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All abstracts by Robert M. Hazen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) The First Enzymes? Roles of Mineral–molecule Interactions in the Origins of Life
Hazen RM

(2020) An Evolutionary System of Mineralogy: Employing Mineral Data to Elucidate the Co-evolution of the Geo- and Biosphere
Hazen RM & Morrison SM

(2019) Widespread Putrefaction in Sediments after the Palaeoproterozoic Great Oxidation Event
Papineau D, She Z, Purohit R, Bernard S, Devine K, Li C, Shen B, Fogel M, Karhu J, Bleeker W & Hazen R

(2019) Redox States of Archean Surficial Environments
Hao J, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2019) Evolutionary System of Mineralogy: Data-Driven Mineral Classification
Hazen R & Morrison S

(2019) Machine Learning in Predicting Multi-Component Mineral Compositions in Gale Crater, Mars
Morrison S, Pan F, Prabhu A, Eleish A, Fox P, Gagne O, Downs RT, Bristow TF, Rampe EB, Blake DF, Vaniman DT, Achilles CN, Ming DW, Yen AS, Treiman AH, Morris RV, Chipera SJ, Craig PI, Tu VM & Hazen RM

(2019) Interactions between Microbial Communities and their Geologic Environment at the Costa Rica Active Margin
Buongiorno J, Fullerton K, Rogers T, Giovennelli D, DeMoor M, Barry P, Shrenk M, Lloyd K, Morrison S & Hazen R

(2017) Precambrian Paleomineralogy: The Known, Unknown, and Unknowable
Hazen RM

(2017) Ecology and Evolution of Manganese Minerals: Implications for the Redox History of Earth and Life
Hummer D, Hazen R, Eleish A, Liu C, Morrison S, Downs R, Golden J, Pires A, Hystad G & Meyer M

(2017) Network Analysis Applications: Exploring Geosphere and Biosphere Co-evolution with Big Data Techniques
Morrison SM, Eleish A, Liu C, Hummer DR, Giovannelli D, Meyer MB, Fox P, Downs RT, Golden JJ, Pires A, Hystad G, Ralph J & Hazen RM

(2017) Carbon Mineral Network Analysis: A Big Data Geobiology Study
Hazen R, Eleish A, Liu C, Morrison S, Meyer M, Fox P, Hummer D, Downs R, Golden J, Pires A, Hystad G & Ralph J

(2015) Aspartate Transformation Under Hydrothermal Conditions with Brucite [Mg(OH)2]
Estrada C, Mamajanov I, Hao J, Sverjensky D, Cody G & Hazen R

(2015) Advanced Instrumentation for Probing Carbon in Earth
Schiffries C, Hazen R, Hemley R & Mangum A

(2015) Equilibrium Chromium Isotopic Fractionation as Functions of Redox and pH on the Early Earth
Hao J, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2015) Adsorption of Ribonucleotides onto Aluminum and Iron Oxides
Feuillie C, Pedrot M, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2015) Mineral Ecology of Carbon: Prediction of "Missing" Minerals
Hazen RM, Hystad G, Downs RT & Golden J

(2015) Mineral Record of Crustal Evolution: The Roles of Episodic Mineralization and Preservational Bias
Hazen RM, Liu X-M, Grew ES, Downs RT & Golden J

(2014) Trace Element Proxies for Oceanic and Atmospheric Chemical Evolution: Deep-Time, Data-Driven Discovery
Hazen RM, Liu X, Sverjensky DA, Downs RT, Golden J & Kah L

(2014) Trace Elements in Carbonates as Tracers of Earth’s O2 Evolution?
Liu X-M, Hazen R, Kah L & Sverjensky D

(2014) Boron Isotopes in Tourmaline from the 3.7-3.8 Ga Isua Belt, Greenland: Implications for B Concentrations in Eoarchean Continental Crust
Grew E, Dymek R, De Hoog J, Harley S, Hazen R & Yates M

(2014) Selective Adsorption of L-Aspartate onto [Mg(OH)2] Brucite with Ca2+
Estrada C, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2014) Limits on the Partial Pressure of H2 in the Archean Atmosphere during Weathering of Basaltic Minerals
Hao J, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2013) Earth's Carbon Through Deep Time
Hazen RM

(2013) Paleomineralogy of the Hadean Eon
Hazen RM

(2013) A Mineralogical Record of Metallogeny Associated with Supercontinent Assembly
Liu X-M, Hazen R, Downs R, Golden J, Grew E, Hystad G & Sverjensky D

(2013) Cooperative and Competitive Adsorption of Amino Acids with Ca2+ on Rutile
Lee N, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2013) Adsorption and Surface Complexation Study of Nucleotides on Aluminum Oxide Surfaces
Feuillie C, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2013) Attachment of Aspartic Acid at the Brucite [Mg(OH)<sub>2</sub>]-Water Interface
Estrada C, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2012) Calcium-(bi)carbonate Equilibria in Aqueous Solutions: A High-Accuracy Titration-Based Study
Villegas-Jimenez A, Hazen R & Sverjensky D

(2012) Probing the Interactions between Glutamic Acid and Diopside
Estrada CF, Chen EH, Geiger FM, Sverjensky DA & Hazen RM

(2012) Prebiotic Selection of D-Ribose on Mineral Surfaces
Klochko K, Hazen R, Sverjensky D & Cody G

(2012) Experimental Evidence that Redox State Influences Amino Acid Stability Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Lee N, Foustoukos D, Sverjensky D, Cody G & Hazen R

(2012) What Minerals Were Present at Life's Origins?
Hazen R

(2012) Mercury Isotopes in the Precambrian
Bergquist BA, Ghosh S, Ono S, Hazen RM, Sverjensky D, Papineau D, Kah LC & Joel B

(2011) Revealing the Hidden Signature of Biomacromolecules in Ancient Organic Fossils
Cody G, Hazen R, Gupta S & Kilcoyne D

(2011) The Stability of Amino Acids Under Redox-Constrained Hydrothermal Conditions
Lee N, Foustoukos D, Sverjensky D, Cleaves HJ, Klochko K & Hazen R

(2011) The Role of Mineral Surface Chemistry in the Prebiotic Selection of Pentose Sugars
Klochko K, Sverjensky D, Hazen RM & Cleaves HJ

(2011) Surface Structures on Rutile Guide Organic Molecule Attachment
Livi K, Schaffer B, Azzolini D, Hardcastle T, Seabourne C, Scott A, Sverjensky D, Hazen R & Brydson R

(2011) Surface Complexation Evidence that Amino Acids Prefer Special Sites on Oxide Surfaces
Sverjensky D, Hazen R, Azzolini D, Lee N & Klochko K

(2011) Novel Insights into the Ion Sorption Properties of Calcite in Aqueous Solutions Using Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy
Villegas-Jimenez A, Hazen R & Sverjensky D

(2011) Mineral Evolution: What's New?
Hazen R, Downs R, Golden J, Grew E, McMillan M, Ralph J & Sverjensky D

(2010) Attachment of Acidic Amino Acids to Mineral Surfaces: Implications for Prebiotic Chemistry
Sverjensky D, Jonsson C, Jonsson C, Estrada C, Lee N, Klochko K, Cleaves J, Hazen R, Parikh S, Kubicki J & Sparks D

(2010) Clay Mineral Evolution
Hazen R, Bish D, Elmore S & Sverjensky D

(2010) Montmorillonite Catalysis and Potential of Charge Density in Proposing the Target Sites on Mars for Search of Organics
Ertem G, Schuhmann R, Steudel A, Emmerich K & Hazen R

(2010) Adsorption of Amino Acids on Oxide Surfaces as a Function of Environmental Conditions
Lee N, Jonsson C, Jonsson C, Ohara S, Cody G, Klochko K, Cleaves JH, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2010) U and Th Mineral Evolution
Hazen R, Ewing R & Sverjensky D

(2010) Unanswered Questions in Deep Carbon Science
Hemley R, Bertka C & Hazen R

(2008) The Interactions of Nucleic Acid Components with Rutile Surfaces
Cleaves HJ, Jonsson C, Jonsson C, Sverjensky D & Hazen R

(2008) Surface Speciation of Aspartate and Glutamate on Titanium Dioxide
Jonsson C, Jonsson C, Sverjensky D, Cleaves HJ, Hazen R & Cody G

(2008) Glutamate Surface Speciation on Amorphous Titanium Dioxide and Hydrous Ferric Oxide
Sverjensky DA, Jonsson CM, Jonsson CL, Cleaves HJ & Hazen RM

(2008) Mineralogical Coevolution of the Geo- and Biospheres
Hazen R, Papineau D, Bleeker W, Downs R, Ferry J, McCoy T, Sverjensky D & Yang H

(2008) Oxidation State during Weathering on the Early Earth
Lee N, Sverjensky DA & Hazen RM

(2002) Abiotic Carbon Fixation Promoted by Transition Metal Sulfides Under Hydrothermal Conditions
Cody G, Boctor N, Brandes J, Filley T, Hazen R & Yoder Jr H

(2001) Hydrothermal Origins of Biochemical Organosynthesis: A Red Herring or the Geochemical Roots of Life?
Cody GD, Boctor NZ, Hazen RM, Scott JH, Sharma A & Yoder HS

(2001) Experimental Determination of Phase Equilibria in the System H2O-CO2 at High Pressure and Temperature with Implications on the Presence of Organic Phases
Sharma A, McAdam A, Hemley RJ, Cody GD, Hazen RM & Chou I-M

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