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All abstracts by Albrecht W. Hofmann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Confirming the Non-Chondritic Composition of the Silicate Earth
Hofmann AW, Class C & Goldstein SL

(2023) Metal Stable Isotopic Perspective on Genetic Relationship between HIMU and EM1 Component
Zhang X, Chen L, Wang X, Hanyu T, Hofmann AW, Zeng G & Li W

(2022) The Loss of Ancient Mantle Memory
Hofmann AW

(2021) Pb Isotopic Evidence for U Exchange with the Core?
Hofmann AW

(2019) The Third Lead Paradox
Hofmann A

(2019) The Role of Melt-Rock Reaction in Creating Enriched-Morb Mantle Sources
Rampone E, Borghini G, Class C, Goldstein SL, Cipriani A, Cai Y, Hofmann AW, Zanetti A, Fumagalli P & Godard M

(2019) Intraplate High-Mg Andesites as Melting Products of Recycled Crust from the Deep Mantle
Chen L-H, Liu J-Q, Hofmann A, Wang X-J, Zhong Y, Zeng G & Xie L-W

(2015) Canonical Trace Element Ratios in Mantle Melting – A Revisit
Hofmann A

(2014) Olivine Composition: Resolving Effects of Mantle Sources and Processes
Sobolev A, Batanova V, Arndt N, Kuzmin D & Hofmann A

(2013) Canonical Trace Element Ratios and Partitioning during Global Differentiation
Hofmann A

(2013) Meter-Scale Chemical Interaction between Pyroxenite-Derived Melts and Mantle Peridotites in the Northern Apennine Ophiolites (Italy)
Borghini G, Rampone E, Zanetti A, Class C, Cipriani A, Hofmann A, Goldstein S & Godard M

(2012) Origin of the Bilateral Structure of Pacific Plume Conduits
Farnetani C, Hofmann A & Class C

(2011) Pyroxenites in Peridotites from External Liguride Ophiolites (Italy): Insights on Small Scale Heterogeneities in MORB Mantle
Borghini G, Rampone E, Zanetti A, Class C, Cipriani A, Hofmann A & Goldstein S

(2011) Heterogeneity in the Mantle Plume: Spatial Scales and Ages
Sobolev A, Hofmann A, Jochum K, Kuzmin D & Stoll B

(2011) George Tilton: Pioneer of Lead Isotope Geochemistry
Hofmann AW

(2011) Mantle Degassing Rates and Gas Loss from Atmosphere: A View from Xenology
Tolstikhin I, Marty B & Hofmann A

(2011) Recycled Crust in the Source of Deccan Flood Basalts
Malamoud K, Sobolev A, Kuzmin D, Viladkar S & Hofmann A

(2011) Displaced Helium in Tilted Mantle Plumes
Hofmann AW, Farnetani C, Spiegelman M & Class C

(2009) Displaced Helium in Mantle Plumes
Hofmann A & Farnetani C

(2009) Composition, Distribution and Properties of the Ultra-Depleted Mantle Component
Hellebrand E, von der Handt A, Johnson K, Snow J, Liu C-Z, Dick H & Hofmann A

(2008) Length Scales of Isotope Heterogeneities: From D′′ to a Mantle Plume Conduit
Farnetani C & Hofmann AW

(2008) Mantle Myths, Mantle Reservoirs, and Databases
Hofmann AW

(2007) Records of A-Type and I-Type Plutonism from the Northern Aravalli Craton, NW India: Age, Petrogenesis and Regional Tectonic Implications
Kaur P, Chaudhri N, Raczek I, Kröner A, Okrusch M & Hofmann AW

(2007) Is D′′ a Low-Mu Reservoir?
Hofmann A, Goldstein S & Class C

(2007) Recycled Oceanic Crust as a Source of Siberian Flood Basalts
Sobolev A, Krivolutskaya N, Kuzmin D & Hofmann A

(2007) Dynamics and Internal Structure of a Mantle Plume Conduit
Farnetani C & Hofmann A

(2007) Are Peridotite Xenoliths in Mesozoic Plutons Inherited from Paleozoic Kimberlites?
Chen L-H, Jiang S-Y, Hofmann AW, Jovanovic Z, Xie L-W & Zhou X-H

(2006) Silica alteration zones and cherts as a record of hydrothermal processes on the Archaean seafloor
Hofmann A, Bolhar R, Harris C & Orberger B

(2006) Origin of black cherts from the Marble Bar Drill Core #1 (Pilbara,W-Australia)
Rividi N, Orberger B & Hofmann A

(2006) The origin of E-MORB
Hofmann AW & Hémond C

(2005) A Donnan Diffusion Model for the Description of Sr Adsorption Kinetics to Hydrous Ferric Oxide
Hofmann A, Van Beinum W, Kretzschmar R & Meeussen JCL

(2004) Evidence for Olivine Free Mantle Source of Hawaiian Tholeiites
Sobolev A & Hofmann A

(2004) Origin of Black Carbonaceous Cherts in the Barberton Greenstone
Hofmann A

(2004) Formation of D” Reservoir during Late Stages of Earth`s Accretion: Multi-Isotope-Systematic Geochemical Modelling
Tolstikhin I, Kramers J & Hofmann A

(2004) The Age of the Lithospheric Mantle in the Central Asian Lithospheric Belt from Os Isotope Data on Xenoliths
Ionov D, Lassiter J & Hofmann A

(2004) Pb Isotopes and Trace Elements in Melt Inclusions from Hawaiian Basalts Using LA-ICPMS and SR-Xrf
Jochum K, Stoll B, Herwig K & Hofmann A

(2004) Extreme Compositional Variability of the Mantle-Plume Related Magmas from Mauritius Island, Indian Ocean
Debajyoti P, Kamenetsky V & Hofmann A

(2004) Colloidal Particle Release from Porous Media—an Inner-Sphere Complexation Approach
Liang L & Hofmann A

(2004) Diffusion-Limited Sr Sorption by Hydrous Ferric Oxide Aggregates: Influence of Pore Sizes
Hofmann A, Van beinum W, Meeussen J & Kretzschmar R

(2003) Scales of Mantle Heterogeneity and Melting
Hofmann A, Sobolev A, Abouchami W, Galer S & Jochum K

(2002) Primary Melts Reveal Small-Scale Heterogeneity in Convecting Mantle
Sobolev A, Hofmann AW, Shimizu N, Chaussidon M, Metrich N & Nikogosian IK

(2002) Anatomy of the Hawaiian Plume: Heterogeneity on Many Scales
Hofmann AW, Abouchami W, Eisele J, Jochum KP, Sobolev A & Galer S

(2002) In Search of a Superchondritic Nb/Ta Reservoir: High-Precision Nb/Ta and Zr/Hf Ratios in Ocean Island and Intraplate Basalts
Pf‰nder J, M¸nker C, Mezger K & Hofmann AW

(2002) High-Precision Nb/Ta and Zr/Hf Ratios in Global MORB
Büchl A, Münker C, Mezger K & Hofmann AW

(2002) Generation of a Long-Lived Primitive Mantle Reservoir during Late Stages of Earth Accretion
Tolstikhin I & Hofmann A

(2002) Niobium in Planetary Cores
Jochum KP, Hofmann AW, Seufert M & Stoll B

(2002) Sr-Pb Isotopic Evidence for Plume-Ridge Interaction along the Central Indian Ridge
Nauret F, Abouchami W, Galer SJG, Hemond C & Hofmann AW

(2002) Chemical and Sr-Nd-Os Isotope Variations in Tholeiitic and Alkaline Flood Basalts from Eritrea: Evidence for Recycled Depleted Oceanic Crust in the Afar Plume
Teklay M, Hofmann AW, Brügmann GE & Lassiter JC

(2002) MPI-Ding Reference Glasses for in situ Microanalytical Techniques: New Trace Element and Isotope Data
Stoll B, Jochum KP, Hofmann AW, Raczek I, Pfänder J & Meixner A

(2002) Deep Melting Underneath the Ultraslow Lena Spreading Center
Hellebrand E, Snow JE & Hofmann AW

(2001) Mantle Structure and Geochemical Mass Balance
Hofmann AW

(2000) Os Isotopic Composition and Abundance of Highly Siderophile Elements in Mantle Peridotites and Dikes from the Ivrea Zone in Italy
Brügmann G, Rehkämper M, Mezger K & Hofmann A

(2000) Comparative Study of Koolau and Mauna Loa Primitive Melts: Investigation of Melt Inclusions in Olivines
Sobolev V, Sobolev A, Rocholl A & Hofmann A

(2000) Os, Hf, Nd and Sr Isotope Analyses from the Pitcairn Hotspot: Constraints on the Composition of EM1
Eisele J, Sharma M, Blichert-Toft J, Devey CW & Hofmann AW

(2000) Geochemistry and Neodymium and Strontium Isotope Systematics of the 3.7-3.8 Ga Pillow Basalts of the Isua Greenstone Belt, Southwest Greenland
Polat A, Regelous M, Hofmann AW & Appel PWU

(2000) Osmium Isotope Signatures of Picrites and Basalts from Theistareykir (North Iceland)
van der Zander I, Bruegmann G, Hofmann AW, McKenzie D & Mertz DF

(2000) Ghost Garnet Signature in Residual Abyssal Peridotites?
Hellebrand EW, Snow JE & Hofmann AW

(2000) Os Isotopic Heterogeneity in Mantle Peridotites from the Troodos Complex, Cyprus
Büchl A, Brügmann G, Batanova VG, Hofmann A & Sobolev AV

(2000) Extreme Compositional Variability of Hawaiian Primary Melts: The Clue to the Origin of Classical Mantle Plume?
Sobolev A & Hofmann A

(2000) An Endangered Geochemical Paradigm? The Relationship of Melts to Sources
Hofmann AW

(2000) Lead Isotopic Evidence for Multiple Components in the Hawaiian Plume
Abouchami W, Hofmann A & Galer S

(2000) The Geochemical Evolution of Hawaiian Magmatism Since the Mesozoic: Evidence from Lavas from the Emperor Seamounts
Regelous M, Hofmann AW, Abouchami W & Galer SJG

(2000) The Distribution of Lead Isotopes in the Indian Ocean
Vlastélic I, Abouchami W, Galer S, Claude-Ivanaj C & Hofmann A

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