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All abstracts by Larry Heaman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Extensive Prekimberlitic Lithosphere Modification Recorded in Jericho Mantle Xenoliths in Kimberlites, Slave Craton
Greene S, Jacob D, O'Reilly S, Henry H, Pinter Z & Heaman L

(2019) Magmatic and Tectonic Controls on Kimberlite Genesis and Evolution beneath Slave Craton Locations
Greene S, Jacob D, Pinter Z, O'Reilly S & Heaman L

(2019) Hallmarks and Physical Effects of Ultramafic Melt Metasomatism in Mantle Eclogite
Aulbach S, Massuyeau M, Gerdes A, Heaman L & Viljoen KS

(2019) Assessing Open-System Behaviour in Baddeleyite (ZrO2): A Combined SIMS δ18O and TIMS U-Pb Study
Nilsson M, Stern R & Heaman L

(2016) Petrogenesis of the 4.02 Ga Idiwhaa Tonalitic Gneiss and Implications for Crust Formation on the Early Earth
Reimink J, Chacko T, Davies J, Pearson DG, Stern R, Heaman L, Carlson R & Shirey S

(2015) Unraveling the Geochemical Signature of Metasomatism in Mantle Eclogites
Trojman-Nichols S & Heaman L

(2015) Diapirism and Sagduction in Archean Greenstone Belts: Insight from Deposition and Burial of “Timiskaming-Type” Sedimentary Rocks in the Superior Craton, Canada
Lin S, Parks J, Heaman L & Simonetti A

(2014) A Nitrogen Isotope Fractionation Factor between Diamond and Fluid Derived from Detailed SIMS Analysis of an Eclogitic Diamond
Petts D, Stern R, Stachel T, Chacko T & Heaman L

(2014) A Possible Magmatic Origin for Coronas in Grenville Metagabbros
Shaulis B, Heaman L & Stern R

(2014) Performance of Multiple Faraday Collectors with 1012 Ω Amplifiers and Multiple Ion Counters for the Measurement of Isotope Ratios of Picogram Size Pb via TIMS
Sarkar C, Pearson G, Heaman L & Woodland S

(2014) W-Isotope Evolution of the 4.02 to 3.4 Ga-Old Acasta Gneiss Complex
Reimink J, Liu J, Pearson G, Chacko T, Stern R & Heaman L

(2013) An Iceland-Like Setting for Generation of Earth’s Earliest Known Crust
Reimink J, Chacko T, Stern R & Heaman L

(2013) Characterisation of Baddeleyite Oxygen Isotopes and Microstructure
Davies J, Stern R, Heaman L, Moser D & Walton E

(2013) Filling in the Juvenile Magmatic Gap: Evidence for Continued Paleoproterozoic Plate Tectonics during the Great Oxidation Event
Partin C, Bekker A, Sylvester P, Wodicka N, Stern R, Chacko T & Heaman L

(2013) Precise U-Pb ID-TIMS Baddeleyite and Zircon Ages for the Florianópolis Dyke Swarm and its Correlation to Paraná-Etendeka Mafic to Intermediate Magmatism
Florisbal L, Janasi V, Bitencourt MDF & Heaman L

(2012) Geochemical and Isotopic Insights into the Origin of the 'Scourie' Dykes
Davies J, Heaman L, DuFrane A, Muehlenbachs K & Creaser R

(2012) Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt
Darling J, Moser D, Heaman L, Davis W, Stern R, O'Neil J, Carlson R & Francis D

(2012) Siderophile Element Redistribution during Mantle Metasomatism
Aulbach S, Heaman L, Matjuschkin V, Hofmann J, Stachel T & Brey G

(2012) Geochronology and Geochemistry of Precambrian Basement from the Fort McMurray Area, Alberta: A Geothermal Perspective
Walsh N, Chacko T, Heaman L, DuFrane A, Duke J & Majorowicz J

(2011) C- and S-Transfer in Subduction Zones: Insights from Diamonds
Aulbach S, Stachel T, Heaman L, Creaser R, Thomassot E & Shirey S

(2011) Age and Origin of the Nuvvuagittuq Greenstone Belt
O'Neil J, Carlson R, Moser D, Heaman L & Francis D

(2010) Formation of Cratonic Subcontinental Lithospheric Mantle from Hybrid Plume Sources
Aulbach S, Stachel T, Heaman L, Creaser R & Shirey S

(2010) 13C Depleted Diamonds in Jericho Eclogites: Diamond Formation from Ancient Subducted Organic Matter
Smart K, Chacko T, Heaman L, Stachel T & Muehlenbachs K

(2010) Relative Roles of Cratonic Lithosphere and Asthenosphere in Controlling Kimberlitic Magma Compositions: Sr-Nd-Hf Isotope Evidence from the Greenland-Labrador Diamond Province
Tappe S, Pearson DG, Heaman L, Nowell G & Milstead P

(2009) Tracking Lower Crustal Events with Re-Os Isotopes of Granulite Sulfides
Aulbach S, Krauss C, Creaser R, Stachel T, Heaman L & Chacko T

(2009) Jericho Eclogites of the Slave Craton Record Multiple Subduction-Related Crust Formation Events
Smart K, Heaman L & Chacko T

(2009) Quest for Primary Carbonatite Melts beneath Cratons: A West Greenland Perspective
Tappe S, Heaman L, Romer R, Steenfelt A, Muehlenbachs K, Simonetti A & Stracke A

(2008) Argon Mobility in Biotites
Camacho A, Lee J, Ullrich T, Fitz Gerald J, Cooper M, Woodhead J, Kyser K, Zhao J, Creaser R & Heaman L

(2008) Direct U-Pb Zircon Age Dating of Archean Basalts
Corkery T & Heaman L

(2008) In situ SIMS Micro-Baddeleyite U-Pb Dating Method for Mafic Rocks
Chamberlain K, Harrison M, Schmitt A, Heaman L, Swapp S & Khudoley A

(2008) Sulfides, Diamonds and Eclogites: Their Link to Peridotites and Slave Craton Tectonothermal Evolution
Aulbach S, Creaser R, Heaman L, Simonetti S, Griffin W & Stachel T

(2008) The Alleged Carbonatitic-Kimberlitic Melt Continuum: Contrary Evidence from West Greenland
Tappe S, Steenfelt A, Heaman L, Romer R, Simonetti A & Muehlenbachs K

(2007) Vertical Tectonics in the Neoarchean: Evidence from U-Pb Detrital Zircon Age Distribution in "Timiskaming Type" Sedimentary Rocks in the Island Lake Greenstone Belt, Superior Province, Canada
Parks J, Lin S, Heaman L, Simonetti A & Corkery T

(2007) Interactions between Carbonate Magmas and MARID Metasomes: The Case of Diamondiferous Aillikites from the Torngat Mountains, Canada
Tappe S, Foley S, Heaman L, Romer R, Stracke A, Kjarsgaard B & Jenner G

(2005) Was There Voluminous Ancient (<>>4.0<!s><$>Ga) Sialic Crust? Implications from the Hf Composition of Detrital Zircons
Hartlaub R, Heaman L, Simonetti A & Bohm C

(2005) Insitu Petrographic Thin Section U-Pb Dating of Zircon and Titanite by Laser ablation-MC-ICP-MS
Simonetti A, Heaman L, MacHattie T, Chacko T, Hartlaub R & Eccles R

(2005) In situ Pb and Sr and Lu-Hf Isotope Systematics of Mantle Eclogites from the Diavik Diamond Mine, NWT, Canada
Schmidberger S, Heaman L, Simonetti A & Whiteford S

(2004) U-Pb Dating of Mafic Dyke Swarms of the Bastar Craton, India
French J, Heaman L, Chacko T, Srivastava R & Singh R

(2004) Lu-Hf Systematics of Kimberlite-Hosted Eclogite Xenoliths from South Africa and Canada
Schmidberger S, Heaman L, Simonetti A & Creaser R

(2004) U-Pb Dating of Detrital Zircons by Multiple Ion Counting LA-MC-ICPMS
Simonetti A, Heaman L, Creaser R & Hartlaub R

(2004) Dynamic Melting in an Archean Mantle Plume: Chemical Signature of Prince Albert Group Komatiite and Basalt, Nunavut, Canada
MacHattie T, Heaman L, Creaser R, Skulski T & Sandeman H

(2001) Two Billion Years of Crustal Evolution Preserved at the Northwest Superior Craton Margin
Böhm CO, Heaman LM, Creaser RA, Corkery MT & Stern RA

(2001) Chemical U-Th-Total Pb Dating of Baddeleyite by Electron Microprobe
French JE, Chacko T & Heaman LM

(2000) Extreme High-Field-Strength Element Enrichment in Eclogite Xenoliths from the Jericho Kimberlite, Canada: The Geochemical Complement of Subduction Zone Magmatism
Heaman L, Creaser R & Cookenboo H

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