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All abstracts by Jean-Louis Hazemann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Understanding Calcium Carbonate Crystallization Pathways for Concrete Recycling
Dehue MM, Lanson M, Hazemann J-L, Ben Haha M, Zajac M & Fernandez-Martinez A

(2023) In situ Spectroscopic Investigations of Volatiles Speciation in Hydrous Melts and Magmatic Fluids
Louvel M, Chatelin T, Hazemann J-L & Slodczyk A

(2023) X-Ray Imaging and X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Applied to Environmental Nanotechnologies
Auffan M, Ouaksel A, Carboni A, Proux O, Vidal V, Borschneck D, Chaurand P, Rose J & Hazemann J-L

(2023) Platinum Group Elements and Sulfur in Hydrothermal Fluids: A Love Story Told by in situ Spectroscopy, Molecular Dynamics, and Thermodynamics
Laskar C, Bazarkina EF, Kokh MA, Hazemann J-L, Vuilleumier R, Desmaele E & Pokrovski G

(2023) Oxygen Breath of Subduction Zones Revealed by Arsenic in Serpentinite
Pokrovski G, Sanchez-Valle C, Guillot S, Borisova AY, Munoz M, Auzende AL, Proux O, Roux J, Hazemann J-L, Testemale D & Shvarov YV

(2023) The Role of S3•- in Molybdenum Transport by Hydrothermal Fluids Revealed by in situ X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Kokh MA, Klemme S, Schmidt C, Hazemann J-L, Testemale D, Laskar C, Borchert M, Bazarkina EF, Moeller C, Pokrovski G & Wilke M

(2021) “Critical” Trace Elements in Major Minerals: Old Questions, New Approaches and Geochemical Applications
Pokrovski GS, Blanchard M, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2021) The Impact of Sulfur on the Transfer of Platinum Group Elements by Geological Fluids
Laskar C, Kokh MA, Bazarkina EF, Desmaele E, Hazemann J-L, Vuilleumier R & Pokrovski GS

(2021) Redox Controls on the Solubility of SnO2 Cassiterite and the Speciation of Tin in Crustal Fluids
Sanchez-Valle C, Springklee C, Louvel M, Pluckthun C, Hazemann J-L & Testemale D

(2020) Platinum Speciation and Transport in Sulfur-Rich Hydrothermal Fluids
Laskar C, Pokrovski GS, Kokh M, Hazemann J-L, Bazarkina EF, Desmaele E & Vuilleumier R

(2020) In situ Characterization of Fluids and Melts to Shallow Supecritical and Magmatic Conditions
Testemale D, Louvel M, Goujon C, Legendre M, Lahera E & Hazemann J-L

(2019) Rare Earth Elements Partitioning between Sulphides and Melt: Evidence for Yb2+ and Sm2+ in EH Chondrites
Ingrao N, Hammouda T, Boyet M, Vlastelic I, Moine B, Devidal J-L, Testemale D, Hazemann J-L, Proux O & Mathon O

(2019) The Impact of Sulfur on the Transfer of Platinoids by Geological Fluids
Laskar C, Pokrovski G, Kokh M, Hazemann J-L, Bazarkina E & Desmaele E

(2017) REE+Y Solubility and Speciation in Hydrothermal Fluids: An Updated View from in situ XAS Measurements
Louvel M, Etschmann B, Mavrogenes J, Brugger J, Liu W, Williams-Jones A, Luginbuehl S, Brooker R, Mei Y, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2017) HERFD-Xas: A New Powerful Structural Tool in Environmental & Geochemistry Sciences
Lahera E, Bazarkina E, Del Net W, Kieffer I, Rovezzi M, Proux O, Testemale D, Irar M, Thomas S, Aguilar-Tapia A, Prat A, Tella M, Auffan M, Rose J & Hazemann J-L

(2017) X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy Study of Aqueous Electrolyte Solution Critical Properties
Hazemann J-L, Bazarkina E, Testemale D, Proux O, Kieffer I, Rovezzi M, Aguilar-tapia A, Del Net W, Lahera E & Irar M

(2016) Europium (II) and Europium (III) in Hydrothermal Fluids: New Insight from in situ XAS Experimental Results
Liu W, Etschmann B, Migdisov A, Boukhalfa H, Testemale D, Mueller H, Hazemann J-L & Brugger J

(2016) Solubility and Speciation of HFSE/REE in High Temperature Fluids
Mavrogenes J, Louvel M, Testamale D & Hazemann J-L

(2016) From Garnierite Toward Pyrite: A Journey at the Molecular Level that Depicts the Crystal-Chemistry of Nickel in New Caledonia
Juillot F, Fritsch E, Morin G, Dublet G, Noel V, Ona-Nguema G, Marchand C, Ikogou M, Brest J, Belin S, Proux O, Hazemann J-L, Olivi L, Kappen P, Marakovic G & Brown Jr. G

(2016) Change in Co and Mn Speciation during the Differentiation of a Lateritic Regolith Upon Peridotites in New Caledonia
Dublet G, Juillot F, Fritsch E, Fandeur D, Ploquin F, Brest J, Proux O, Hazemann J-L, Olivi L & Morin G

(2015) Gold-Sulfur Complexes in Geological Fluids Studied by Means of Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Haigis V, Ferlat G, Seitsonen AP, Pokrovski GS, Hazemann J-L, Saitta AM & Vuilleumier R

(2014) Speciation and Transport of Transition Metals in Hydrothermal Fluids: Controls of Temperature, Pressure and Salinity
Liu W, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Testemale D, Mei Y, Migdisov A & Hazemann J-L

(2013) A High T Cell for the in situ Study of Flux-Driven Magmatic Processes
Louvel M, Testemale D, Lahera E & Hazemann J-L

(2013) Which Ligand is the most Import for Gold Transport in Hydrothermal Fluids? An in situ XAS Study in Mixed-Ligand Solutions
Liu W, Etschmann B, Testemale D, Mei Y, Hazemann J-L, Rempel K, Müller H & Brugger J

(2011) High-Pressure Microbiology in the Synchrotron Light
Daniel I, Picard A, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2011) Investigation of Copper and Zinc Speciation in Pig Slurry by a Multitechnique Approach
Legros S, Doelsch E, Chaurand P, Rose J, Masion A, Borschneck D, Proux O, Hazemann J-L, Briois V, Ferrasse J-H, Saint-Macary H & Bottero J-Y

(2011) Microbial Iron Reduction Under Deep Subsurface Pressure Conditions
Picard A, Testemale D, Hazemann J-L & Daniel I

(2010) An Synchrotron XAS Study of Speciation and Thermodynamic Properties for Aqueous Cobalt Chloride Complexes at 600 Bar and 35-440℃
Liu W, Borg S, Testemale D, Etschmann B, Hazemann J-L & Brugger J

(2010) Zr Mobilization and Complexation in Subduction Zone Fluids
Louvel M, Sanchez-Valle C, Malfait WJ, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2010) Microbial Selenium and Iron Reduction Under High Pressure
Picard A, Daniel I, Oger P, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2009) XANES Investigation of the Redox Behavior of Cr in a Tropical Context
Fandeur D, Juillot F, Morin G, Webb S, Olivi L, Hazemann J-L, Brown GE & Fritsch E

(2009) Investigating Gallium Speciation in Hydrothermal Conditions by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Testemale D, Proux O, Da Silva C & Hazemann JL

(2009) Copper Speciation and Partitioning between Vapor and Liquid Phases in Sulphuric Solution: An XAS Study
Etschmann B, Liu W, Brugger J, Testemale D, Hazemann J-L, Müller H & Proux O

(2008) Cu and Zn Speciation in Pig Slurry Impact on their Mobility in Soil
Legros S, Doelsch E, Rose J, Masion A, Proux O, Hazmann J-L, Saint-Macary H & Bottero J-Y

(2008) An XAS Study of CuCl Solubility and Copper Speciation in Low-Density Water Near the Critical Isochore
Liu W, Brugger J, Etschmann B, Testemale D & Hazemann J-L

(2008) Gold and Silver in Hydrothermal Fluids and Vapors: Insights from in situ XAFS Spectroscopy
Pokrovski G, Tagirov B, Schott J, Hazemann J-L, Proux O & Roux J

(2007) Speciation and Long-Term Sequestering of Zn in a Naturally Enriched Soil
Juillot F, Morin G, Benedetti M, Hazemann J-L, Proux O, Bellin S, Briois V, Brown Jr. G & Calas G

(2007) Mechanisms of Arsenic Scavenging by Iron (Hydr)oxides in Anoxic Environments
Wang Y, Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Menguy N, Guyot F, Hazemann J-L, Calas G & Brown Jr. GE

(2007) In situ Determination of Arsenic Speciation in Natural Fluid Inclusion from Au-Rich Quartz Veins
Cauzid J, Brugger J, Hazemann J-L, James-Smith J, Liu W, Philippot P, Proux O & Testemale D

(2007) Speciation of Cu and Zn in Natural Hydrothermal Boiling Systems: Evidence from Fluid Inclusion Studies by X-Ray Absorption Techniques
Rickers K, Cauzid J, Hazemann J-L, Proux O & Lüders V

(2006) Copper(I) in brines up to supercritical conditions
Brugger J, Liu W, Hazemann J-L, Etschmann B & Testemale D

(2006) First in situ XAFS determination of gold solubility and speciation in sulfur-rich hydrothermal solutions
Schott J, Pokrovski GS, Tagirov BR, Hazemann J-L & Proux O

(2006) Siderite Solubility in High Pressure- High Temperature H2O-CO2 Fluids: Implications for Geological Storage of CO2.
Testemale D, Dufaud F, Martinez I, Hazemann J-L & Guyot F

(2006) Speciation of FeII in hydrothermal saline brines by x-ray absorption techniques.
Testemale D, Brugger J, Liu W, Etschmann B & Hazemann J-L

(2005) Oxidation of Natural Groundwater from Bangladesh: Arsenic Speciation Evolution Assessed by XAS
Thoral S, Rose J, van Geen L, Garnier J, Chapon V, Hazeman JL, Heulin T & Bottero J

(2005) Transport of Metalloids by Low-Density Hydrothermal Fluids: Insights from X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
Pokrovski G, Hazemann J, Testemale D, Roux J & Tella M

(2004) Atomic Scale Determination of the Insertion of Cr3+ in Spinel and Garnets: An EXAFS Study of Site Relaxation and Element Clustering
Thibault M, Galoisy L, Calas G, Hazemann J & Proux O

(2001) Nucleation and Epitaxial Growth of Zn-Phyllosilicate on Hectorite Particles
Schlegel ML, Manceau A, Charlet L & Hazemann J-L

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