemann S, Fallick T, Hawkesworth C & Hoffmann C

(2007) The Generation and Evolution of the Continental Crust
Hawkesworth C & Kemp T

(2006) A zircon perspective on the evolution of the continental crust: insights from combined Hf and O Isotopes
Hawkesworth C & Kemp T

(2006) Rates of Processes from the Geological Record
Hawkesworth C

(2006) Effect of Silcate Melt Composition and fO2 on Metal-Silicate Partitioning of Nb, Ta and V
Rai N, Walter M & Hawkesworth C

(2006) The case for crust-mantle interaction during silicic magma genesis: the zircon testimony
Kemp AIS, Hawkesworth CJ, Paterson BA, Foster GL, Woodhead JD, Hergt JM & Wormald RJ

(2006) Stable isotope investigation of palaeo- CO2 levels: Neoproterozoic climatic extremes as a test study
Kasemann SA, Prave AR, Hawkesworth CJ & Fallick AE

(2005) Magma Differentiation and Storage at Katmai-Novarupta 1912: Comparing U-Series Time Scales with Thermal Models
George R, Turner S, Reagan M, Sandiford M, Hawkesworth C & Hildreth W

(2005) A Coupled Lu-Hf and O Isotope in Zircon Approach to Granite Genesis
Kemp T, Paterson B & Hawkesworth C

(2005) Fe Isotope Composition in Neoproterozic Dolomite Rocks and Banded Iron Formations
Leighton E, Prave AR, Hawkesworth CJ & Elliott TR

(2004) Investigating the Causes of 14C Variation in Speleothems Using Highresolution Stable-Isotope and Trace-Element Data
Hoffmann D, Richards D, Smart P, Beck J, Mattey D, Paterson B & Hawkesworth C

(2004) Combined High Precision Cu, Zn and Fe Isotopes in Mice Brains
Büchl A, Archer C, Brown D, Hawkesworth C, Leighton E, Ragnarsdottir K & Vance D

(2004) W Isotope Chronology of Asteroidal Core Formation
Scherstén A, Elliott T, Russell S & Hawkesworth C

(2004) Granites and Differentiation of the Continental Crust
Kemp T & Hawkesworth C

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation by Chemotrophic Iron-Oxidisers
Leighton E, Elliott T, Hawkesworth C, Parkes J & Coath C

(2002) Implications for Post-Sapropel Aridity on Land in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
Bar-Matthews M, Ayalon A, Gilmour M, Matthews A & Hawkesworth C

(2002) Magma Evolution and Emplacement Time Scales beneath Montserrat
Hawkesworth C, Zellmer G & Sparks S

(2002) The Time Scales of Magmatic Differentiation at Island Arcs
George R, Turner S, Hawkesworth C, Nye C, Stelling P & Dreher S

(2002) Calcium Isotope Variation in Neoproterozoic Carbonate Rocks
Kasemann SA, Hawkesworth CJ & Prave AR

(2000) Melting beneath a Continental Rift: Radiogenic Isotope and U-Series Analyses from the Kenya Rift
Rogers N, Macdonald R, Hawkesworth C & Thomas L

(2000) Short Crystal Residence Times and Complex Magmatic Evolution of the 3000 km3 Youngest Toba Tuff
Thomas L, Blake S, Hawkesworth C, van Calsteren P & Jones S

(2000) A U-Th-Pa-Ra Isotope Constraints on Element Transfer Time Scales beneath the Tonga-Kermadec Island Arc
Turner S, Bourdon B & Hawkesworth C

(2000) Along-Arc U-Th-Ra Disequilibria in the Aleutians: Rapid Timescales of Fluid Transfer
George R, Turner S, Nye C & Hawkesworth C

(2000) The Geochemistry of Mt. Misery Volcano, St. Kitts, Lesser Antilles
Williams CA, Rogers NW, Hawkesworth CJ & Turner SP

(2000) Melt Generation and Differentiation for Central Atlantic OIB
Hawkesworth C, Thomas L, Kokfelt T & Turner S

(2000) Variation of Palaeoclimate in the Eastern Mediterranean Region – as Derived from Speleothems in Various Climate Regimes in Israel
Bar-Matthews M, Gilmour M, Ayalon A, Vax A, Kaufmann A, Frumkin A & Hawkesworth C

(2000) TIMS U-Th Dated Multiproxy Speleothem Records of Late Quaternary Climate and Environmental Change in England
McGarry S, Hawkesworth C, Baker A & Caseldine C

(2000) U Isotope Systematics in Four European Stalagmites: New Insights and Implications for Palaeoclimatic Reconstruction
Huang Y, McDermott F, Hawkesworh CJ & Fairchild IJ

(2000) Low 187Os/188Os Isotope Ratios in Icelandic Basalts
Smit Y, Parkinson I, Hawkesworth C, Cohen A & Peate D

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