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All abstracts by Kip Hodges in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Orogenic Exhumation History Using Multi-Mineral Detrital Thermochronology
Giblin JL, Hodges K & Gallagher K

(2020) Can the Late Heavy Bombardment Concept be Resuscitated?
Parisi A, Harrison M, Mercer C & Hodges K

(2018) A Late Heavy Bombardment?
Harrison M, Hodges K & Boehnke P

(2018) Radiation Damage Zoning in Zircon: Intracrystalline Variations in Helium Diffusion
Anderson A, van Soest M, Hanchar J & Hodges K

(2018) Refining Models of the Lunar Bombardment History Using the Laser Microprobe 40Ar/39Ar Method
Hodges K, Mercer C, Brunner A, McDonald C & van Soest M

(2014) Laser Microprobe (U-Th)/He Dating of Titanite
Horne A, Van Soest M & Hodges K

(2014) Excimer Laser Microprobe 40Ar/39Ar Chronology of Impact Melt Products
Hodges K, Mercer C, Young K, Wartho JA, van Soest M & Weirich J

(2008) Laser Microprobe Depth Profiling of 4He Diffusion in Durango Apatite
van Soest M, Boyce J, Monteleone B & Hodges K

(2005) Laser Microprobe (U-Th)/He Thermochronometry of Monazite
Boyce J, Hodges K, Crowley J, Chatterjee N & Searle M

(2005) Detrital Mineral Thermochronology in Active Fluvial Systems and the Evolution of Modern Orogenic Landscapes
Hodges K, Ruhl K, Wobus C & Boyce J

(2005) Temporal Constraints on the Juxtaposition and Exhumation of Deep Crustal Domains, East Athabasca Region, Western Canadian Shield
Flowers R, Pringle M, Mahan K, Bowring S, Williams M, Hodges K & Reiners P

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