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All abstracts by Axel Hofmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Late Archaean Granite Paradox
Rollinson H, Chagondah GS & Hofmann A

(2023) Insights into Early Mantle Processes from Coupled 182W-142Nd Isotope Systematics of Igneous Rocks from the Singhbhum Craton
Ravindran A, Pakulla J, Tusch J, Hasenstab E, Hofmann A, Jodder J, Mazumder R & Münker C

(2023) δ30Si Versus Ge/Si Evidence Necessitates Quartz-Rich Metabasaltic Sources for Na- and K-rich Archean Granitoids from Zimbabwe
André L & Hofmann A

(2023) Remobilization of Tungsten in Archean Cratons: Insights from W Isotope Compositions of Volcanic Rocks from the Kaapvaal and Singhbhum Cratons
Messling N, Hegner E, Jodder J, Hofmann A, Wemmer K & Willbold M

(2023) Earliest Evidence of Life Preserved in ca. 3.5 Ga Old Marine Sediments of the Daitari Greenstone Belt, Singhbhum Craton, India
Jodder J, Stüeken EE & Hofmann A

(2021) Nitrogen Isotope Variations Across the 3.4 Gyr Buck Reef Chert, South Africa, Question Early Nitrogen Sources and Pathways
Pellerin A, Thomazo C, Ader M, Marin-Carbonne J, Alleon J, Vennin E & Hofmann A

(2021) Oldest Methanogens from Subseafloor Hydrothermal Environment, South Africa
Cavalazzi B, Lemelle L, Simionovici AS, Cady SL, Russell M, Bailo E, Canteri R, Enrico E, Manceau A, Maris A, Salome M, Thomassot E, Bouden N, Tucoulou Tachoueres R & Hofmann A

(2020) Triple Oxygen Isotope Investigation of Granites Through Time in Comparison with Coeval Shales
Bindeman I, Hofmann A & Palandri J

(2020) Early Coevolution of Life and the Geodynamo Suggested by Potential ~3.4 Billion-Year-Old Magnetofossils
Tarduno J, Hofmann A & Cottrell R

(2019) Xenon in Carbonaceous Matter: A Paleo-Atmospheric Proxy and a Dating Tool for Paleo-Fossils?
Avice G, Moreira M, Hofmann A & Ossa FO

(2019) Stable Cr Isotope Fractionation during Magmatic Differentiation of 2.7 Ga Komatiites from the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe
Wagner JL, Kleinhanns IC, Hofmann A & Schoenberg R

(2019) Volcanism, Sedimentation, and Microbial Activity in a ca. 3.0 Ga Intracontinental Setting
Agangi A, Hofmann A, Paprika D, Bekker A & Ossa Ossa F

(2019) Early Traces of Life Preserved in 3.51 Ga Old Cherts of the Daitari Greenstone Belt, India
Jodder J, Hofmann A, Wilson A, Stüeken E & Xie H

(2019) Low Dissolved Phosphorus Content in the Mesoarchean Ocean Limited Oxygenic Photosynthesis
Ossa Ossa F, Hofmann A, Spangenberg JE, Poulton SW, Stüeken EE, Schoenberg R, Eickmann B, Wille M & Bekker A

(2018) Triple Oxygen Isotopes in Shales Through Time: Rapid Emergence of Subaerial Landmasses at 2.5Ga
Bindeman I, Zakharov D, Greber N, Dauphas N, Retallack G, Hofmann A, Lackey JS & Bekker A

(2018) Heavy δ30Si in Archean Granitoïds as Evidence for Supracrustal Components in their Sources
André L, Abraham K, Foley S & Hofmann A

(2018) The Onset of Oxidative Weathering Traced by Uranium Isotopes
Brüske A, Albut G, Schuth S, Schoenberg R, Beukes N, Hofmann A, Nägler T & Weyer S

(2017) Constraints on Metal Mobilization in Archean and Early Proterozoic Marine Sediments from Uranium Isotopes
Brüske A, Schuth S, Albut G, Schoenberg R, Beukes N, Hofmann A, Nägler T & Weyer S

(2017) Cerium Stables Isotopes as a Redox Tracer in Early Earth Environments
Bellot N, Debaille V & Hofmann A

(2017) Sulfur non Mass Dependent Anomalies in Modern River Water of Archean Catchment
Asael D, Planavsky N, Bellefroid E, Hofmann A & Reinhard C

(2017) Africa Initiative for Planetary and Space Sciences
Baratoux D, Chennaoui-Aoudjehane H, Gibson R, Lamali A, Reimold WU, Selorm Sapah M, Chabou C, Habarulema JB, Jessell MW, Mogessie A, Benkhaldoun Z, Nkhonjera E, Mukosi NC, Kaire M, Rochette P, Sickafoose A, Martínez-Frías J, Hofmann A, Folco L & Rossi AP

(2016) Mesoarchaean Oxidative Shallow Marine Environment in the Pongola Supergroup, South Africa
Siahi M, Master S & Hofmann A

(2015) A View to the First Half of the Earth’s Impact History: Barberton CT3 Spherule Layers, South Africa
Özdemir S, Koeberl C, Schulz T, Reimold WU, Mohr-Westheide T & Hofmann A

(2015) New Insights into the 3.4 Ga Sulfur and Iron Cycle from the ICDP Buck Reef Chert Drill Core
Eickmann B, Hofmann A, Agangi A, Wille M, Meffre S, Wing B & Schoenberg R

(2015) Greenstone Belts as Archives of Early Earth Processes
Hofmann A

(2015) Palaeoarchean Intermediate – Felsic Volcanics of the Toggekry Formation, Nondweni Greenstone Belt, RSA: A Rifted Volcanic Arc?
Elburg M, Jele N, Andersen T, Watkeys M, Agangi A & Hofmann A

(2013) Time-Related Changes in the Si Isotopic Composition of Palaeo- to Mesoarchaean Granitoids
Abraham K, Foley S, Hofmann A, Cardinal D & André L

(2013) Seawater as the Common Si Source for Both Archean BIF and Cherts: Insights from Silicon Isotopes
Delvigne C, Hofmann A, Cardinal D & André L

(2013) Paleoarchean Felsic Magmatism: A Melt Inclusion Study of 3.45 Ga Volcanic Rocks from the Barberton Greenstone Belt
Agangi A, Hofmann A & Kamenetsky VS

(2012) Understanding Archean Weathering Using Silicon Isotopes and Ge/Si Ratios
Delvigne C, Opfergelt S, Hofmann A, Cardinal D & Andre L

(2012) In situ Fe and Multiple S Isotope Analyses of an Archean Pyrite Nodule
Marin-Carbonne J, Rollion-Bard C, Hofmann A, Thomassot E, McKeegan K, Bekker A & Rouxel O

(2011) Prograde P-T Path of a ~3.2 Ga Tectonometamorphic Event from Assegaai Greenstone Belt, SE Kaapvaal Craton
Saha L, Hofmann A & Xie H

(2011) δ30Si and Ge/Si Changes in BIFs along the Archaean
Delvigne C, Cardinal D, Hofmann A & André L

(2010) Enhanced Primary Productivity in the Aftermath of the Rise of Atmospheric Oxygen
Planavsky N, Bekker A, Hofmann A & Lyons T

(2009) Banded Iron Formations of the ~ 2.7 Ga Manjeri Formation, Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe: An Anoxic Carbonate- and Sulphide-Rich Depositional Environment
Bah MSI, Orberger B, Hofmann A & Tudryn A

(2009) 300 M.y. of Komatiite Evolution in the Barberton Greenstone Belt
Robin C, Arndt N, Chauvel C, Byerly G, Kareem K, Hofmann A & Wilson A

(2009) The Origin of Palaeoarchaean Silicification Inferred from Coupled Si-O Isotopes
Abraham K, Cardinal D, Hofmann A, Foley S, Harris C & André L

(2008) Sulfidic Organic-Rich Shales in the Archean Low-Sulfate Ocean: Evidence for Transient Oxygenated Conditions, Enhanced Volcanism, or Low Sedimentation Rates?
Bekker A, Hofmann A, Rumble D & Rouxel O

(2008) Hydrothermal Activity and Stromatolite Formation in the Pre-2.95 Ga Record of South Africa
Hofmann A

(2007) Si Isotopes as a Clue for Understanding Eoarchaean Silicifications
Abraham K, Opfergelt S, Cardinal D, Hofmann A, Foley S & André L

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