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All abstracts by Marc M. Hirschmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Ingredients for a Habitable Earth: Tracing C/N Ratios from Interstellar Space Through Planet Formation
Bergin E, Blake G, Ciesla F, Hirschmann M & Li J

(2015) C/H, C/N, and C/S Ratios of the Bulk Silicate Earth – Magma Ocean Processing and the Origin of Earth’s Major Volatiles
Hirschmann M

(2014) The Role of Trapped Liquid in Magma Ocean Processing of Major Volatiles
Hirschmann M & Hier-Majumder S

(2014) Reduced COHN Volatile Speciation and Solubility in Basaltic Melt: Terrestrial Volcanism, Atmospheric Evolution and Deep C Cycling
Armstrong L, Hirschmann M, Stanley B, Falksen E & Jacobsen S

(2014) Sulfide Melting at 1-8 GPa
Zhang Z & Hirschmann M

(2013) Effect or Pressure on Oxygen Fugacities in Magma Oceans
Zhang H & Hirschmann M

(2013) H in Garnet: Implications for Upper Mantle H2O Storage Capacity
Withers A & Hirschmann M

(2013) Deep Time: How did the Early Earth Become our Modern World?
Hirschmann M

(2012) Magma Ocean Influence on Early Atmosphere Composition and Mass
Hirschmann M & Zhang H

(2012) Stability of Reduced Carbon in the Mantle
Hastings P, Withers A & Hirschmann M

(2011) Quantification of H in Olivine: Direct Calibration of FTIR and SIMS by ERDA
Withers A, Hirschmann M, Bureau H & Raepsaet C

(2011) Methane Solubility Under Reduced Conditions in a Haplobasaltic Liquid, Applicable to Degassing of Magma Ocean
Ardia P, Withers AC, Hirschmann MM & Hervig RL

(2011) Partitioning of First-Row Transition Elements between Peridotite and Melt
Davis F, Humayun M, Hirschmann M & Cooper R

(2010) H2O Storage Capacity of Olivine from 5-13 GPa. Consequences for Dehydration Melting Above the Transition Zone
Tenner T, Ardia P, Hirschmann M & Withers A

(2010) A Somewhat Biased Overview of Lithologically-Heterogeneous Sources of Oceanic Basalts
Hirschmann M & Davis F

(2010) Library of Experimental Phase Relations (LEPR): Status, Prospects, Challenges
Hirschmann M, Ghiorso M & Nielsen R

(2010) P Dependence of V Coordination in Glasses and V Oxybarometry
Ardia P & Hirschmann MM

(2009) Partial Melts in the Seismic Low Velocity Zone
Hirschmann M

(2008) H/C Ratios and Earth’s Deep Volatile Cycles. A Role for Reduced Carbon?
Hirschmann M

(2008) Understanding Dehydration Melting of a Nominally Anhydrous Mantle: The Primacy of Partitioning
Hirschmann M, Tenner T & Aubaud C

(2007) Carbonatite-Mantle Interaction in the Formation of Highly Alkalic Oceanic Island Basalts
Hirschmann M & Dasgupta R

(2006) Melting induced extraction of C-O-H volatiles at mid-ocean ridges
Dasgupta R & Hirschmann M

(2005) Experimental Determination of Hydrogen Partitioning between Melts and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals: Consequences for Melting and H Storage Capacity in the Upper Mantle
Aubaud C, Hirschmann M & Withers A

(2005) Near-Solidus Melt Compositions from Natural Carbonated Lherzolite
Dasgupta R, Hirschmann M & Withers A

(2005) A New Calibration of H Measurements by SIMS in Glasses and Nominally Anhydrous Minerals: Application to Experimental Determinations of H Partitioning
Aubaud C, Withers A, Hirschmann M, Guan Y, Leshin L, Mackwell S & Bell D

(2004) Water Partition Coefficients between Nominally Anhydrous Minerals and Basaltic Melts
Aubaud C, Hauri E & Hirschmann M

(2003) Major-Element Diversity of Ocean Island Basalts: Constraints from Melting Phase Relations of Pyroxenite
Kogiso T, Pertermann M & Hirschmann M

(2003) Partial Melting of Heterogeneous Mantle in OIB Source Regions
Hirschmann M & Kogiso T

(2002) A Flux-Ingrowth Model for Melt Generation in Mantle Wedges
Hirschmann M & Thomas R

(2001) Hydrogen Analyses of H2O-Saturated Mantle Minerals Using SIMS and FTIR
Koga KT, Hauri EH & Hirschmann MM

(2001) Are Ultra-Calcic Liquids Fractional Melts of Harzburgite? Phase Equilibria and Thermodynamic Considerations
Hirschmann M & Kogiso T

(2000) Application of MELTS to Pyroxenite Partial Melting in Basalt Source Regions
Hirschmann M & Pertermann M

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