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All abstracts by Peter Heaney in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) A Crystallographic Study of Natural “Hydrohematite” and “Turgite”
Heaney P, Peterson K & Post J

(2012) A Structure Refinement for Monoclinic Hydrohematite
Peterson K, Heaney P & Post J

(2010) Sequestration of Cs by Na- and H-Birnessite from pH 3 to 11 as Measured with Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction
Fleeger C, Heaney P & Post J

(2010) Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction Study of the in situ Hydrothermal Phase Transformation from Akaganéite to Hematite
Peterson K, Heaney P & Post J

(2010) Probing the Aqueous Nucleation and Growth of TiO2 with High Time-Resolution Small-Angle and Wide-Angle X-Ray Scattering
Hummer D, Heaney P & Post J

(2010) Cu Isotope Systematics of the Butte Mining District, Montana
Wall A, Heaney P, Mathur R, Gammons C & Brantley S

(2010) A Microstructural Study of Pietersite Gemstones from Namibia and China
Hu K & Heaney P

(2010) Time-Resolved XRD of the Siderophore-Promoted Dissolution of Birnessite
Fischer T, Heaney P, Brantley S, Post J & Tien M

(2009) Copper Isotope Fractionation during Leach Layer Development on Cu-Sulfide Minerals
Wall A, Heaney P, Brantley S, Mathur R & Post J

(2009) Uranyl Phosphate Sheet Reconstruction during Dehydration of Metatorbernite [Cu(UO2)2(PO4)2•8H2O]
Stubbs J, Post J, Elbert D, Heaney P & Veblen D

(2009) Using Time-Resolved Synchrotron XRD and XAS to Analyze Mn Oxide Dissolution in Response to Biotic and Abiotic Stimuli
Fischer T, Heaney P, Post J, Brantley S & Tien M

(2008) Mechanisms of Crystal Growth for Birnessite at Low Temperatures
Lopano C, Heaney P & Post J

(2007) Nucleation, Growth, and Phase Transformation of Titanium Oxides in Hydrothermal Solution
Hummer D, Heaney P, Kubicki J & Post J

(2007) Insights into Copper Isotope Fractionation during the Oxidative Phase Transition of Chalcocite, Using Time-Resolved Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction
Wall A, Heaney P, Mathur R & Post J

(2007) The Kinetics of Biologically-Mediated Mineral Oxide Reduction and Biomineralization Using Time-Resolved X-Ray Difraction
Fischer T, Heaney P, Brantley S & Tien M

(2005) Determination of Cation Exchange Rates in Synthetic Birnessite Using Time-Resolved X-Ray Diffraction
Lopano C, Heaney P, Post J & Brantley S

(2005) Temperature-Resolved Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study of Dehydration of Birnessite-Like Phases
Post J, Heaney P & Hanson J

(2004) In situ Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction Study of the Dehydration Behaviors of Na- and K-Birnessites
Post J, Heaney P & Hanson J

(2004) The Origin of Porosity in Carbonado Diamond
Heaney P, Vicenzi E & Breval E

(2004) Time-Resolved Structural Analysis of K-, Ba-, and Cs-Exchange in Synthetic Birnessite Using Synchrotron X-Ray Diffraction
Lopano C, Heaney P, Post J, Hanson J & Komarneni S

(2003) High Resolution X-Ray Microtomography of Polycrystalline Diamond
Vicenzi E, Heaney P, Ketcham R & Rivers M

(2002) Kinetics of Silica Nanocolloid Formation from Supersaturated Solutions
Icopini G, Brantley S & Heaney P

(2001) Modeling Interactions of Aqueous Silica and Sorbitol: Complexation, Polymerization and Association
Kubicki JD & Heaney PJ

(2001) A New Model for the Formation of Tiger's-Eye
Heaney PJ, Fisher DM & Yang S

(2001) Sizing Silica Nanocolloids: A Comparison of Gel Filtration Chromatography with Diffraction and Imaging Methods
Icopini G, Heaney PJ, Mellott NP, Brantley SL & Yates DM

(2001) The Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Carbonado Diamond: An in situ Study
Vicenzi EP & Heaney PJ

(2000) Evidence for a Frustrated Phase Transition in the Silica Polymorph Moganite Near 500 K
Heaney PJ & Post JE

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