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All abstracts by Rui-Zhong Hu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Transport of Bismuth in HCl-Bearing Aqueous Vapour and Vapour-Like Supercritical Fluids
Wang X, Williams-Jones AE, Liu Q, Liu F-X, Hu R-Z, Mei Y, Jiang Z-Q, Shang L-B, Zhu J-J & Bi X-W

(2023) The Role of CO2 in Porphyry Molybdenum Deposits: Constraints from Partition Coefficients for Molybdenum between a CO2-bearing Saline Fluid and a Felsic Melt
Jiang Z-Q, Shang L-B, Wang X, Williams-Jones AE, Zhang L, Ni H, Hu R-Z & Bi X-W

(2020) An Experimental Study of the Solubility and Speciation of MoO3(s) in Hydrothermal Fluids at Temperatures up to 350℃
Shang L, Williams-Jones AE, Wang X, Timofeev A, Hu R & Bi X

(2020) Petrogenesis of the Xiarihamu Mafic-Ultramafic Intrusion, NW China: Evidence from Mg-Sr-Nd Isotopes
Chen L-M, Song X-Y, Hu R-Z, Yu S-Y, Yi J-N & Yang J-H

(2020) Genesis of Hydrous-Oxidized Parental Magmas for Intraplate Porphyry Deposits
Hu R, Bi X, Xu L, Zhu J, Pan LC & Huang M

(2018) Mesozoic Felsic Magmatic Activities in North Wuyi Area, South China: Melting of Metamorphosed Sedimentary Rocks Under a Tectonic Regime Transformation
Qi Y-Q, Hu R-Z, Gao J-F & Leng C-B

(2018) Mantle Contributions in the Formation of Mesozoic Sn-W-Mo-Cu-Pb-Zn Deposits in South China: Take Shizhuyuan Orefield as Example
Wu L-Y, Hu R-Z & Jiang G-H

(2016) Mesozoic Metallogenesis in South China
Hu R & Zhou M

(2016) S and Pb Isotopic Composition of the High-Sulfidation Epithermal Copper-Gold Deposit in Zijinshan, South China
Wu L-Y, Hu R-Z & Li X-F

(2015) He and Ar Isotopic Constraints on the Origin of Ore-Forming Fluids of Wuziqilong Cu Deposit, Fujian Province, China
Wu LY, Hu RZ, Li XF, Jiang GH, Qi YQ & Zhu JJ

(2013) Elemental and Os Isotope Variations Across the K/T Boundary in a Marine Fe-Mn Crust
Fu Y, Peng J, Qu W, Hu R, Shi X & Yang J

(2013) Petrography and Geochronology of the Xianshi Uranium Deposit in Xiazhuang Ore Field of South China
Luo J, Hu R, Bi X, Chen Y & Jiang X

(2011) U-Pb Cassiterite Dating by LA-ICPMS and a Precise Mineralization Age for the Superlarge Furong Tin Deposit, Hunan Province, Southern China
Bi X, Hu R, Li H, Dong S, Chen Y & Peng J

(2011) Noble Gas Isotopes of Tungsten-Tin Polymetallic Deposits in South China: Constraints on Origins of Ores and Related Granites
Hu R-Z, Bi X-W & Jiang G-H

(2010) Fluid Inclusion Study of Furong Tin Deposit, Hunan Province, China
Shuang Y, Bi X-W, Hu R-Z, Li H & Jiang Z-Y

(2009) Distinguishing Nucleogenic from Mantle Derived 3He in a 120 Ma Uranium Deposit
Burnard P & Hu R

(2008) REE and HFSE Geochemical Characteristics of Pyrites in Yao’an Gold Deposit in Western Yunnan, China: Tracing Ore Forming Fluid Signatures
Bi X, Hu R, Peng J, Li H & Hu X

(2007) Geological and Geochemical Constraints on the Origin of the Giant Lincang Coal Seam-Hosted Germanium Deposit, Yunnan, SW China
Hu R, Qi H, Zhou M, Su W, Bi X & Peng J

(2007) Geochemical Characteristics of Selenium-Rich Silicalite Formation in Ziyang, Southern Qinling, China
Feng C, Liu J, Hu R & Liu S

(2007) Mesozoic Magmatic Activities of Western Shandong (Luxi), China
Liu S, Hu R, Feng C, Qi L, Xiao T & Zhong H

(2002) Mineralization Processes Modeling of Shangmanggang Gold Deposit, Yunnan, China
Li Z, Tu G, Li C, Hu R, Ni S & Wang J

(2002) The Dramatic Fractionation of REEs in Hydrothermal Calcites from the Xikuangshan Antimony Deposit, Hunan, China
Peng J, Hu R, Zhao J & Qi L

(2002) Mantle Metasomatism and Platinum-Group Elements fractionation:Evidence from Deep-Source Xenoliths at Liuhe, Yunnan, China
Su W, Hu R, Liu X, Qi L & Bi X

(2002) REE and Sr, Nd Isotopic Geochemistry of Alkaline Intrusion Related to Au and Cu Mineralization in Ailaoshan – Jinshajiang Alkaline Intrusive Belt, Southwestern China
Bi X & Hu R

(2002) Mantle-Derived Components in Xiangshan Uranium Deposit, Jiangxi, China
Hu R-Z, Zhao J, Peng J, Bi X, Farley KA & Burnard P

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