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All abstracts by Mark E. Hodson in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Zn Immobilization by Lumbricus Terrestris Calcium Carbonate Biomineralized Granules
Brinza L, Mosselmans JFW, Schofield PF, Donner E, Lombi E & Hodson ME

(2013) The Role of Earthworm-Produced CaCO3 in the Terrestrial Calcium and Carbon Cycles
Hodson ME, Versteegh EAA & Black S

(2013) Pleistocene and Holocene Temperature Reconstructions Using Earthworm-Produced Calcite
Versteegh EAA, Hodson ME, Black S & Canti MG

(2013) Earthworms Produce Highly Stable Amorphous Calcium Carbonate
Demarchi B, Benning LG, Brown A, Harding J, Freeman C, Penkman K & Hodson ME

(2012) Organic Matter and Fe Oxide Coatings Reduce the Relevance of Laboratory Rates to Mineral Dissolution in Soil
Hodson M, Parry S, Kemp S & Oelkers E

(2012) Earthworm Secreted Calcium Carbonate – A New Palaeothermometer?
Versteegh E, Hodson M & Black S

(2011) Strontium Incorporation into Carbonate Granules Secreted by Earthworms
Brinza L, Mosselmans FW, Schofield P, Quinn PD & Hodson ME

(2009) Kinetics of Production and Dissolution of Earthworm Excreted Calcite
Lambkin DC & Hodson ME

(2009) Turning Rock into Soil – Variations in Soil Mineral Reactivity, Surface Area, and Porosity Through the Critical Zone
Parry SA, Hodson ME, Oelkers EH & Kemp SJ

(2007) Impact of Earthworms on Metal Mobility and Availability
Parry S, Ashton H & Hodson ME

(2007) Earthworms and Mineral Weathering
Carpenter D, Hodson ME, Eggleton P & Kirk C

(2007) Earthworm Calcite Production Rates
Langworthy G, Hodson ME & Canti M

(2007) Revealing the Composition and Crystallinity of Weathered Alkali Feldspar Surfaces by XPS, FIB and TEM Techniques
Lee M, Brown D & Hodson M

(2006) Nanoscale characterization of the ‘critical zone’ of naturally weathered feldspars by FIB and TEM
Brown D, Hodson ME, Mackenzie M, Hellmann R, Smith CL & Lee MR

(2005) Weathering of Feldspar – A FIB and TEM Investigation
Smith C, Lee M, MacKenzie M & Hodson M

(2005) What Earthworms get up to in Soil
Hodson M, Andre J, Ashton HS, Arnold RE, Carpenter D, Currie M, Lapied E & Nahmani JY

(2004) Characterization of Radioactive Hg-Pb Deposits found in Natural Gas Production Installations
Ceccarello S, Black S, Read D, Hodson M & Weiss H

(2004) Secondary Phase Formation on Depleted Uranium Metal in Soil
Trueman E, Black S, Read D & Hodson M

(2003) Suppression of Radium Uptake in Barite Crystals by Introduction of Competing Ions (E.g. Sr)
Ceccarello S, Black S, Read D & Hodson M

(2003) Alteration of Depleted Uranium Metal
Trueman E, Black S, Read D & Hodson M

(2002) The Influence of Amorphous Fe-Rich Surface Coatings on the Dissolution of Anorthite at pH 2.6
Hodson M

(2001) The Identification of Mixed-Metal Hydroxylapatites in Soils
Lanfranco AM, Schofield PF, Valsami-Jones E, Hodson ME & Murphy PJ

(2001) Experimental Evidence for Zr Mobility in Soils
Hodson ME

(2001) Mineral Dissolution in Soils -- Size is Important
Hodson ME

(2001) Effect of Mineralogical Form on Lead Toxicity to Earthworms
Davies NA, Hodson ME & Black S

(2001) Responses to Flooding in an Acidic River: RI?o Tinto, Southwest Spain
Buckby T, Hodson ME, Black S & Coleman ML

(2000) Remediation of Heavily-Metal-Contaminated Soils by Bone Meal (Phosphate) Additions
Hodson M, Valsami-Jones E & Cotter-Howells J

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