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All abstracts by George R. Helz in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Thioanions, the Forgotten Ligands in Sulfidic Waters
Helz G

(2013) Picking Apart Paleoredox Proxies; What Regulates Them?
Helz G

(2012) What Mechanism Controls Rhenium Deposition from Euxinic Waters?
Helz G

(2011) Geochemical Roles of Thioanions of the Heavier Metals and Metalloids
Helz G

(2010) Chalcophile Elements as Potential Recorders of Anoxia in Estuarine Sediments
Helz G, Dolor M & McDonough W

(2009) Seasonal Variations of Reduced Sulfur Species in a Stratified Seawater Lake (Rogoznica Lake, Croatia); Evidence for Organic Carriers of Reactive Sulfur
Bura-Nakić E, Helz GR, Ciglenečki I & Ćosović B

(2008) Aqueous Geochemistry of Rhenium in Sulfidic Environments
Dolor M & Helz G

(2008) Light Mo Isotopic Signatures in Chesapeake Bay Sediments
Scheiderich K, Dolor M, Helz G, Walker R & Kaufman AJ

(2008) Unique Redox Behaviors Induced by Polysulfide and Sulfide; Arsenic the Latest Example
Helz G & Tossell J

(2007) Calculating the Stability, Raman and UV Spectra and Acidity of As Sulfides in Aqueous Solution
Tossell J, Zimmermann M & Helz G

(2007) Voltammetry of Chalcogenide Nanoparticles; The Preconcentration Mechanism at Hg(0) Surfaces
Krznaric D, Helz G & Bura-Nakic E

(2007) Voltammetry as a Tool for Detecting Metal Sulfide Particles and Nanoparticles in Natural Waters
Bura-Nakic E, Krznaric D, Helz GR & Ciglenecki I

(2005) The Mechanism of Re Fixation in Reducing Sediments
Dolor M & Helz G

(2005) Stabilities of Metal-Thioarsenite Complexes; Testing Some Theoretical Predictions
Helz G & Neuberger C

(2004) Fate of Molybdate in the Sea; Insights from the Laboratory
Helz G

(2001) Clay-Mineral Catalysis of Thiomolybdate Hydrolysis; Implications for Molybdenum Fixation in Anaerobic Environments
Vorlicek TP & Helz GR

(2000) Molybdenum Adsorption Mechanisms on Pyrite
Bostick B, Fendorf S & Helz G

(2000) Rise of Recent Coastal Eutrophication Chronicled by Sedimentary Mo
Helz GR

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