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All abstracts by Nancy W. Hinman in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Novel Metalorganic Compounds Revealed in Meteorites
Ruf A, Kanawati B, Yin Q-Z, Moritz F, Harir M, Lucio M, Shilobreeva S, Gabelica Z, Gougeon RD, Quirico E, Haack H, Gonsior M, Jenniskens P, Hinman NW & Schmitt-Kopplin P

(2013) Ultrahigh-Resolution Mass Spectrometry of Natural Organic Matter from Hydrothermal Springs
Dvorski S, Harir M, Hertkorn N, Hinman N, Gonsior M, Cooper W & Schmitt-Kopplin P

(2008) Detecting Biosignatures Associated with Minerals by Geomatrix-Assisted Laser Desorption/Ionization Fourier Transform Mass Spectrometry (GALDI-Ftms)
Richardson CD, Kotler JM, Hinman NW, McJunkin TR & Scott JR

(2008) Silica Deposition on Cells in Environmentally Defined Experimental Solutions
Tenesch AC, Dietrich M, Cady SL, Blank CE & Hinman NW

(2005) Laser and Optical Chemical Imaging of Diagenesis in Iron-Oxide Deposits
Kotler J, Hinman N & Tenesch A

(2005) Mercury Speciation in Water and Microbial Mats of Yellowstone National Park Hot Springs
King S, Krabbenhoft D, Nordstrom DK, Striegl R & Hinman N

(2005) Silicon – Aluminum MAS-NMR TRAPDOR of Natural Silica Minerals
Hinman N, Burton S, Cho H, Tenesch A, Kotler J & Strumness L

(2001) Chemical and Mineralogical Changes in Naturally Occurring Ferricretes
Moore T & Hinman NW

(2001) Photochemical Cycles in Thermal Springs
Hinman NW & Wilson CL

(2001) Changing Water Chemistry in Thermal Springs May Affect Metal and Hydrogen Peroxide Cycling
Wilson CL & Hinman NW

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