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All abstracts by Christine Heim in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Quantitative Remediation Study to Avoid Orthophosphate Dynamics between Sediment and Water Column at a Shallow Eutrophic Lake
Zeman-Kuhnert S, Thiel V & Heim C

(2020) Dating Biosignatures in Fracture Habitats of the Deep Igneous Rock-Hosted Biosphere
Tillberg M, Drake H, Roberts N, Zack T, Ivarsson M, Heim C & Whitehouse M

(2020) Anaerobic Fungi Linked to Ancient Methanogenesis at Great Depth in the Siljan Impact Structure, Sweden
Drake H, Ivarsson M, Heim C, Bengtson S, Belivanova V & Whitehouse M

(2018) Development of Superheavy δ34S Values in Paleozoic Pyrite Detected by SIMS Microanalysis and Ion Imaging
Drake H, Whitehouse M, Heim C, Reiners P, Tillberg M & Hogmalm J

(2017) Detecting Intermittent Events of Microbial Activity in the Subsurface Using Microscale Stable Isotope Analysis and Radiometric Dating
Drake H, Whitehouse M, Zack T, Roberts N, Heim C, Broman C & Åström M

(2013) Tracing Episodic Microbial Oxidation of Biogenic Methane Deep in Fractured Granite Using δ13C<sub>calcite</sub>
Drake H, Heim C, Åström M & Whitehouse M

(2011) Using TOF-SIMS to Study Biomarkers
Thiel V, Blumenberg M, Heim C, Lausmaa J, Leefmann T, Siljeström S, Reitner J & Sjovall P

(2009) First Results of Geo- and Biochemical Analyses of Terrestrial Methane-Emittingen Mud Volcanoes in Italy
Heller C, Blumenberg M, Dreier A, Wrede C, Zilla T, Kokoschka S, Heim C, Hoppert M, Taviani M & Reitner J

(2009) TOF-SIMS Imaging Mass Spectrometry of Microbial Systems
Thiel V, Heim C, Hode T, Lausmaa J, Leefmann T, Siljeström S, Sjövall P & Toporski J

(2009) Traces of a Fossil Deep Biosphere in Fracture Fillings of the Äspö Diorite (Sweden)
Heim C, Lausmaa J, Sjövall P, Simon K, Reitner J & Thiel V

(2007) Mineralized Microbial Mats with Extreme Lanthanum Enrichments in the Tunnel of Äspö, Sweden
Heim C, Simon K, Quéric N-V & Thiel V

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