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All abstracts by Carmen Höschen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Sustainable Base Cation Supply and Carbon Allocation in Boreal Forests – The Role of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi
Finlay R, Fahad Z, Bolou-Bi E, Ekblad A, Müller C, Höschen C, Kögel-Knabner I & Mahmood S

(2017) Spatial Distribution of Al and Fe in Synthetic Al-Substituted Goethite
Pohl L, Kölbl A, Mueller CW, Höschen C, Werner F, Häusler W & Kögel-Knabner I

(2016) Organo-Mineral Interactions in Soils as Delineated from nanoSIMS
Kögel-Knabner I, Höschen C, Kölbl A, Mueller CW & Schurig C

(2015) Experimental Pb Incorporation during Hydrothermal Monazite Replacement in Alkali Conditions
Grand'Homme A, Janots E, Seydoux-Guillaume A-M, Guillaume D, Magnin V, Hövelmann J, Höschen C & Bosse V

(2012) Characterization of EPS Fractions Before and after Adsorption to Goethite
Liu X, Eusterhues K, Thieme J, Hoschen C, Muller C, Kogel-Knabner I & Totsche KU

(2011) Investigation of Organo-Mineral Interactions in Artificial Soil Incubations by NanoSIMS
Heister K, Höschen C, Pronk GJ, Poll C, Kandeler E, Müller CW & Kögel-Knabner I

(2011) Employment of the Nanoscaled-Sims in Soil Science
Höschen C, Heister K, Müller CW & Kögel-Knabner I

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