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All abstracts by Roland Hellmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Surface Altered Layers as a Signature of Chemical Weathering: A Review of Inorganic and Microbially-Mediated Processes on Minerals and Glasses
Hellmann R

(2023) Abiotic Mineral-Fluid-Gas Reactivity in Underground H2 Storage: Preliminary Results on Reductive Pyrite Dissolution Kinetics at 60-150℃ and Elevated PH2
Hintzen R, Truche L, Hellmann R & van Winden J

(2022) Converting K-Feldspar to Potassium Fertilizer with a Green Chemistry Approach
Hellmann R

(2021) Mineral Alteration in Ammonia-Water Solutions
Zandanel A, Hellmann R & Truche L

(2021) Apatite Nanoresponse to Acidic Dissolution
Perdrial N, Hellmann R, Conde A, Rampe EB, Christoffersen R, Murayama M & Chang J

(2021) A Nanoscale Investigation of the K-Feldspar-Solution Interface after Hydrothermal Alteration in a Concentrated Alkaline Solution: Evidence for a CIDR Mechanism of Dissolution
Hellmann R

(2021) A General View on Multi-Step Nucleation Pathways in Sulfate Minerals
Lauer A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Hellmann R & Van Driessche AES

(2021) Experimental Suite for Evaluating Metastable Nucleation Precursors and their Transformation
Lauer A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Hellmann R & Van Driessche AES

(2020) Chemical Weathering of Minerals and Corrosion of Glasses in Aqueous Fluids: A Unifying View at the nm-Scale Based on Coupled Interfacial Dissolution-Reprecipitation (CIDR)
Hellmann R

(2019) Progress Towards a Universal Chemical Alteration Mechanism: Coupled Interfacial Dissolution- Reprecipitation (CIDR)
Hellmann R

(2019) Nucleation Pathways of Sulfate Minerals
Lauer A, Fernandez-Martinez A, Hellmann R & Van Driessche A

(2019) Reaction Rates and Products of Olivine Alteration in Ammonia Aqueous Solutions: Application to Icy Worlds
Zandanel A, Truche L, Hellmann R, Tobie G & Marrocchi Y

(2019) Dissolution of Apatite: Micro and Nanoscale Insights
Perdrial N, Conde A, Hellmann R, Rampe E, Christoffersen R & Murayama M

(2017) Liquid Cell TEM: New Frontiers for Studying Mineral-Fluid Interactions in situ and in Real Time
Hellmann R & Leonard D

(2016) Mineral Dissolution Observed in Real Time and in situ by Liquid Cell TEM: A New Frontier
Hellmann R & Leonard D

(2013) Linking nm-Scale Characterizations of Altered Silicate Surface to Macroscopic Dissolution Rate Laws: New Insights Based on Diopside
Daval D, Hellmann R, Saldi GD, Wirth R & Knauss KG

(2012) Growth of Nanostructured Calcite Under Hydrothermal Conditions in Presence of Organic and Inorganic Selenium
Montes-Hernandez G, Sarret G, Hellmann R, Charlet L & Renard F

(2012) Mechanisms of Chemical Weathering: Nanoscale-Analytical Measurements Yield Evidence for a Weathering Continuum
Hellmann R, Barnes J-P & Daval D

(2012) Does Diopside Dissolve Like Glass? Insights from Measurements of Nano- to Macroscale Dissolution Rates
Daval D, Saldi GD, Hellmann R & Knauss KG

(2011) Linking Solution Composition and Surface Topography to the Rate and Mechanisms of Diopside Dissolution
Daval D, Saldi GD, Hellmann R & Knauss KG

(2009) The Effects of Bacterial Cell Walls on Precipitation of Uranyl Phosphates
Dunham-Cheatham S, Rui X, Bunker B, Hellman R, Menguy N & Fein J

(2009) Dissolution Kinetics of Diopside as a Function of the Gibbs Free Energy of Reaction
Hellmann R, Daval D, Tisserand D, Martinez I, Corvisier J & Guyot F

(2009) How do Silica Coatings Affect Mineral Weathering Rates?
Daval D, Martinez I, Sissmann O, Hellmann R, Goffé B & Guyot F

(2008) Investigating the Dissolution Behavior of Serpentine
Hellmann R, Daval D, Tisserand D, Martinez I & Guyot F

(2008) Bridging the ‘Gap’ between Laboratory Dissolution and Natural Chemical Weathering
Tisserand D & Hellmann R

(2007) Investigating the Dependence of Feldspar Dissolution Rates on Gibbs Free Energy in the Presence of High pCO2
Hellmann R, Daval D & Tisserand D

(2006) Nanoscale characterization of the ‘critical zone’ of naturally weathered feldspars by FIB and TEM
Brown D, Hodson ME, Mackenzie M, Hellmann R, Smith CL & Lee MR

(2005) Feldspar Dissolution Rates and the Gibbs Free Energy of Reaction
Hellmann R & Tisserand D

(2005) Weathering within Soils Developed on a Chronosequence of Glacial Moraines in the French Alps
Blum A & Hellmann R

(2002) Solution-Reprecipitation Responsible for Altered Near-Surface Zones during Feldspar Dissolution: Do Leached Layers Really Exist?
Hellmann R, Penisson J-M, Hervig R, Thomassin J-H & Abrioux M-F

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