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All abstracts by Dirk L. Hoffmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Speleothem Archives of Gibraltar Caves: Their Record of Environment and Regional Climate over Multiple Ice Age Cycles
Mattey D, Ainsworth M, Atkinson T, Durell R, Grassineau N, Hoffmann D, Latin J-P & Lowry D

(2013) Evolution of Temperature and Precipitation during Marine Isotope Stage 5 Recorded in Speleothems from the Hüttenbläserschachthöhle, Western Germany
Scholz D, Hoffmann D, Spötl C, Kocot Y & Hopcroft P

(2011) Decoupled Evolution of Temperature and Precipitation in Western Germany during the Last Interglacial Reconstructed from a Precisely Dated Speleothem
Scholz D, Hoffmann D, Spötl C, Hopcroft P, Mangini A & Richter D

(2010) A High Resolution, Precisely Dated Speleothem Record of the Younger Dryas and Holocene from La Garma Cave, Northern Spain
Baldini L, McDermott F, Arias Cabal P, Baldini J, Mattey D, Hoffman D & Müller W

(2009) Validating the Use of Scleraxonian Southern Ocean Deep-Sea Corals for Radiocarbon Ventilation Age Dating
Gutjahr M, Vance D, Hoffmann D, Hillenbrand C-D & Kuhn G

(2008) Antarctic Circumpolar Current Nd Isotope Variability Recorded in Amundsen Sea Deep Sea Corals
Hoffmann DL, Gutjahr M, Vance D & Hillenbrand C-D

(2008) Reconciling 14C Timescales for Marine Isotope Stage 3
Richards D, Beck W, Hoffmann D, Smart P, Singarayer J, Ridgwell A & Valdes P

(2008) Cave Air Controls on Stalagmite Growth Rates and Paleoclimate Records
Baldini J, McDermott F, Hoffmann D, Richards D & Clipson N

(2007) Comparison of Laser Ablation and Micromill Sampling Techniques for MC-ICPMS 230Th-234U-238U Measurements on Speleothems
Hoffmann D, Spoetl C & Mangini A

(2004) Investigating the Causes of 14C Variation in Speleothems Using Highresolution Stable-Isotope and Trace-Element Data
Hoffmann D, Richards D, Smart P, Beck J, Mattey D, Paterson B & Hawkesworth C

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