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All abstracts by Sidney R. Hemming in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Evaluation of the Performance of Prototype ATONA Amplifiers for Argon Isotope Measurements
Cox SE, Hemming SR & Tootell D

(2018) Boron Isotope Budget in the Mono Basin, Eastern California USA
Han M, Rasbury T, Hemming G, Hemming S & Tomascak P

(2018) Causal Implications of New Geochronological Constraints on Mesozoic Post-Rift Magmatism in New England
Kinney ST, Setera JB, Olsen PE, MacLennan SA, VanTongeren JA, Schoene B, Town CF, Strauss JV, Hemming SR & Bradley DC

(2018) Cs+ Cation Exchange Wash for Marine Clay Clarifies Provenance Signal & Assesses Cation Exchange Capacity
Babin DP, Simon MH, Hemming SR, Cai MY, Liu T, Goldstein SL, Han X, Haws AA, Johns MA & Lear C

(2018) Intercalibration of 40Ar/39Ar of Alder Creek Sanidine Monitor with Fish Canyon and Bishop Tuff Sanidine
Hemming S & Cox S

(2018) Age for the Oldest Crown-Group Salamanders
Chang S-C & Hemming S

(2018) Radiogenic Isotope Tracers of Marine Sediment Provenance in the Limpopo Catchment
Haws A, Hemming S, Baxter E, Caley T, Cai Y, Babin D & Tappa M

(2018) Cooling History of the Antarctic Peninsula Magmatic Arc
Barbeau D, Hemming S & Guenthner W

(2016) Fingerprinting the Provenance of Marine Sediments off West Antarctica
Simões Pereira P, van de Flierdt T, Hillenbrand C-D, Hemming SR & Kuhn G

(2016) K/Ar Provenance Ages from Natal Valley Sediments
Hemming S, Simon M, Hall I, Barker S, Franzese A & Goldstein S

(2015) Water Uranium Isotope Systematics in the Mono Basin
Lin K, Wang X, Stine S, Hemming SR, Hemming NG, Ali GAH & Zimmerman SRH

(2013) Isotopic Fingerprint of Ice-Rafted Debris from the Antarctic Margin: A Spatial Record of Initial Ice Growth
van de Flierdt T, Kim S-E, Cook C, Hemming S, Williams T, Pierce E, Bohaty S, Passchier S, Roehl U & Houben S

(2013) The K/Ar System for Tracing Fine-Grained Terrigenous Sediments: A Survey of Atlantic Clay Fractions
Hemming SR, Biscaye PE, Sahajpal R, Cole JM & Broecker WS

(2012) Inter-Laboratory Evaluation of 40Ar/39Ar Data for Sanidines from the Fire Clay Tonstein
Hemming S, Heizler MT, Jicha B, Machlus M, Rasbury ET, Renne PR, Singer BS, Swisher CC & Turrin BD

(2012) Provenance, Weathering and Comminution Ages of Late Quaternary Weddell Sea Sediments
Torfstein A, McManus J & Hemming S

(2012) The Geochemical Signal of the Provenance of Ice-Rafted Deposits and Ice Sheet Dynamics
Hemming S

(2012) Evolution of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet Across the Mid-Miocene Climate Transition Based on Ice-Rafted Detritus Provenance Studies
Pierce EL, van de Flierdt T, Hemming SR, Williams T & Cook C

(2012) Pliocene East Antarctic Ice Sheet Instability
Cook C, van de Flierdt T, Williams T, Hemming S & Pierce E

(2012) Meridional Ocean Circulation Intensity Through MIS 11 from Nd Isotopes in South Atlantic Cores
Hartman A, Goldstein S & Hemming S

(2011) Dynamics of the Pliocene East Antarctic Ice Sheet Revealed by Radiogenic Isotopes in Marine Sediments
Cook C, van de Flierdt T, Williams T, Hemming S & Pierce E

(2011) High-Precision Age for the Haifanggou Formation and its Implications for the Coevolution of Plants and Atmospheric CO2
Chang S-C, Zhang H, Hemming S, Mesko G & Fang Y

(2011) Intercalibration of Ar-Ar Standards and Samples at LDEO
Hemming S, Tsukui K, Mesko G, Ali G, Cai Y, Adler A, Campbell S, Crapster-Pregont E, Doherty C, Gombiner J, Russell J, Templeton J, Tremblay M & Vankeuren M

(2010) Tracing Antarctica’s Terrigenous Sediment Contributions to the Southern Ocean
Hemming S, Goldstein S, van de Flierdt T, Pierce E, Dale C, Williams T, Brachfeld S & Licht K

(2010) Intermediate Water Source Variations in the Tropical Atlantic from the Last Glacial Maximum to Present
Pahnke K, Goldstein SL & Hemming SR

(2010) Meridional Advection of Southern Ocean Intermediate Waters during the Last Deglaciation from Nd Isotopes in Foraminifera
Pena LD, Jones KM, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR & Cacho I

(2009) Neodymium Isotope Ratios of Seawater along the South African Margin
Jones K, Goldstein S, Hemming S & Murthy P

(2009) Southern Ocean Intermediate Waters in Tropical Pacific Thermocline
Pena LD, Jones KM, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR & Cacho I

(2009) U-Pb Zircon and 40Ar/39Ar Hornblende Ages of Glaciogenic Detritus Around East Antarctica
Pierce EL, Steponaitis E, Cox SE, Gehrels GE, Hemming SR, Goldstein SL, Brachfeld SA, Van de Flierdt T & Williams T

(2008) Quantifying Late Quaternary Changes in MOC Intensity from Circum-Antarctic Nd Isotopes
Goldstein SL, Zylberberg D, Pahnke K, Hemming SR & van de Flierdt T

(2008) Strontium Isotopes in Detrital Sediments Constrain the Glacial Position of the Agulhas Retroflection
Franzese A, Hemming S & Goldstein S

(2008) A Core-Top Survey of Neodymium Isotope Ratios in the South Atlantic
Pahnke K, Goldstein SL & Hemming SR

(2008) Ar-Ar Ages of Glacially Transported Hornblende, Wilkes Land, Antarctica
Pierce E, Williams T, van de Flierdt T, Hemming S, Goldstein S & Brachfeld S

(2008) Hornblende Ar-Ar and Zircon U-Pb Evidence for Provenance of Eastern Weddell Sea Glaciogenic Sediments, Antarctica
Steponaitis E, Gehrels G, Hemming S, Goldstein S, Van De Flierdt T & Brachfeld S

(2008) Modeling the Marine Nd Isotope Variability with an Offline Ocean General Circulation Model
Jones KM, Khatiwala S, Goldstein S, Hemming S & van de Flierdt T

(2008) Sedimentary Provenance Evidence for the Origin of the Gamburtsev Subglacial Mountains, Antarctica
van de Flierdt T, Hemming SR, Gehrels GE, Cox SE & Goldstein SL

(2008) Triple-Dating of Detrital Apatites and Zircons from Prydz Bay, East Antarctica
Cox SE, Reiners PW, Thomson SN, Gehrels GE, Nicolescu S, Hemming SR, van de Flierdt T, Goldstein SL & Brachfeld SA

(2007) Global Neodymium – Hafnium Isotope Systematics – Revisited
van de Flierdt T, Goldstein SL, Hemming SR, Frank M & Halliday AN

(2006) The radiogenic isotope fingerprint of Wilkes Land - Adélie Coast Bottom Water in the Circum-Antarctic Ocean
Van De Flierdt T, Hemming S, Goldstein S & Abouchami W

(2006) Testing the Carboniferous Fire Clay Tonstein as a Sanidine 40Ar/39Ar Standard
Machlus M, Bowring S, Hemming S, Rasbury T, Swisher C & Turrin B

(2006) Terrigenous evidence from marine sediments for deglacial climate variability in Africa
Cole J, Demenocal P, Goldstein S & Hemming S

(2006) Low U/Pb, Th/Pb and U/Th Ratios in Archean Crust Implied by Paired Pb and Nd Isotopes in Modern Terrigenous Sediments
Hemming SR, Van De Flierdt T, McLennan SM & Taylor SR

(2005) Tracing Paleoceanographic Sources of Fe to the Central Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Ziegler C, Murray R, Plank T & Hemming S

(2003) Radiogenic Isotopes as Tracers of Sediment Provenance and Flux: Paleoceanography of the South Atlantic
Franzese A, Hemming S, Goldstein S, Anderson R & Broecker W

(2002) The State of the Northern Hemisphere Winds during Heinrich Events
Hemming SR

(2002) Evaluation of Ar-Ar Ages of Individual Mica Grains for Provenance Studies of Loess, Long Island, NY
Zhong J, Hemming S & Hanson G

(2002) Late Pleistocene Variations of Lake Level and Glacial Activity at Mono Lake, CA, USA
Zimmerman S, Hemming S, Hemming NG & Tomascak P

(2002) Agulhas Leakage Variability from Sr Isotopes in South Atlantic Detritus
Rutberg R, Goldstein S & Hemming S

(2001) Nd-Sr-Pb Isotopic and 40Ar/39Ar Hornblende Age Constraints on Varying Sources of Ice Rafted Detritus in the Last 22 Ky at Orphan Knoll, Southern Labrador Sea
Hemming SR

(2000) North Pacific Deep Water Formation during the Last Glacial Maximum?
Goldstein SL, Hemming SR, Piotrowski AM & Machlus M

(2000) Neodymium Isotopic Evidence for Late Glacial and Holocene Millennial-Scale Variations in North Atlantic Deep Water Export to the South Atlantic
Piotrowski AM, Goldstein SL & Hemming SR

(2000) Radiogenic Ar Concentrations of De-Carbonated Sediments Around South Africa
Hemming SR, Goldstein SL, Bond A & Turrin BD

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