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All abstracts by Tjisse Hiemstra in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Time, pH, and Size Dependency of Ag+ Release in Relation to the Surface Structure of Ag Nanoparticles
Molleman B & Hiemstra T

(2017) Size Matters: On the Search of Understanding Surface Complexation by Nano Oxide Materials
Hiemstra T

(2015) Stability of Organic Carbon: Mineral Protection Versus Chemical Recalcitrance
Hiemstra T, Múnera JL & Brazao Vieira Alho C

(2013) Fulvic and Humic Acid Interaction with Phosphate at Synthetic and Natural Oxide Surfaces
Hiemstra T, Mia S, Duhaut P-B & Molleman B

(2013) CD-MUSIC to Interprete Drifting Primary Charge of Ferrihydrite
Hofmann A, Hiemstra T & Lützenkirchen J

(2012) Microscopic Structure of Interfaces of Minerals in Relation to Macroscopic Ion Adsorption Phenomena
Hiemstra T

(2010) Primary Charge of Ferrihydrite Nanoparticles: Experiment and Theory
Hofmann A, Hiemstra T & Van Riemsdijk W

(2010) Nanoparticles in Natural Systems: Oxides and Organic Matter Interaction
Hiemstra T & van Riemsdijk W

(2009) Surface Complexation and Surface Speciation
van Riemsdijk W & Hiemstra T

(2009) Surface Speciation of Yttrium at the Rutile-Water Interface: Incorporation of Structural Information and Charge Distribution within the MUSIC Model
Ridley M, Hiemstra T, Machesky M, Wesolowski D & van Riemsdijk W

(2007) Interactions between Inorganic Ions, Natural Organic Matter and Iron Oxides: Effects of Particle Size and Charge Distribution
Weng L, van Riemsdijk W & Hiemstra T

(2007) Acessing the Surface Area of Natural Nanoparticles
Hiemstra T, Antelo J, Rahnemaie R & Van Riemsdijk WH

(2005) The Structure of the Double Layer Near Goethite in the Presence of Mono and Bivalent Electrolyte Ions
Hiemstra T, Rahnemaie R & van Riemsdijk W

(2004) Interpretation of Surface Species from Spectroscopy and CD Modelling
Hiemstra T, Rahnemaie R & van Riemsdijk W

(2002) Modelling of Metal Ions Sorption to Various Oxy-Hydroxides Colloids
Benedetti MF, Ponthieu M, Hiemstra T & van Riemsdijk W

(2002) Surface Chemistry of Reactive Mineral Colloids
van Riemsdijk W & Hiemstra T

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