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All abstracts by Eric Hellebrand in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Low-Temperature Plate Boundary Serpentinization Post-Dates Subduction Initiation and Facilitates Obduction of an Appalachian Ophiolite
Kotowski AJ, Smit H, van Broekhoven J, Cooperdock EHG, Tarling MS, Hellebrand E, Kirkpatrick J, King HE & Plümper O

(2023) Composition and Thermal State of the Arabian Lithospheric Mantle: Evidence from Mantle Xenoliths
Zivadinovic I, van der Zwan FM, Koornneef JM, Hellebrand E & Davies GR

(2022) Extensive Magmatic Heating of the Lithosphere beneath the Hawaiian Islands Inferred from Salt Lake Crater Mantle Xenoliths
Guest I, Ito G, Garcia MO & Hellebrand E

(2022) EXCITE: A European Infrastructure to Promote Electron and X-Ray Microscopy of Earth Materials
Hellebrand E, Walter S, Cnudde V, Plümper O & ter Maat G

(2021) Historical Mata Volcano Boninites and Primary Magma Musings
Rubin KH, Hellebrand E, Glancy S & Michael PJ

(2020) Extensive Magmatic Heating of the Lithosphere beneath the Hawaiian Islands Inferred from Salt Lake Crater Mantle Xenoliths
Guest I, Ito G, Garcia MO & Hellebrand E

(2020) Data Services and Trans-National Access Program Accessible Through EPOS Multi-Scale Laboratories
Hellebrand E, Wessels R, Hamers M, Lange O, ter Maat G, Plümper O & Drury M

(2019) Decadal U-Th Age Shifts from Marine Alteration of Drowned Reef Corals of the Last Glacial Termination
Rubin K, Herries K & Hellebrand E

(2018) Phosphorus and Aluminum Partitioning during Olivine Growth: Both Sides of the Story
Shea T, Hammer J, Hellebrand E, Mourey A, First E, Lynn K & Costa F

(2018) Weird Magmas All over the Place: Young Boninite-Dacite-Basalt Occurrences in the NE Lau Basin
Rubin K, Embley R, Hellebrand E & Chadwick W

(2018) Mg Diffusion in Labradorite at Hydrous Magmatic Conditions
First E, Hammer J, Shea T, Hellebrand E & Tachera D

(2015) Composition within and between Tonga Arc/Lau Basin Backarc Eruptions Reveal Wide Variety of Parent Melts Linked to Eruption Styles
Rubin K, Michael P, Jenner F, Clague D, Glancy S, Hellebrand E, Arculus R, Gill J, Todd E, Lupton J & Embley R

(2015) Water Contents of Natural Zircons are Controlled by their Y+REE Contents
De Hoog J, Lissenberg J, Brooker R, Hinton R, Trail D & Hellebrand E

(2014) Rapid Clinopyroxene Growth in Deep Magmas: The Symptoms
Welsch B, Hammer J, Jacob S, Baronnet A, Hellebrand E & Sinton J

(2014) Wedge and Slab Inputs to Boninite Magmas in the NE Lau Basin
Glancy S, Rubin K, Hellebrand E, Jennner F, Arculus R & Embley R

(2014) Microbially Altered Diabase from the Northern Caroline Plate(?)
Fryer P, Hellebrand E, Sharma S & Acosta-Maeda T

(2014) Rapid Olivine Growth in Deep Magmas: The Symptoms
Welsch B, Faure F, Famin V, Baronnet A, Bachèlery P, Hammer J & Hellebrand E

(2013) Timescale and Petrogenesis of 2009 and Older W. Mata Boninite Magmas
Rubin K, Michael P, Gill J, Clague D, Plank T, Escrig S, Glancy S, Todd E, Cooper L, Keller N, Soule A, Hellebrand E, Kelley K, Cottrell L, Jenner F, Arculus R, Ruprecht P, Lupton J, Langmuir C & Embley R

(2011) Local and Regional Magmatic Modulators to Mantle Signatures in Erupted Mid-Ocean Ridge Lavas
Rubin K, Maclennan J, Sinton J & Hellebrand E

(2011) Conduit-Scale to Localized Degassing in Ascending Magmas: Insights from Cl Measurements in Vesuvius 79AD Pumice
Gurioli L, Shea T, Hellebrand E & Hammer J

(2009) Composition, Distribution and Properties of the Ultra-Depleted Mantle Component
Hellebrand E, von der Handt A, Johnson K, Snow J, Liu C-Z, Dick H & Hofmann A

(2008) REE-Distribution between Cpx and Grt in Siberian Garnet Peridotites: In situ Measurements vs. Lattice Strain Model Calculations
Mocek B, Hellebrand E, Moeller A & Ionov D

(2007) Highly Siderophile Element (HSE) Compositions of Gakkel Abyssal Peridotites: Effects of Serpentinization and Constraints on Accretion Processes in Early Earth
Liu C, Snow J, Hellebrand E & Brügmann G

(2007) In situ Measurements vs. Lattice Strain Model Calculations: Distribution of REE between Grt and Cpx in Garnet Peridotites from Vitim (Siberia)
Mocek B, Hellebrand E & Ionov D

(2007) Trace Element SIMS Investigation of Multistage Garnet – Constraints on Partial Melting Processes in Crustal Rocks
Jung C, Jung S, Hellebrand E & Hoffer E

(2007) The Origin of Silica-Rich Kaapvaal Lithospheric Mantle
Davies G, Wasch L, van der Zwan F, Morel M, Nebel O, van Westrenen W, Pearson G & Hellebrand E

(2007) Gabbros Drilled by IODP Leg 305, 30°N, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Suhr G, Hellebrand E & Jochum KP

(2007) REE Distribution between Zircon and Orthopyroxene in Granulites as a Link between Petrology and Geochronology
Möller A, Hellebrand E, Moraes R & Mocek B

(2007) Plagioclase Lamellae in Peridotite-Hosted Orthopyroxene
Jovanovic Z, Hellebrand E & Snow J

(2007) Experimental Study on Crustal Wehrlites of the Oman Ophiolite
Schoenborn S, Koepke J, Feig S, Boudier F & Hellebrandt E

(2007) Low Water Contents in Minerals from Gakkel Ridge Abyssal Peridotites, Arctic Ocean
Peslier A, Snow J, Hellebrand E & Von Der Handt A

(2007) Formation of Oceanic Zircons
Hellebrand E, Möller A, Whitehouse M & Cannat M

(2006) REE-concentrations of cpx and grt of mantle peridotites: New distribution coefficients from South African lherzolites
Mocek B & Hellebrand E

(2006) Time constraints of granite magma extraction from lower crustal sources derived from precise Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd garnet ages and garnet ionprobe data
Jung S, Scherer E & Hellebrand E

(2006) Iron Isotope Fractionation as Indicator of Mantle Processes
Weyer S, Ionov D, Hellebrand E, Woodland A & Brey G

(2006) In-situ U-Pb dating and geochemical constraints on UHT metamorphism in the Brasilia fold belt
Möller A, Moraes R, Hellebrand E, Kennedy A & Fuck R

(2005) Tracing Element Zonation in Garnet-Peridotites by in situ SIMS
Mocek B, Hellebrand E & Ionov D

(2004) Gakkel Ridge: Mantle & Melting at Ultraslow Spreading Rates
Dick H, Snow J, Michael P, Hellebrand E & Shimizu N

(2004) Comparative Melting Dynamics of Gakkel Ridge and Lena Trough, Arctic Ocean
Snow J, Hellebrand E, Von der handt A, Dick H, Michael P, Langmuir C & Goldstein S

(2004) Geochemistry of Plagioclase Peridotites from the Southwest Indian Ridge (63°to 65°E)
von der Handt A, Seyler M, Snow J & Hellebrand E

(2002) Deep Melting Underneath the Ultraslow Lena Spreading Center
Hellebrand E, Snow JE & Hofmann AW

(2002) Melt-Host Rock Interaction and Zircon Growth during High Grade Metamorphism
Möller A, O'Brien PJ, Hellebrand E, Mocek B & Kröner A

(2002) Geochemistry of Abyssal Peridotites from Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean
Snow JE, Dick HJB, Hellebrand E, Büchl A, von der Handt A & Langmuir C

(2002) Plagioclase Peridotites: Subsolidus Breakdown or Trapped Melt?
von der Handt A, Snow JE, Hellebrand E, Dick HJB & Michael P

(2000) Ghost Garnet Signature in Residual Abyssal Peridotites?
Hellebrand EW, Snow JE & Hofmann AW

(2000) Major and Trace Elements Directly Contradict Melt Interaction Interpretations of MARK Area Os Isotopic and PGE Results
Snow JE & Hellebrand E

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