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All abstracts by Florian Heidelbach in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) In situ 4D Dendritic Crystallization in Basaltic Magmas Reveals How Magma Mobility Occurs within the Earth's Crust
Arzilli F, Polacci M, La Spina G, Le Gall N, Llewellin EW, Brooker RA, Torres-Orozco R, Di Genova D, Neave D, Hartley M, Mader HM, Giordano D, Atwood R, Lee PD, Heidelbach F & Burton MR

(2007) Textural and Microstructural Analysis of Rapidly Grown Omphacite from Eclogite Facies Pseudotachylytes
Pollok K, Heidelbach F, Langenhorst F & John T

(2007) The Perovskite – Post-Perovskite Phase Transition of CaIrO3 during Experimental Deformation: Implications for the D' Layer
Walte N, Heidelbach F, Rubie D & Frost D

(2004) Phase Relations in the Hematite-Ilmenite Series: Crucial in Acquiring and Preserving Crustal Magnetism
Robinson P, Harrison R, McEnroe S, Langenhorst F & Heidelbach F

(2004) Interplay between Fluid Infiltration, Deformation, and Diffusion during Eclogitization in the Mte. Mucrone Quartz Diorite, Italy
Terry M & Heidelbach F

(2002) High-Strain Deformation of Mantle Minerals and Seismic Anisotropy
Mackwell S, Bystricky M, Stretton I & Heidelbach F

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