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All abstracts by Bärbel Hönisch in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Compiling Estimates of Cenozoic CO2 from Multiple Proxies
Whiteford R, Hönisch B & Ferrini V

(2019) Isotopic and Elemental Mapping of Bamboo Corals – Reference to Calcification Mechanism and Proxy Applications
Flöter S, Fietzke J, Gutjahr M, Farmer J, Hill TM, Hönisch B, Nehrke G & Eisenhauer A

(2018) Calcium Concentration Controls on Shell Na/Ca in Cultured Planktonik Foraminifera (Globigerina Siphonifera)
Le Houedec S, Erez J, Rosenthal Y, Haynes L, Hönisch B & Zhou X

(2018) The Deep Ocean Carbon System Across the Mid-Pleistocene
Haynes L, Hönisch B, Farmer J, Clementi V, Ford H, Raymo M, Goldstein S, Pena L, Yehudai M, Bickert T & Lea D

(2017) How Confident can We be in Foraminifer Shell Mg/Ca Thermometry?
Holland K, Eggins S, Spero HJ, Hönisch B, Allen KA, Haynes LL & Russell AD

(2014) Effect of Seawater Mg/Ca Ratio on Planktic Foraminifera Stable Isotope and Mg/Ca Composition
Hönisch B, Baptist C, Eggins S, Holland K, Spero H & Swart P

(2014) Investigating Long- and Short-Term Trends in Seawater Boron-Based Proxies during the Late Paleocene and Early Eocene
Harper D, Penman D, Hönisch B & Zachos J

(2014) Millennial Scale Variability in Subsurface ρCO2 in Norwegian Sea during the Last 42 kyr
Ezat M, Rasmussen T, Hönisch B & Groeneveld J

(2014) New Observational Constraints on Seawater Carbonate Chemistry during the PETM: Implications for Carbon Fluxes
Penman D, Hönisch B & Zachos J

(2014) Systematic Sub-Micron Na/Ca Banding in Cultured Planktic Foraminifera
Bonnin E, Kogut M, Zhu Z, Spero H, Hönisch B, Russell A & Gagnon A

(2012) Timing and Mechanism for Intratest Mg/Ca Variability in Living Planktic Foraminifera
Spero H, Eggins S, Russell A, Vetter L & Honisch B

(2012) Cenozoic Boron Isotope Variations in Benthic Foraminifers
Raitzsch M & Honisch B

(2008) In-Run Corrections for Instrumental Fractionation of Boron Isotopes by NTIMS: Filament Material and Loading Matrix Controls
Hemming NG, Hönisch B & Bouman C

(2005) A Critical Review and Recent Advances in the Boron Isotope paleo-Ph Proxy
Hemming G & Hönisch B

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